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  • 02/11 from early morning North East, Durham area Fox it ... November 1, 2012 Safe and secure, 3.5m3 up to 1Tonne. Load well strapped Fully insured Key locked and signed on delivery Vat invoice Documents, parcels, pallets, fragile and unusual loads, motorbikes, plant equipment, furniture and more. No removals, transport cover only.

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  • 10 Not-So-Classic Trucking Songs Teddy Bear. Phantom 309. Six Days on the Road.

    The list of classic trucking songs is long and storied, but the heyday of trucking music has ended. I wondered if American musicians had forgotten truck drivers entirely, so I went on a search for some more contemporary trucking songs. I found some well-known hits, some up-and-coming artists and a few songs that are just off the wall.

    This list includes everything from electronic pop to traditional country, so there s something for everyone. I included links to lyrics where I could find them. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

    Trucker s Love Song , Lincoln Durham Indie blues artist Lincoln Durham gives us a classic trucking love song without the twang of classic country. Trucker s Love Song is the slow, sad and matter-of-fact story of a driver who is captive to the road and woman who isn t. Lyrics.

    There Ain t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven , Bob Wayne Irreverent country rocker Bob Wayne has gained a cult following with his gritty voice and sometimes shocking lyrics. He is known for his allegiance with truckers and has recorded a number of trucking-related songs. There Ain t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven is one of his tamer tunes.

    Detention (You Ordered It, You Unload It) , Brad James Professional truck driver Brad James is making a name for himself in country music, mostly through his covers of radio hits. Detention (You Ordered It, You Unload It) is an original, fun and too-true take on Otis Redding s Dock on the Bay. Hammer Going Down , Chris Knight Hammer Going Down is part of the soundtrack of Black Dog, the Patrick Swayze action film about an ex-con who unknowingly takes a load of illegal weapons.

    The movie was something of a miss, but the song captures the urgency of a trucker s need to get back home with a tense but lively beat. Lyrics. Truck Driving Dog , Mark Dunau This one goes out to all those truck drivers who travel with a canine companion.

    It s a light-hearted tribute to the simple life, the freedom of the road and man s best friend. Lyrics. Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man , Randy Travis If you listen to country music, you ve probably heard Randy Travis ballad about the difficult decisions in life.

    This maudlin song rejects the trucking pride we hear in so many driving songs in favor of a broader truth: Our lives are sometimes just the unintended consequences of the choices we make. Lyrics. Ode to My Peterbilt , William Weaver YouTube singer and professional truck driver William Weaver has a traditional country voice and a flare for humor.

    He records both covers and original songs that capture the modern spirit of trucking. Ode to My Peterbilt is a lament of speed limiters, in which he moans, I m cut back so slow when a bug hits my windshield, he says, Get the hell out of my way. Half Hearted Apology , Dean Fields This soulful song recounts a young man s confession and his regrets about a relationship long in the past.

    He s spent his life driving, and the mix of regret and acceptance he feels for his lost relationship seems to be reflected in his years behind the wheel. Lyrics.

    18 Wheels and Jesus , Tony Justice You may have seen Tony Justice s CDs in your favorite truck stop. His latest song, Eighteen Wheels and Jesus, is a nod to Red Sovine s classic ballads with elements that are spoken rather than sung.

    Justice is quickly becoming a household name in the trucking world, and his songs may soon graduate to the list of classic trucking tunes. The Truck Driver and His Mate , Pet Shop Boys This tongue-in-cheek song from British electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys was inspired by a candy bar ad that claimed the candy was big enough for a truck driver and his mate. Two interesting cultural notes: 1) Lay-by is the Britsh word for rest area; 2) Taking Coals to Newcastle is a metaphor for a useless task.

    This is definitely not your classic trucking song.


  • 10th Annual Dragon Boat Races We are proud to announce that Durham Truck will be the proud co-sponsors of the newest team to join the Dragon Boat Races! The Breast Stroke Save-Oars may be the new kid in town, but it s team members have been apart of this event for ma ny years. The team consists of mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins and friends, coming together to raise money for a great cause and have fun while doing it!

    For more information on the races check it out here:http://thedragonflies.org/ We certainly hope to see you there!

  • 18-Wheeler Accident Snarls SH 360 in Arlington On June 7, an 18-wheeler accident on State Highway 360 in Arlington caused major traffic headaches. Not only did the truck overturn, the accident also resulted in several large concrete pipe pieces spilling onto both the median and the northbound lanes. Thankfully, there were no fatalities the truck driver went to the hospital for minor injuries.

    While the driver of the 18-wheeler as well as other motorists on that stretch of road were extremely fortunate, in far too many instances an 18-wheeler accident leads to severe, life-altering injuries as well as fatalities. There are several reasons why these kinds of accidents occur; drivers trying to meet a deadline operate their big rigs while incredibly fatigued, operators are sometimes intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or trucking companies allow dangerously under-maintained rigs to be on the road. If you or someone you know is either hurt or killed in this type of accident, it s extremely important that you obtain the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

    The trucking company will have an insurance adjuster on its side who will do everything possible to pin the blame for the accident on you. That s why you need someone on your side who is just as experienced and effective as the adjuster. These are just a few of the damages you may be able to obtain due to the negligence of an 18-wheeler driver, manufacturer or trucking company should this type of accident take place: Lost wages Medical expenses past and future Pain and suffering Funeral expenses Mental anguish Please don t hesitate to contact The Todd R.

    Durham Law Firm to learn more about how we may be able to help if you or someone you know has been hurt in an 18-wheeler accident.

    Contact us online or call us at 214-222-4000 .

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  • 20-year plan sees dale as 'retirement home', Teesdale Mercury Jan 3, 2013 COUNTY councillors have urged a major rethink on a strategy which they claim views Teesdale as a cross between a retirement home and a commuter dormitory . A document calling for a review of the County Durham Plan has been written by Teesdale councillors Richard Bell, James Rowlandson, Barbara Harrison and George Richardson. The County Durham Plan will shape the future of Teesdale for 20 years and is being finalised by Durham County Council.

    But there has been much criticism of it and now four Teesdale councillors, all Conservatives, have weighed into the debate. Their submission to council chiefs calls for major changes to the document, including provision for a relief road for Barnard Castle, protection from wind farms, more employment land and more houses. The development of new housing on farms for local people should also be encouraged, the councillors say.

    And a plan to reopen the old Barnard Castle to Bishop Auckland railway as a footpath and cycleway should be revived. Firstly, the councillors have called for a proposed one-mile relief road, running from Westwick Road to Darlington Road, to end the problem of HGVs in Barnard Castle. Campaigners have been trying to convince the council to earmark the idea in the County Durham Plan for months.

    Particular concerns have been raised about the Butter Market and the County Bridge. The situation becomes more acute if the A66 is closed, which happens on a fairly regular basis, the councillors said. The road is now estimated to cost 7million and but it is unlikely that work would start before 2018.

    The councillors said proposals for 400 houses to be built in the town would mean more traffic. A lack of local jobs would mean many of these people would use the relief road to get to work via the A66. Officials at County Hall have also been told that the numbers of HGVs driving through the town did little to help tourism.

    The councillors report added that haulage bosses backed the relief road, which would also support traffic from Shaw Bank an area earmarked as an industrial estate.

    The councillors have also backed the revival of the South-West Durham Heritage Corridor.

    See page 8.

  • 2014 Mandarin MS Walk This year Durham Truck was a proud sponsor of the 2014 Mandarin MS Walk.

    Check out some of the highlights below!

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  • 31 ales on offer at brigg beer festival The confirmed list of ales on sale at Brigg Beer Festival, which opens tonight (Thursday May 15), has been issued by organisers the Brigg District Lions. Nip down tonight to John Reid Trucking, Atherton Way, near Tesco roundabout on the A18. Failing that, call in tomorrow night, Friday, or enjoy the afternoon & evening sessions on Saturday.

    OPENING HOURS Thursday 15 May: 7 pm to 11pm Friday 16 May: 7pm to 11pm Saturday 17 May: 12 noon to 11pm Work your way through this lot and Brigg Blog will stand you a pint!

    1 Batemans Lincolnshire Black & White 3.60 ABV, dark , rich, creamy brimming with fruity flavours & nutty overtones. Full bodied beer.

    2 Ilkley Yorkshire Black 3.70 A blend of five malts gives a smooth, easy to drink, dark session ale.

    3 Batemans Lincolnshire XB 3.70 A well rounded, smooth malty beer with a blackcurrant fruity background.

    4 Wells Youngs Bedford Bitter 3.70 This light drinking amber bitter has citrus initially on the palate, with sweet malt & a hint of hops that linger into a slightly dry & bitter finish.

    5 Thwaites Lancashire Coiled Spring 3.80 An amber ale that is full of the joys of spring 6 Langman East Sussex Long Blonde 3.80 Light coloured golden ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma & crisp, clean bitterness on the finish.

    7 Oldershaws Brewery Lincolnshire Heavenly Blonde 3.80 Pale blonde-zesty super tropical fruit from the citra hop. Crisp dry finish.

    8 North Star Derbyshire Sentinel 3.80 Very pale, fully hopped. American style craft ale with citrus undertones.

    9 Backyard Walsall The Hoard 3.90 Golden Bitter , refreshingly dry with a balanced biscuit malt flavour.

    10 Wells Youngs Bedford London Gold 4.00 A light, golden & full flavoured beer with a refreshing bite.

    11 Grafton Nottighamshire Ferris Wheel 4.00 A pale ale with crisp bitterness, refreshing tartness & sweeter malt notes, finishing with a soft hoppiness.

    12 Goldmark Sussex Phoenix 4.10 A refreshing brown ale with hints of toffee, caramel and a smooth bitter finish 13 Titanic Stoke on Trent Iceberg 4.10 A refreshing clear wheat beer with clean, zesty flavours.

    14 Oldershaws Brewery Lincolnshire Great Expectations 4.20 Gorgeous pale gold beer, zingy citrus rich Galaxy hops. SIBA silver medal.

    Winner 2013 15 Flipside Nottingham English Crown 4.20 A traditional bitter made with English hops Funggles & Goldings .A beer brewed for tradition.

    16 Axholme Darley s Ghost 4.30 Ruby red spiced ale with rich fruitcake flavours and a sweet cinnamon finish 17 Sonnet 43 Durham Bourbon Milk Stout 4.30 Bourbon cocoa and outs give this dark brown beer a rich, full-bodied chocolately bitterness 18 Oldershaws Brewery Lincolnshire Grantham Stout 4.30 Rich chocolate and espresso flavours with soft sweet plummy jam notes 19 Whale Ale Ltd Warwickshire Premium Amber 4.30 Subtle hints of biscuity malt are blended with floral hop resins creating a bitter-sweet premium ale 20 Elland West Yorkshire Nettle Thrasher 4.40 Traditional copper, strong ale, robust & complex flavours from six malts & combined with a variety of English hops.

    21 Sonnet 43 County Durham India Pale Ale 4.40 A complex aroma using, Goldings hops. Delicate fruity flavour. A very palatable slightly bitter drink.

    22 Dancing Duck Derby Dark Drake 4.50 Smooth drinking velvety, oat meal stout with freshly roasted coffee, toffee finish.

    23 Titanic Staffordshire Plum Porter 4.90 Dark, strong & well-rounded. The richness is balanced by the late edition of hops & natural plum flavouring.

    24 Burton Bridge Burton on Trent Stairway to Heaven 5.00 A golden hoppy beer with a full smooth flavour using only the finest English hops.

    25 Amber Ales Derbyshire Dambuster 5.20 Powerfully flavoured golden ale with three hop varieties from , England, New Zealand & U.S.A.

    26 Dancing Duck Derby Abduction 5.50 Tropical fruit flavour with enjoyable hoppy bitterness. Good malt character & very clean finish.

    27 Ossett West Yorkshire Silver King 4.30 A lager with a crisp, dry flavour & citrus fruity aroma.

    28 Barngates Cumbria Tag Lag 4.40 Lager A pale amber lager, smooth & sweetly malty flavour.

    29 Harviestoun Clackmannanshire Scotland Scheihallion 4.80 Crisp, dry and airy with a fresh, grapefruit taste with hoppy aroma and malty, bitter finish 30 Westons Herefordshire Old Rosie 7.30 Mid- golden & straw like in colour.

    Old Rosie is a cloudy, medium bodied fruity cider that has a wonderful aroma of wild berry- fruits.

    31 Broadoak Somerset Moonshine 7.50 A clear coloured cider strong in alcohol & fruity with an apple flavour & is sweet on the palate.

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  • 7th person pleads guilty in massive Albany government fraud case ... ALBANY, GA (WALB)- Another person has pleaded guilty in a massive government fraud case in Albany. Kelli Durham, 33, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Durham admitted she was the manager of an Albany trucking company that over-billed the Department of Defense for transporting equipment from MCLB Albany.

    She says she was paid more than $900,000 for her part in the scheme. Prosecutors say the government was over-charged between $7 million and $20 million between July 2008 and June 2012. At least $37 million went to the trucking company Durham worked for.

    That company has not been named in court documents. Prosecutors recommended Durham serve between 46 and 57 months in prison, and repay $905,000. She is now cooperating with the government's investigation.

    Durham is the 7th person to plead guilty in the case.

    Copyright 2013 WALB.

    All rights reserved.

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  • Accounting Job: Accounting Jobs Tyne Wear PRUDHOE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP Tyne & Wear NE8 1DH . PRUDHOE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP CONTENTS Page Accounting and Reporting by Charities issued in March 2005. Governance, 2010 saw the end of the Future Jobs Fund a government funded work placement scheme ...

    Fetch Content North East Combined Transport Activists Roundtable Weds 7th Mar: Tyne & Wear Freight Partnership 10am probably in South Tyneside (tbc), contact John Bourn [email protected] tel 0191 277 8972. Martin Murphy represents NECTAR on the Partnership Tues 13th Mar: Newcastle Cycling Campaign AGM 6pm-8pm Brunswick Methodist ... Read Content Job Purpose/Summary CB 2676N-Cumbria Northumberland Tyne & Wear = Newcastle.

    CB2677N-Durham Darlington Tees = Stockton on Tees. CB2678N- Merseyside = Liverpool. CB2679N Provide technical and financial accounting advice and support to colleagues throughout the Local Area. ...

    Doc Retrieval The TnoR HeasT Review - Willmott Dixon NHS South of Tyne & Wear had already worked with Willmott Dixon on the Blaydon Leisure and Primary True open book accounting with live project cost plan available at all times well as creating 20 site worker jobs, also our supply chain ... Access Content Victorian Era - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia He instructed the hospital staff to wear gloves and wash their hands, instruments, and dressings with a phenol solution and, often working long hours in dangerous jobs for low wages. The last of the mail coaches at Newcastle upon Tyne, 1848.

    1846 Birth of The Princess Helena ... Read Article Www.teesvalleyfoundation.org Be locally established, be based and provide services in the North East Region covering Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Darlington and the Tees Valley. As the aim of the scheme is to fund .

    small. ... Access Document North East England Based in the Tyne and Wear area. up or attracted to the region creating up to 5000 new jobs.

    accounting for 38% of degrees awarded, compared to the UK average of 27%. Figure Two shows the breakdown of PhD graduates by subject groups. ... Read Here Curriculum Vitae (a 2.5 million adult literacy and numeracy project in Tyne and Wear).

    Evaluation of the Jobs Through ESOL (English for Speakers of junior employment, training and supervision. All administrative duties, accounting and financial target achievement, promoting exceptional customer care ... Return Doc Charity Walk For Liam Gash MarfanTrustNews Tyne & Wear on Saturday, 17 February.

    Over 9,000 has been raised which has been donated to administration and accounting and have part time jobs as a horse riding instructor and model. I am also an International Beauty Queen!! Being a beauty queen may sound very glamorous but things ...

    Access Doc Bamboo - YouTube It is optional but recomended that you use a resparator and wear gloves as coal sequester carbon, and create jobs for industries and communities hit hard by the A suspension bridge made out of 20 tonnes of bamboo will become the eighth iconic bridge across the River Tyne. The ... View Video HM Revenue Grant Sparks Off job Surge 100 new jobs after being awarded an SFI grant by One NorthEast with the help of RHK s company s employees are resident in Tyne & Wear, and the company has developed strategic partnerships with several local businesses.

    the accounting period to which they relate. Previously, ... Access Doc 9,000 - Durham Tyne & Wear 27,659 7.4 12,527 3.4 40,186 5.4 1.39,000 10.5 warehouse into a manufacturing plant creating 100 jobs (more - accounting for 8.5% of all sales.

    UK Trade The deficit on trade in goods and services was 2.7bn in May, ... Read More Breaking News - YouTube "It was not hidden from anybody that he was being paid all that money because of course the money has to go through an accounting system, it is budgeted for, it's seen. "The question is, Fifty jobs are being created by Nitro, a provider of document productivity and workflow solutions, ... View Video Project Application In English - Quia Most entry level jobs in the graphic design field require a more conservative approach.

    The writer in this example seeks an entry-level accounting position: Location Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear . Start Date ASAP . Duration Full Time . ...

    View Document Lead!Members!

    Business!and!jobs!! *Since*March*2010*Tyne*&*Wear,*the*North*East*and*England*have*all* had*increases*in*the*number*of*unemployed*residents.*At*the*same*time*there* &*retail*trade *are*the*top*three*industries*accounting*for*62.1%*of*October s* ...

    Document Viewer

  • Another new face in the driving seat at Stobart Stobart has appointed its fourth chairman in seven months as the trucking group, popular with motorway spotters up and down the country, tries to win more friends in the City. The diversified logistics company it is developing Southend airport and has got into biomass has appointed Iain Ferguson, the former boss of Tate & Lyle, as its new chief. The move is aimed at ending the sniping at the company s corporate governance.

    Stobart is dominated by the brothers-in-law Andrew Tinkler and William Stobart and its board has been peopled by long-term allies, such as Paul Orchard-Lisle and Rodney Baker-Bates, who

  • Appeal for financial help | Coal Action Network The rail depot as seen from nearby houses Residents of Wolsingham, Co. Durham have fought a legal battle against the building of a Rail based coal depot within the village boundary. Sadly their campaign was unsuccessful and the depot has been built.

    As a result of this they are left with a large legal bill as well as increased HGV movements, dust and noise. If you are able to help to pay off this debt any help would be gratefully received. Cheques payable to: Drop the Depot.

    Andrew Charlton, 10 Durham Rd. Wolsingham, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham DL133JB They collected over 1000 objection letters, spoke at chambers against the application and four of the Councilors did not vote for the application the local Labour Councilors voted on mass to pass it with no questions asked.

    At this point they began to instigate a judicial review which really put the wind up the Railway and Durham County Council. Although their efforts to prevent the construction were unable to prevent the depot being built they caused significant delay. Since wagons began rolling on to the site DCC have received multiple complaints about noise from the wagons, coal dust ending up in peoples backyards and the speed of driving on and off the site.

    Wagons have been found to be stacking just outside of the village in a lay by waiting for there 5 minute to roar in, all the time engines running whilst parked up (hardly an advert for the greeness of this project). They continue to collate evidence of breaches inc. white line being broken by wagons turning in, engines being revved, the main road being covered in coal dust despite a road sweeper going out several times a day.

    The site is not running at full capacity, there are various rumours as to why and any employment for locals has been proven to be utter rubbish.

    No new jobs have been created as a direct result of this process, the haulage company would have got another contract and Weardale Railway do not directly handle or move the coal on site.

  • Are Some Trucking Companies Paying Bribes To Keep Unsafe ... Attorney (866) 735-1102 Ext 390 Posted by David Bernstein January 24, 2011 4:54 PM Truck Safety Inspector Arrested Safety inspections for trucks exist in order to make the roads safe for other drivers. If those inspections are to be effective, however, there needs to be proper enforcement. Truck safety inspectors are tasked with making sure that safety checks are conducted on trucks and that driver safety records are checked on a regular basis.

    Unfortunately, it appears that a truck safety inspector with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had other thoughts. He was charged with felony counts of bribe-taking and conspiracy after allegedly accepting bribes for years from safety consultants for some commercial trucking companies that the FMCSA was supposed to monitor. So just how corrupt was the FMCSA inspector?

    Alleged Corrupt Behavior Safety consultants for different trucking companies allegedly paid the FMCSA Truck Safety Inspector to provide inside . . . information that enabled the trucking companies to avoid or delay inspections of their trucking rigs. Also, at times, the FMCSA inspector allegedly helped trucking firms get friendly audits.

    According to authorities, those friendly audits allowed the trucking firms to keep potentially unsafe vehicles on the road. Evidence Compiled Against the Inspector How did the FMCSA inspector get caught? Agents from the DOT Inspector General s Office received tape recordings of the inspector allegedly arranging to push back a safety compliance review for one company in exchange for $1,000.

    A $3,000 bribe was also discussed in the taped conversations. The existence of this compelling evidence led to the inspector's arrest. It didn t help that the inspector wasn t exactly running a small-scale operation.

    A cooperating witness estimated paying (the FMCSA inspector) approximately $60,000 to $70,000 over approximately the past two years for information and assistance, FBI Special Agent Allan Rains said in the complaint. According to court papers, earlier this month a witness emailed the FMCSA inspector some detailed information regarding future bribes. The FMCSA inspector was not pleased to receive an email regarding the bribes and later allegedly said to the witness, Don t ever put that kind of stuff in an e-mail to me again. . . .

    All e-mail is open to anybody who wants to get a hold of it. FMCSA Inspector Plead Not Guilty The FMCSA inspector, however, isn t conceding his role in the alleged scandal. He pleaded not guilty before a U.S.

    magistrate judge who ordered that he be held in jail until a mental health examination could be performed. Not surprisingly, the inspector has said he expects to be fired from his job. Conclusion If the charges against the FMCSA inspector are deemed accurate, countless drivers should be very concerned.

    The inspector did more than just violate the law. He utterly disregarded the reason that FMCSA truck safety inspections are in place -- to make sure the trucking rigs (which can easily weigh 40 tons) and the truck drivers are in compliance with the laws to keep our roads and highways safe. By not forcing trucking companies to follow the safety laws, the FMCSA inspector allowed trucking companies to jeopardize the safety and livelihood of countless drivers.

    Large trucks can be dangerous even when they are in compliance with existing safety checks.

    The last thing people need is some trucking companies bribing a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration truck safety inspector to actively help them evade laws designed to keep the roads safe.

    Tags: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, inspector bribe, trucking companies, trucking company, trucking companies safety ratings, trucking company safety rating, trucking companies safety, trucking company safety, trucking company oklahoma, David Bernstein, truck accidents, truck accident lawyer

  • August Sailing Aboard Cambria Reproduced from an article by skipper Richard Titchener for the Ipswich Maritime Trust. On Saturday 11 th August 2012, the Ipswich Maritime Trust held a reception on Orwell Quay aboard the Cambria , which was visiting the port for the first time since she carried the last cargo under sail in British waters in October 1970. Rebuilt by the Cambria Trust with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and others, her visit was during a charter to the Sea-Change Sailing Trust of Maldon, which works afloat with young trainees and has spent much of the summer carrying token cargo with Cambria to provide objectives for them.

    In July the barge delivered beer brewed by the Mighty Oak Brewery of Maldon to four waterside pubs in Essex and Kent. The final delivery at Gravesend was followed by the Thames Barge Match. Originating in 1863 and one of the oldest sailing races in the world, The Thames Match was won by Cambria under skipper Richard Titchener with a Sea-Change crew.

    Not only did they win the Coasting Class but were also overall Match Champions, presented with no less than seven trophies by Suffolk sailor and TV personality Griff Rhys Jones. The beer was Captain Bob Bitter named with the family s permission after the previous skipper. The August visit was a recreation of the last cargo, which was 100 tons of ground nuts for cattle feed from Tilbury Dock to Eastern County Farmers in Ipswich.

    Orwell Quay is as close to the original point of delivery as possible, as this is now part of Neptune Marina. Berthed beside the new Students Union building, the barge s gear made an impressive reflection in the plate glass of the new waterfront, while the crew did their best to answer the many questions from passers-by. They also visited the port control tower and were shown round by Clive who made the skipper s heart flutter when he played Red Sails in the Sunset over the lock tannoy as the barge came through.

    Equally enjoyable, IMT s Des Pawson treated the crew to a lesson in knot-tying which was gratefully received and the production of bracelets has grown dramatically aboard the barge since. It was wonderful to see the barge reunite so many people with their shared memories. As well as Bob Roberts daughters, Gill and Anne there were many people who had sailed either as crew or volunteers with their father.

    The voyage had started with the barge entering Tilbury Dock on Monday 6 th and passing 32 berth where she had loaded from SS Falaba the previous time. Dick Durham, the mate on that voyage, was aboard and had researched the fate of the ship. She was broken up at Chittagong in 1984.

    What he could not know was that this was not before Peter Cockayne, IMT member and long-time stalwart of barges in operation on the Orwell, sailed with her during his apprenticeship. It was Peter s current boss, Gerry Coleman, the Harbourmaster at Ipswich, who made the northern end of the exercise possible, just as at Tilbury his opposite number was equally helpful. In 2012 it was a problem to find a cargo.

    There seem to be precious few cattle these days, and certainly very little carried by water for them to eat. Despite many emails and phone calls nothing was found so a large cake and furry cow were procured from ASDA so as to not sail empty! Just in time Brett Aggregates kindly donated some samples and the crew were able to find some cement when in Tilbury Dock.

    This was loaded using the topsail sheet, and similarly discharged at Ipswich for two local good causes, the Pin Mill barge blocks and work Wolsey Rotary is doing for a retirement home. The actual passage was as quick as in 1970. The barge locked out on Tuesday 7 th at 0730 and dropped the tow in Gravesend Reach in a gently increasing south westerly.

    Dick, now news editor for Yachting Monthly, had to leave that day for a prior engagement the next at the other end of the country and was rowed ashore at Southend Pier while Cambria hove to nearby. He immediately sent a text saying he should have stayed as he could see a fast passage in the making; and indeed Cambria anchored at Stone Heaps at 1730 and he would have made the sleeper in time! Had a real cargo been urgently required it would have been available for Wednesday s work in Ipswich.

    This would have taken six lorries off the road and provided the sort of opportunity Frank Carr envisaged when he wrote that barges should be the training ground for the merchant marine. Indeed this is what Sea-Change is trying to achieve with their New Barge Appeal. Established in 2007, the charity has built up to a full season s work.

    They currently use Reminder for five day voyages for up to ten young people and their support staff and Cambria for extended programmes working intensively with small numbers to really embed positive change and traditional seamanship. Both barges are hired bare boat and the plan is to build a replica of the Blue Mermaid , one of the last two barges built in 1930, to give the charity the flexibility of its own vessel. She will carry four trainees, Skipper, Mate and Educator and up to 150 tons of cargo.

    They are not claiming the cargo is a commercial proposition, although if the true carbon cost per mile of road haulage were calculated it surely would be. Rather, it will provide genuine vocational activity and a set of real objectives for their work. If companies can be found whose social responsibility policy can benefit from freight under sail then so much the better.

    For like Cambria , the replica new barge will not have auxiliary power and will work as authentically as possible. Sea-Change staff hope this will continue its current work to generate up-and-coming young crews for the barge fleet, which is suffering an increasing crisis of such skills. Cambria left the wet dock on Monday after the reception.

    As when she arrived, the wind was south-easterly, now a less helpful direction, the ebb well away and Cambria was given a helpful tow as far as Ostrich Creek but was then on her own. She demonstrated what a fine specimen she is by executing countless tacks, many with the foresail being dropped and reset to turn short between the many moorings not there on her last visit, and not making her low water until she anchored at Wrabness that evening. Next day there was some dinghy sailing for the trainees in the Topper carried on the hatches, before a fast passage with the bowsprit down to the Roach.

    The Cambria s cargo book shows that she loaded at Tilbury on 15 th and 16 th October 1970 and sailed at 3pm on 17 th arriving at Ipswich at midnight on the 19 th . On 22 nd she sailed at 3pm light for London arriving at Gravesend at 5pm the following day. The final entry is barge laid up out of commission.

    Dick Durham recounts that when she locked out alongside an motor barge, she stuck in the lock and it took some effort to get her clear.

    It was, he said, as if she knew she might not return.

    Now she has.

  • Avoiding a Bridge Too Low | Webtech Wireless Blog Known as the truck-decapitator , a bridge in Durham, North Carolina found wider fame last fall when it was featured in an Atlantic Cities article on aging infrastructure. An accompanying video, The Toughest Bridge in the World , featured a montage of ill-fated trucks (set to music from the film Rocky) getting peeled like sardine cans as they career under the century-old railway bridge. To make matters worse, wilting commentary from amused readers specifically targeted the hapless truckers.

    There were also some helpful suggestions, but none thought to propose a GPS navigation system that could route truckers away from these kinds of dangerous roads. Bridging the Knowledge Gap Many small and independent trucking companies, in a misguided attempt to put cost savings ahead of other concerns, purchase off-the-shelf GPS navigation systems that don t provide enough detail for truckers to avoid these disasters. They re buying consumer GPS navigation systems designed primarily for cars where there is little concern about height clearances and other routing conditions needed by commercial truckers.

    The situation is serious enough that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is now distributing visor cards to truck drivers warning them that consumer-oriented GPS navigation devices pose life-threatening risks to truck drivers. FMCSA also faulted trucking operators with ineffective driver training and therefore advised operators to get their drivers trained on industry-standard commercial grade GPS navigation systems. Truck-Specific GPS Navigation In a complementary article in Overdrive (March 11, 2013), U.S.

    Senator Chuck Schumer stated that trucks using inappropriate GPS systems, which don t support routing around low bridges, hazmat routes and other information relevant to truckers , are the chief cause of bridge strikes. FMCSA Recommends Michael Scott, Software Engineer at Webtech Wireless says, We have chosen to integrate our MDT 3100s with a truck-specific GPS navigation solution that supports the kind of truck routing the FMCSA wants truck drivers to use . He s referring with our partnership with ALK Technologies to enhance our Quadrant In-Cab solution by adding ALK CoPilot In-Cab navigation.

    Michael went on to point out that while we meet all the requirements the FMCSA recommended for safe use of GPS navigation systems , drivers still need to be alert to road signage.

    No GPS navigation system absolves drivers from responsibility on safe routes .

    By selecting a GPS navigation system intended for use by professional truck and bus drivers, ensuring drivers are properly trained in its use, and remaining alert to changing conditions, you can expect to navigate safely to your destination.

  • B

  • Boaters 'flashing truckers' prompt new restrictions in N.C. | Overdrive ... Restrictions on boating, that is, and if North Carolina DOT is right, the changes will at least partially correct some serial summer-season traffic tie-ups on the I-77 causeway over Lake Norman north of Charlotte. NCDOT installed these . to combat NCDOT tries to keep boaters from flashing truckers, reads the headline of this piece on the website of Raleigh-Durham-based WRAL.

    New buoys in the lake surround the causeway directing boats not to dock beyond the barriers. As WRAL put it, NCDOT believes the boaters are causing traffic delays because some women flash the truckers, who slow down to get a better look. Read the original reporting via this story from NBC Charlotte, though, and you ll find no direct mention of truckers whatsoever.

    I suppose it s tempting to assume highway haulers are the only drivers who use I-77 and would slow down for such a sight?

    Go figure

  • Boon for northern tipper hauliers | Park Logistics - Supply Chain ... Aggregate hauliers in the north are experiencing a rise in coal movements to power stations, with the boon likely to continue well into 2013. One operator, County Durham-based Hargreaves Transport, said that since the autumn it has moved an extra 10,000 tonnes of coal per week. It is a very busy market at the moment, said Andrew Wolrich, Hargreaves general manager.

    Ray Engley, head of technical services at the Road Haulage Association, added: There appears to be an increase in the amount of work on offer in the north for aggregate operators, particularly with the haulage of coal to the power stations.

    The introduction of a carbon tax for power stations from 1 April seems to have been one factor in the demand spike, while a shortage of railfreight capacity has also helped, added Wolrich. ); } //]]

  • Bull City Mutterings: Curbside Conundrums Durham, North Carolina has by all accounts, a very successful single-stream, curbside recycling program. But unlike similarly-sized and inclined Madison, Wisconsin, a new contract unfortunately won t include recycling of plastic bags used for newspapers, carry-out, produce, bread wrappers or plastic film used to cover dry cleaning. However, this really doesn t explain why 190 volunteers working at just 14 sites along 18 miles of urban streams recently recovered nearly 12 tons of discarded trash, much of it recyclable.

    Similar efforts statewide collectively pulled 207 tons of trash from watersheds. Plastic bags and film, as well as polystyrene such as Styrofoam, are highly visible, but only a tiny sliver of the litter or waste stream. Even with curbside recycling up 40% in Durham annually over the same span, this week of stream clean-up still retrieved two tons more this year than was recovered during the same week in 2010 and a ton more than last year.

    And this is far from the only stream clean-up here during a year. Unfortunately Durham neglects to forensically examine the trash and litter recovered from urban watersheds or other illegal dumping grounds, so the community is unable to trace it back to its origins to make the perpetrators as visible as their litter. But using national studies of littering, it is tossed by just 4% of the population deliberately and by 17% when you count those who were too far from a receptacle and too lazy to find one.

    It is likely that a greater proportion comes from the 3 out of 5 people who work in Durham but aren t residents. Seeing themselves more as renters than owners, they may be more inclined to litter. Durham itself is also a kind of renter, trucking its waste and recyclables to landfills and sites in other communities, including nearby Raleigh.

    This may, in part, explain the lack of urgency here by officials to incorporate plastic bags and polystyrene in its curbside collection. Both are recyclable, bags into products such as composite decking and pallets and polystyrene into, well, more polystyrene for packaging and products such as picture frames. In part this has led to an offshoot group to which I ve been invited from the Environmental Affairs Board to pursue solutions to reduce use of these materials or advocate for greater recycling.

    From what I ve learned over the years, the problem is part technology - including cost and adoption - part inertia and part consumer behavior. Many companies that recycle on contract with places such as Durham have not done the necessary upfitting to handle plastic bags and polystyrene, some due to cost, but many due to inertia because recycling is a difficult business and many people fail to grasp the need for continuing and never-ending innovation. A bit of this is chicken and egg because only 11% of the population has access to curbside recycling that accepts plastic bags and film and only a little more than 3% of communities such as Madison accept it.

    This is also the problem with recycling polystyrene. Inertia on the part of communities is big part of the problem. Even when recycling vendors implement new technology such as they have for pizza boxes now in Durham, officials are often reticent to inform the public that they can include them in curbside bins or equivocal when asked.

    Managing and influencing public behavior isn t easy but it best done with passion and zeal, attributes that often seem lacking today among many public servants. Plastic bags can pollute single-stream curbside collections and gum up machinery. Even if hand-separated it takes a lot of bags and film to make up a bundle, the way retail stores and dry cleaning suppliers do from their collection bins.

    One low-tech solution suggested by a company that contracts to pick up curbside recycling in Texas is to place the plastic bags and film in a clear but heavier gauge bag before placing them in curbside bins, like we do for shredded paper. It calls the solution bag in a bag. Curbside officials often fail to pursue or press for solutions such as this because they over-rely on residents remembering to hand-carry these materials to stores that recycle plastic bags and film.

    Of course, if this was a truly a scalable solution, we wouldn t have curbside collection in the first place. The story is similar for recycling polystyrene such as Styrofoam, a brand name owned by Dow. Many community s now accept this material in curbside recycling.

    Far more rely only on businesses that have begun to compress their shipping materials and then use the delivery trucks to back-haul the material where it can be recycled. Others want residents to truck polystyrene to small packaging and shipping outlets that recycle this material, as a friend of mine s business will do with foam peanuts which he reuses in Durham to ship instruments for medical diagnosis. Again, this won t reach scale until more communities accept post-consumer polystyrene as curbside recycling.

    This brings us to consumer behavior. Banning use by consumers has produced spotty results, actually resulting in increased use in some of the 80+ communities where items such as plastic bags have been banned. Creating an island where they are prohibited will not inhibit entry behavior by commuters.

    However, no one can argue with comprehensive banning of various items from landfills which spurred communities to aggressively embrace curbside recycling beginning two decades ago. Unfortunately, many such as Durham have failed to see the potential of expanding on this success by including more items, other than by enlarging carts to facilitation collection of items they do. Most have internal advocates to increase recycling participation but few have advocates pressing to find ways to expand the variety of items recycled, allowing inertia to set in.

    Substitutes for plastic bags such as paper or re-useable bags have a far greater carbon footprint. As just one of many examples it takes seven trucks to ship the same number of papers bags that one truck can carry in plastic bags. Some studies are also now linking bans on grocery store bags with increased incidence of foodborne illnesses.

    And EcoTalibans, as humorously depicted in this clip from the TV series Portlandia are well, just not consumer-viable. That s why it is crucial that the self-assembled group in Durham not over-focus on just plastic bags and polystyrene but keep their eye strategically on the overall objective of increasing both the content and volume of curbside pick up. There are a lot of isolated success stories, some very nearby Durham but picking a few of these to replicate without a comprehensive, scaleable strategy will result only in exhaustive activity traps and fail to address the overarching objective.

    Which brings us to the stickiest consumer behavior of all, littering. Overall far too many communities, including Durham, dabble at well-meaning tactics for curbing litter but with no comprehensive, sustainable or measurable strategy. Part of the solution to litter is education that not only begins at school but in schools.

    Given to site-based management, it is not enough for school districts to supply recycling bins and arrange pick up. Teachers and principals in each school must be educated to distribute the containers far beyond just the cafeteria. Teaching that litter is wrong and socially and culturally unacceptable must be followed up by action by those responsible for common spaces such as roadsides, interchanges and around public facilities.

    We must demonstrate a zero tolerance for littering, not just preach about it. Toleration of litter begets more litter and creates a self-perpetuating litter feed-back loop that overwhelms episodic clean-up efforts. Finally, like most crimes against society, curbing littlering will require forensics and follow up even with just a warning-letter.

    The 4% of the public generating the majority of litter and foisting its effects and the cost for clean up on the other 96% must be held accountable. Right now they think they are invisible if they think at all and immune from scrutiny or reputational risk. Some human behaviors only change when more light illuminates perpetrators.

    North Carolina got the attention of more than 10,000 litters last year through warning letters sent to registered vehicle owners after litter was reported through the Swat-A-Litterbug program. Another 3,163 drivers received enforcement citations for littering including 1,663 who were convicted. We ll need to increase that number times 18 times to reach every potential litterer among the 6 million resident drivers in North Carolina before we reach the full 4%.

    But then, of course, we ll also need to shed more light on litter-prone tourism parties drivers in 480,000 (or 4%) of the vehicles crisscrossing the state on overnight visits each year. Through warning letters and citations, the North Carolina Department of Transportation may have the names and addresses of enough litters by now to be able to conduct a follow-up forensic public opinion poll to learn more about the residents and visitors most likely to litter. Interestingly, of the nearly 3,600 tons of roadside litter collected along state roads in 2012 alone, as well as thousands of tons pulled from watersheds and parks, a substantial amount was still recyclable.

    The 4% who litter, or the similar percentage who claim they never recycle or any who backlash purely for ideological reasons are far too expensive to ignore.

  • Businessman accused of Vietnam corruption A prominent Cumbrian businessman is alleged to have conspired to bribe the former Vietnamese central bank governor by helping to put his son through university, a London court has heard. SFO takes tough line on bribery by foreign companies Photo: REUTERS William Lowther, 73, from Carlisle, is said to have conspired with five other men to bribe Le Duc Thuy, governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, by helping his son Le Duc Minh obtain a place at Durham University and by paying 3,132 in accommodation and 18,000 in tuition fees in 2003. Mr Lowther denies one charge of conspiracy to corrupt.

    Prosecutors claim the assistance was an inducement to help secure new contracts or as a reward for past contracts awarded by the State Bank of Vietnam to Australia-based Securency Proprietary Ltd for the production and supply of polymer banknotes. Mr Lowther was a non-executive director of Securency. Richard Jory, opening the trial for the Serious Fraud Office, told a jury at Southwark Crown Court that Mr Lowther and five others in Australia, the UK and Vietnam devised a plan to secure and finance a place on the MBA course at Durham s business school for Le Duc Minh.

    The court heard that Mr Lowther helped the governor s son secure an interview at the university, personally drove him there and provided accommodation for him in July 2003. Mr Lowther then persuaded a business associate running a haulage company to pay the fees and accommodation to place distance between the money and Securency, the jury heard. Mr Jory told the jury that securing a place on a prestigious course at Durham, with fees and accommodation paid, was of significant value, and the conspirators knew that .

    The defendant and others, the Crown say, went to great lengths to achieve their ends and conceal the nature of arrangements put in place, he added. The jury heard that between 2002 and 2008, Securency and the State Bank of Vietnam signed 29 contracts worth A$191m ( 125m). Mr Jory told the court that the SFO s case was that Mr Lowther played an active part although the jury would later hear that he did not accept that he was part of an underhand agreement or a conspiracy to bribe the governor.

    The case continues. F.T. A business tycoon desperate to secure a 90million printing contract paid for the son of a Vietnamese bank governor to attend a British university to curry favour , a court has heard.

    Bill Lowther, 73, is accused of paying 18,000 in tuition fees and thousands of pounds more for student accommodation for the son of a Vietnamese bank governor to attend Durham University. He was so desperate to secure the lucrative business contract with the bank he personally drove student Le Duc Thuy to his MBA interview, the court heard. The interview, which was with a long-standing associate of Mr Lowther, resulted in an offer of a university place in 2003, the court heard.

    Southwark Crown Court heard 29 Vietnamese contracts had been awarded to banknote printing firm Securency between 2002 and 2008. Mr Lowther, from Carlisle, has pleaded not guilty to a single count of conspiracy to corrupt between January 1 and December 31, 2003, and is now on trial. Richard Jory, prosecuting, told the court Mr Lowther had been the driving force behind the creation of Securency, a company which had run into financial difficulties.

    Securency wished to curry favour with the governor of the State Bank of Vietnam by rewarding him for having given them contracts to supply banknotes to Vietnam, he said. In order to curry favour, the defendant and others based in the UK, Australia, and Vietnam devised a plan to secure and finance a place on an MBA course at Durham Business School. For the governor himself, having a place for his son on this prestigious course at Durham with fees and accommodation paid was of significant value and the conspirators knew this.

    They also had a great deal to gain by helping the governor in this way. Mr Jory added the company had needed to start turning a profit to pay its creditors and pay back loans , with Vietnam providing the opportunity. It was to prove a turning point in Securency s history in terms of trading and profitability , he said.

    When Minh arrived in the UK, the defendant personally drove him to the interview and provided him with accommodation, said Mr Jory. The interview was with a long-standing associate of this defendant, Dr Alan Jessop, the full-time director of the MBA course at Durham University. Once the offer to attend the course was made to Minh, the defendant and his co-conspirators agreed for payment of the course fees and accommodation expenses.

    Mr Lowther is said to have paid 18,000 for fees and a further 3,400 for accommodation in 2003. Mr Jory said Mr Lowther had taken steps to hide the payments from the university, arranging them to be placed by a businesses associate. His attempt to disguise the payment to the university is in fact the most compelling evidence of corruption, and that those involved knew it was corrupt, he said.

    Harvard-educated Mr Lowther has racked up a string of honours during a career spanning four decades, including an OBE, CBE and honorary knighthood from the King of Belgium. He started his career in 1970 with manufacturing firm OPP and eventually became UK managing director. In 1990, Mr Lowther became director general of worldwide operations, with responsibility for 2,900 employees and a turnover of 424 million.

    He took semi-retirement in 2002, but remained as director of the firm until he resigned in October last year, shortly after he was charged with the Serious Fraud Office. There is no suggestion Dr Alan Jessop was in any way accused of or complicit in any crime. The trial continues.


  • Buying a Horse Farm on East coast-where would you go? May.

    14, 2011, 04:31 PM #1 Buying a Horse Farm on East coast-where would you go? Question-If you had the funds to purchase a small horse farm anywhere on the East Coast area, where would you go? I want to take into consideration the weather (hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc) as well as the availability of good hay (no more trucking in hay from up north) as well as NO snow or just a little.

    I was asked this question by a friend and I picked North Carolina or possibly South Carolina. I did not pick Florida due to the heat of the summer and Virginia was out because of the snow issue. What do you guys think?

    Keep in mind...normal is just a dryer setting.~anonymous May.

    14, 2011, 05:14 PM #2 May.

    14, 2011, 05:26 PM #3 May.

    14, 2011, 05:27 PM #4 Tabor City, NC! Because I know someone with a horse farm for sale there. Srsly, though, it's not a bad place to be.

    Property values are reasonable, but you're only a couple of hours' haul from Southern Pines or Camden. And only 25 minutes from me! Yes, one feeds coastal bermuda here.

    Otherwise, it's expensive. First Light Farm C r a y o l a posse ~ Maize May.

    14, 2011, 05:33 PM #5 I looked at a map of the US, ruled out anywhere that had snow (been there, done that), tons of rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes (been there, done that), and anywhere that was more comfortable for a crocodile than a human being. I was pretty much left with North Carolina (inland, away from the coast) and South Carolina.

    Came to Aiken, SC one weekend, bought a farm, and never looked back! Absolutely love it here! You're entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts!


    14, 2011, 05:33 PM #6 May.

    14, 2011, 06:50 PM #7 May.

    14, 2011, 06:54 PM #8 You might seriously take a look in the Ocala/Williston areas of Florida. Horse Country for sure. Probably not a bit hotter than in the Carolinas and guaranteed to be nicer in the winter months.

    There are so many wonderful places that can be had cheaply too. "My treasures do not sparkle or glitter, they shine in the sunlight and nicker to me in the night" May.

    14, 2011, 07:02 PM #9 Virginia was out because of the snow issue. What do you guys think? VA - Snow?!

    I grew up in WA State - where there was on average 3+ feet of snow a winter. We still got to the shows even in the winter. When I moved to VA, it was like a dream come true.

    I've lived in both Charlottesville and outside of Lynchburg, and I can remember getting maybe 12 inches tops of snow, and it usually was gone within a week. If I ever have enough money, I'd love a farmette outside Charlottesville - probably out towards Keswick or in Ivy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Coth's Resident Deatheater~ May.

    14, 2011, 07:07 PM #10 May.

    14, 2011, 08:04 PM #11 You might seriously take a look in the Ocala/Williston areas of Florida. Horse Country for sure.

    Probably not a bit hotter than in the Carolinas and guaranteed to be nicer in the winter months. There are so many wonderful places that can be had cheaply too. I second this.

    I've lived in Maryland and it was just as hot there in the summer as it is here in Ocala. There are friends and faces that may be forgotten, but there are horses that never will be. - Andy Adams May.

    14, 2011, 08:32 PM #12 Tennessee has an added advantage, no personal income tax Yeah, but sales tax is 9-1/2 to 9-3/4 percent depending on where you settle. And NE Tennessee has probably changed from years ago.

    We lived there from 2000 to 2006 and I was thrilled to see it for the last time in my rearview mirror. Lots of drugs, meth especially, and lots of drunks, pregnant teenagers, and illiterate fat adults. Check out the "people of Walmart" site, there's a lot of them from the Tennessee area and I know exactly at which Walmart they were taking pictures.

    Very clannish, too, we never fit in no matter how hard we tried to dumb ourselves down. And you really need to be Baptist to live there, preferably the snake-handling kind. We left Tennessee in July (the day after my birthday to be exact, best birthday ever) and it was hotter in Fall Branch, TN, than it was in Live Oak, FL, where we lived for 2 years before relocating to the Ocala area.

    Love it here. Always something horsey to do, lots of trails to ride, shows to attend (polo tomorrow is free to watch!), not real cold in the winter (we saw some teens but it warms right back up) and only a couple months of really hot weather in the summer. Florida has no state income tax either and sales tax in Marion County is only 6 percent.

    And we have Silver Springs with the glass-bottom boats! If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living, Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go - Jimmy Buffett May.

    14, 2011, 09:33 PM #13 Yeah, but sales tax is 9-1/2 to 9-3/4 percent depending on where you settle. ! that is why so many people are moving to Texas, no personal income tax, state sells tax 6.25% to 8.25% (none on food) May.

    14, 2011, 11:22 PM #14 "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed."--Pogo May.

    14, 2011, 11:31 PM #15 VA - Snow?! I grew up in WA State - where there was on average 3+ feet of snow a winter. Good lord, where in the world did you live in WA state?

    I've lived her for 30 years and we've only ever gotten a few inches every other year or so (with a few exception years). I can't imagine where you'd be to get several feet unless you were up in the mountains??? In regards to the OP.....I'm headed to NC as soon as we can sell our farm here in Seattle.

    I kept ruling states out based on weather and the potential for natural catastrophe and finally settled on NC. Though I just spent a week in SC and certainly wouldn't rule it out if it weren't for the fact that the majority of the employees I manage are in the Raleigh area. It should be noted, though, that my ruling out process involved a lot of assumptions based on not a whole lot.


    14, 2011, 11:52 PM #16 I just took a trip south to check out locales (most suggested in several pages here on COTH) in April. Since I follow horse racing, and also seek to get back to H/J owning some time, I went from Lexington to the Carolinas, to Northern VA. Lexington was, of course, beautiful with endless breeding farms, although I checked out racing farms vs.

    riding - didn't see too many convenient places for casual riding while there. Lots of very narrow roads that I'd be scared to ride a bike on, let alone ride along. But of course you'd have the best in vets, supplies, etc. - and I didn't really investigate many small towns.

    I briefly visited Aiken and Tryon NC. Aiken is beautiful, but very exclusive and pricey. An historians dream, and of course there's the park in town.

    I loved Tryon, but I'm a small town girl. Fairly out in the middle of nowhere, it seemed, but endless horse farms, and the prices seemed very reasonable. In fact I'm wondering what's the catch except for the remoteness.

    The hay mentioned above might be a clue? Wonder how the vets are. The spring tornadoes struck just as I was returning, but they wound around the NC/SC areas I was in, and tore up eastern NC, and along SW VA.

    I also visited Northern VA - Middleburg, The Plains, Berryville. Growing fast, exclusive, but amazing hunt country. My sister lives in nearby Winchester.

    She is moving back to NY, but she is not a horse person, and a bit of a homebody, so doesn't work for her. I am from central upstate New York, but have ridden and shown at barns in the Capital District/Saratoga area, as well as the Syracuse area. Winters up here are tough but Albany is milder than Syracuse.

    This year was downright awful, although the worst is when there's lots of ice - all we had to deal with this year was volumes of fluffy snow - 173" in Syracuse (4th worst on record - av. is 111.8"), and 87.2" in Albany (av. is 62").

    However, lots of boarding facilities have indoors attached to the stables, and riding and showing all year is typical. DPWs are used to dealing with the snow. Syracuse has very reasonable housing as well.

    And I've always thought the trainers available are excellent in both areas. And as mentioned above, still plenty of farmland so reasonable hay prices. Vet service is excellent near Syracuse and Albany/Saratoga - not so much in between where I live now.

    I have good friends in both places, but this winter really has me thinking twice about remaining in NY State. NY has tornado warnings, but any actual tornadoes usually do little. One wound through here 10 years ago, mostly winding through a couple of farms and a small airport.

    One touched down west of here a few days after the southern ones, but haven't heard of any real damage. Finally sig other lives in Maine, and I've been a regular visitor there the past 4 years. Some good barns, but the cost of living, including housing, boarding and riding, at least around Southern Maine, is pretty steep.

    I was given a retired OTTB this year, and could board and train him in Syracuse for $400 +$200 training - Maine began at $800+. And most shows, from what I understand, are a haul. Portland is a neat town to live in - outstanding restaurants, lots of conveniences for a small city, and still quaint New England, but many Bostonians, NYers, etc.

    have found it, too. Lots of snow, and often ice damage is an issue in Maine. I don't feel the utilities are as well maintained there - power, phone, cable.

    Sig other has had more power outages in his seaside place than I have had out in the middle of nowhere in NY. I'm intrigued by the mention of maritime Canada above. Visited New Brunswick this fall - beautiful, and family goes back to ancestors there.

    I avoided visiting FL in my trip as I just assumed it was too hot in the summer. Maybe I'll think twice and check out Ocala some day. Good luck with your decision.

    I read every one of these threads about where to go. May.

    15, 2011, 12:04 AM #17 I think it is hard to narrow it down without knowing specifically what you want to do with your horses. I'm from Virginia hunt country, but absolutely love the Southern Pines area.

    A little bit to the north is agreat town called Pittsboro. I had clients that lived there. It is near enough to Raleigh/Durham but has a great small town with some class feel.

    They had cute little shops and some great restaurants. It is still going to be hotter than blazes in the summer, and instead of snow you get ice storms!!! I learned everything I know from a chestnut mare so don't even try me.


    15, 2011, 12:06 AM #18 May.

    15, 2011, 12:10 AM #19 May.

    15, 2011, 08:08 AM #20 Finally sig other lives in Maine, and I've been a regular visitor there the past 4 years. Some good barns, but the cost of living, including housing, boarding and riding, at least around Southern Maine, is pretty steep. I was given a retired OTTB this year, and could board and train him in Syracuse for $400 +$200 training - Maine began at $800+.

    And most shows, from what I understand, are a haul. Portland is a neat town to live in - outstanding restaurants, lots of conveniences for a small city, and still quaint New England, but many Bostonians, NYers, etc. have found it, too.

    Lots of snow, and often ice damage is an issue in Maine. I don't feel the utilities are as well maintained there - power, phone, cable. Sig other has had more power outages in his seaside place than I have had out in the middle of nowhere in NY.

    I live in mid-coast Maine, and, depending on what you want for a horse life, it doesn't have to be $800+. Of course, if you don't want to deal with any snow then New England is probably not a good option. I pay $300 a month for 24/7 turnout with a shed.

    My BO offers discounted lessons for boarders at $30 for 45 min-an hour. Full training is $300 on top of board, but she offers partial training, too, such as riding your horse either 2 or 3 times a week. I agree that cost of living is high here, although hay is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the prices I've seen posted here on CoTH.

    We pay 3.50-4.00 a bale for good grass hay. You can find lots of small barn boarding opportunities, and some good deals on properties where you can keep your horse at home. Certain areas are more prone to power outages in the winter, it truly depends on whether you are in an area that gets more ice and high winds or not.

    An indoor arena is a must if you have real competitive goals, but I also know some competitive trail types who ride all winter on snowmobile trails. Oh, and it is a haul to anything but schooling type dressage shows, which are fairly numerous and in many locations. I think if I wanted to stay in New England I might check out western Massachussetts.

    From visits I've made there they get a real spring a good 6 weeks earlier than we do in Maine.

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  • Carrier Company Drives Todays Trucking Trend: Ceva Calling all ... Durham Hosted Government Certification Panel Discussion Free Opportunity for Small Businesses Interested in Certification Processes Necessary to do Business with Federal, State, and Local Governments What: One-Stop Business Certification Panel Discussion Who: City of Durham s Office of Economic & Workforce Development Small Business Advisory Committee and the Equal Opportunity & Equity Assurance Department When: Thursday, November 15, 2012, from 6 pm 8 pm Where: City Hall Council Chambers 101 City Hall Plaza, 1st Floor Durham, NC 27701 Quick Facts This panel discussion was designed to help small business owners know if they qualify, and how they apply for the following certifications: US Small Business Administration s 8a Certification and the HUB Zone Certification Program; the NC Statewide Uniform Certification Program; the NC Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Certification Program; and the City of Durham s Equal Business Opportunity Program. Certifications provide increased exposure to the general public, as well as other entities that have a supplier diversity program and are searching for minority and woman-owned businesses. Subjects covered include: the benefits of the Small Business Association s 8a program to small businesses including: mentoring, procurement help, business counseling, training, financial help, surety bonding, and other management and technical help; the competitive advantage for businesses listing in the HUB Video Rating: 0 / 5 Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 19, 2012 Owner operators are becoming the backbone of the trucking industry and today; one in nine trucks on the road are operating independently.

    As opposed to company drivers who are hired as employees, drive company trucks and obliged to runs per company orders, owner operators are truckers who own the trucks they drive. While some may own multiple trucks and hire drivers to work for them, others work as free agents contracting various types of arrangements with carrier companies. In recent years, there has been a tendency for fleet owners to downsize the number of trucks they own and subcontract hauls to independent contractors, not only saving the costs of maintaining multiple vehicles but still having the advantage of retaining control over customer freight invoices.

    Being an owner operator has its benefits as well. One major advantage is the potential to make more money than company drivers. In 2011 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average national salary for trucking owner-operators was about $ 58,000 with some even making as high as $ 82,000 annually.

    Another huge benefit for owner operators is having more freedom to work when and how often they choose. With todays largest complaint from truck drivers being the amount of time spent away from home, being an owner operator is the ideal solution for many. But there are also disadvantages to being an independent contractor too.

    In addition to the expense of maintaining and insuring your own commercial vehicle, the freedom factor can also mean too much down time between jobs and not having company benefits or retirement packages. Carrier companies such as Ceva Logistics offer owner operators the best of both worlds. Offering all the advantages of steady work, Ceva provides a constant flow of opportunities to run tons of miles with their dedicated, regional, or OTR route as well as predictable local routes.

    Not only does Ceva sets itself apart offering enough practical miles to get you out on the road and keep you there (the option of steady employment), it is also a company that offers owner/operators medical and dental benefits, retirement packages and additional bonus plans as well.

    As a company that seems to know the needs of todays truck drivers, Ceva takes pride in claiming its what they do differently as a Carrier that makes their Owner Operator Partners pleased to stay on board.

    Tagged as: Calling, Carrier, Ceva, company., Drives, Nationwide, Owner/Operators, Today's, Trend, Trucking

  • CDL Truck Driver - RegionalCDL Career Now is currently seeking to employ CDL Truck Driver - Regional - Excellent Home Time & Full Benefits on Sun, 08 Dec 2013 06:56:10 GMT. We are Now Hiring Regional Drivers! We recognize that no Driver's journey is ever the same.

    From the miles you run to the service you provide, you are Unique... Location: Durham North Carolina Description: CDL Career Now is currently seeking to employ CDL Truck Driver - Regional - Excellent Home Time & Full Benefits right now, this occupation will be placed in North Carolina. Further informations about this occupation opportunity kindly read the description below.

    We are Now Hiring Regional Drivers! We recognize that no Driver's journey is ever the same. From the miles you run to the service you provide, you are Unique.

    Individual. Original. Every Driver is an Original.

    Just like us. When the world of trucking was coast-to-coast, we were regional. When the world kept drivers on the road for weeks, we were getting them home.

    When the world lumped drivers together in a group, we! treated them as individuals. That spirit continues today and !

    remains the foundation of our company. About Us: Jacksonville, FL based Regional Carrier in business for 75+ years offering the best in dry van services stretching from the Northeast to the Southwest. We have Regional Terminals located in Jacksonville, FL, Duncan, SC, and Grand Prairie, TX.

    New Pay Package! Southwest: $.40 Per Mile Super Regional: $.39 Per Mile Company Driver Benefits: Tons of Regional Lanes Dry Van Hauls Great Home Time Late Model Equipment Full Benefits Competitive Weekly Pay Direct Deposit 24/7 Dispatch General Driver Requirements: CDL-A 21 Years of Age or Older Good Driving Record Additional Opportunities: Dedicated Truck Driving Local Truck Driving For More Information on Regional Driving Opportunities, Apply To! day! - .

    If you were eligible to this occupation, please email us your resume, with salary requirements and a resume to CDL Career Now.

    If you interested on this occupation just click on the Apply button, you will be redirected to the official website This occupation starts available on: Sun, 08 Dec 2013 06:56:10 GMT Apply CDL Truck Driver - Regional - Excellent Home Time & Full Benefits Here

  • Charges laid after television thefts in Brampton - Durham Radio News Posted by news | Filed under All News Stories, Crime, GTA, Toronto A pair of Brampton men are each faces charges after over 200 televisions were stolen from a truck compound. Peel Police say on November 7 th , a trailer containing 210 Samsung TVs was taken from a trucking yard at 265 Rutherford Road. The trailer was eventually located empty in the City of Vaughan, while the TVs were discovered in a Toronto warehouse.

    The stolen goods are valued at $200,000. Officials say 31 year-old Sukhvir Singh was taken into custody on November 16 th , while police have also arrested 35 year-old Ranjit Singh. Anyone with further information on this matter is asked to contact the Commercial Auto Crime Bureau at 905-453-2121 ext.


    Permalink | December 7th, 2012 Leave a Reply

  • Choosing the Right Career; Your Mental Health Open road, rolling country sides, leaving the office behind you; I m sure a few things come to mind thinking of that but is being a truck driver one of them? If you re interested in becoming a truck driver there are a few factors, just like any job, that will make or break you. But one of the single biggest factors, that produce some of the highest turnover in this industry, is your mental state.

    It s pretty easy to see where you get tested mentally; between fighting traffic, being away from your family and just generally being alone of the majority of your time can produce feelings of stress and loneliness. And for all you guys who don t think you ll get lonely out there, don t underestimate silence. Before you get on the road, there are a few things you should make sure you have to survive the long, lonely rides; Audio books will be a big help; invest in a few for your first trip.

    Like I mentioned in my last post, get ones that are suspenseful to help you keep alert. Sirius/XM Radio subscription; some trucks will have Sirius radio in the trucks, some will not find that out before-hand. Pod-casts are also good to listen to when you tire of radio.

    A good Bluetooth headset for your phone ; it ll make it easier for you to call home and you need to be hands-free while driving. Err on the side of caution with a Bluetooth , many places actually have laws against distracted driving all together so Bluetooth s may be out of the question. And it s not just when you re driving that you need to be concerned with.

    Invest in a Netflix account or download some movies on your laptop of tablet; keep you busy during overnight. Also, find a way to calm yourself down ; if you get lost, get stuck in traffic or are just generally having a bad day, stressing out will not help the situation. Whether it is a stress ball, drinking tea, or taking a quick walk around your truck, staying calm will make a world of a difference in situations.

    To all my experienced truckers, what s the your secret to powering through on long trips?

  • Cks ltd - Kitchen design & planning in stanley, Stanley, County durham Detailed information: Branchname Cks ltd Phone 01207 237676 Category Kitchen design & planning in stanley Location 32 front street, Stanley, County durham Website Cks ltd on map Related webpages:
  • cobra gps: Garmin DEZL560LMTNOH Dezl(tm) 560 Series Gps W/5 ... Deal Price: Click To Reveal Lowest Price!

    FEATURES: * GPS Navigator Designed Specifically for the Over-the-Road Trucking Industry GPS Navigator Designed Specifically for the Over-the-Road Trucking IndustryLarge 5 Diagonal Color Display Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Interface480 x 272 Pixels; WQVGA TFT Display with White BacklightSpecialized Truck Routing Supports Commercial Class 8 RatingIncorporates Trucking Specific POI's and the NTTS Breakdown DirectoryTruck Auto RV and Pedestrian Usage ModesBluetooth Wireless Technology Hands-Free Calling with Compatible PhoneInclude Turn-by-Turn Directions with Spoken Street Names (Text-to- Read more > >

  • Company Forced To Pay Millions After Overworked Trucker Injures ... A recent personal injury case in Texas ended with a $9.5 million verdict for two families who were injured after an exhausted truck driver slammed into their cars. The tractor-trailer accident happened last year in Victoria, TX and left Calvin Stovall and the Olachia family seriously injured. According to court reports, the accident happened when Johnny Raymond Rodriguez crashed into the Stovall and the Olachias while speeding in his dump truck full of gravel.

    Rodriguez was thought to be traveling at over 70 miles per hour when he rear-ended Stovall, leading to severe back and head injuries that have required multiple surgeries to repair. Beyond speeding, Rodriguez was also found to have consumed alcohol the night of the crash. A Breathalyzer test conducted three hours after the accident found his BAC to be 0.071, slightly under the state s 0.08 percent legal limit.

    However, in Texas commercial truck drivers can be cited and lose their licenses if they are found to be operating a vehicle with a BAC greater than 0.04 percent. Stovall and the Olachias filed suit against Rodriguez and the company that owned his truck, AW Trucking, saying that the company never should have hired Rodriguez in the first place. The plaintiffs ended up uncovering Rodriguez s five previous convictions for DWI, something AW Trucking should have taken into account before choosing the man to operate a potentially deadly machine.

    AW Trucking was also under fire in the personal injury case because records later revealed that in the eight days prior to the crash that Rodriguez had worked 97.5 hours. To ordinary people this may simply sound like a long week, but to those familiar with the regulations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; this amounts to an illegal act. Federal rules are clear that commercial truck drivers are limited to working 70 hours in an eight day period, meaning AW Trucking violated the law when it allowed Rodriguez to continue operating his truck.

    It was revealed that in most cases the FMCSA requires trucking companies and drivers to maintain detailed log books accounting for all the time the driver works during a given day. However, one dangerous caveat exists which says that companies are not required to maintain log books if drivers operate within a 100-mile zone. This exception may have been partially responsible for the terrible injuries suffered by the two families in the case and has sparked outcry in Texas and elsewhere about why the Department of Public Safety has not done more to police the actions of overworked commercial truck drivers.

    Given the size, weight and speed of these commercial trucks it is critical that all safety precautions are followed by drivers and the companies that own the trucks. Without these rules other families may face the same agony that the Stovall did following his terrible accident. Thankfully a Texas jury recognized the damage done to the families and awarded Stovall $5.4 million and an additional $4.1 million to the Olachias.

    The hope is that such large payouts send a strong message to trucking companies across the country.


  • Consett firm Elddis Transport drives its way out of recession ... A WELL-known road haulage firm has gone to new lengths in a bid to successfully drive its way out of the recession. Consett-based Elddis Transport has designed and developed the longest trailer in Europe and possibly the world to improve efficiency and reduce CO emissions by 250,000kg a year. The haulage, warehousing and distribution company is looking to uphold its title as Durham and Wearside s most innovative company at The Journal s nebusiness Awards.

    Two years ago, it embarked on a project to improve fuel economy and reduce CO emissions in several areas, including the aerodynamics of its vehicles. By working closely with the vehicle manufacturers, a leading aerodynamicist and a vehicle spoiler manufacturer, a bespoke solution was developed which reduced drag and improved fuel economy. This project involved a 20,000 investment by Elddis, which showed a payback period of less than 12 months.

    This project earned Elddis the well-deserved Durham and Wearside Innovation award at the prestigious business competition in 2012. Around three quarters of Elddis 300 staff are in the North East, but its seven depots include one site in Yorkshire and two in Lancashire. It has grown over 42 years to run a fleet of 150 vehicles and just over 300 trailers from nine sites.

    The firm s decision to mastermind Europe s longest trailer came on the back of the government s decision to conduct a 10-year trial of 1,800 longer trailers in 2011. The then transport minister Mike Penning said research predicted the larger trailers would reduce lorry miles in the UK by 100 to 180 million a year by 2015. Elddis successfully applied for a licence to run these longer trailers as part of the trial and won licences to operate 11 on the road in total.

    Managing director Nigel Cook said his company has used this opportunity to not only build a bigger trailer, but rather build the biggest trailer. A normal trailer carries 52 pallets whereas this one carries 90, he said. That s 75% more product than a standard trailer would carry.

    The trailer will be a year old in May this year and it will have covered 400,000km in a year. It s our biggest trailer but also our most environmentally-friendly. It is very intensively operated between our two factories up here and in Lancashire 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

    We transport anything and everything that goes in your shopping trolley and we ve had to adapt to the 24-7 nature of this business. The trailer cost 100,000 to develop and make but it s already more than worth the investment. Despite a tough year for many in the industry, Elddis has managed to record a healthy profit throughout the long-drawn-out recession.

    Cook puts this down to the firm s passion for continuous innovation and its ability to look after its staff. He said: One of the strengths of our business is our ability to retain our customers and our staff. We still employ one of our original drivers who joined us in 1971.

    He s now in his 70s! It s very much about controlled growth and holding our own in a time of austerity. We re not about to double our turnover overnight but we broke 25m in sales this year and our 327,000 profit will also be up.

    We ve been successful in winning new business because clients like the strong family ethos that we have within the firm.

    Link: Consett firm Elddis Transport drives its way out of nebusiness.co.uk

  • Construction worker killed when truck backs into him on Route 9 OLD SAYBROOK -- A Kensignton man was killed Wednesday night after being struck by a dump truck during a construction job on Route 9. Dale Perzan, 54, was performing construction work behind a dump truck driven by Joseph Kelly, 36, of Durham, on Route 9 South, about a half mile north of Exit 1 in Old Saybrook, when the vehicle backed up and struck Perzan, according to state police. The victim is reported to have been pinned under the vehicle for several minutes before police arrived.

    Perzan was pronounced dead at the scene. Kelly was not injured. The accident is under investigation, police said.

    The truck belonged to Center Trucking Co Inc., a subcontractor of Costello Industries Inc., officials said. Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Nursick said both involved men were employees of the trucking company. According to the DOT's website, the construction project began on Monday and is scheduled to end on Sept.

    28. The work schedule for the project is 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

    Monday through Thursday.

    Walt Gogolya can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

  • CT lawmakers eye NY's Texting Zone strategy for highway safety ... October 25, 2013 Article as it appeared in the Connecticut Mirror Ever feel the urge to text while driving? If that happens in New York, look around. There s probably a sign nearby showing where the next safe Texting Zone is located.

    New York officials have captured some of their Connecticut counterparts attention with their new campaign to stop cellphone use on highways. Earlier this fall the Empire State installed nearly 300 signs on its major highways, notifying motorists of the proximity of the nearest public rest area. The Texting Zone awareness campaign came shortly after N.Y.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an extensive enforcement crackdown by state police that included a 365 percent increase in tickets issues for illegal activity on the highways. Connecticut, which like New York has recently toughened penalties for illegal cellphone use on the highways, has its own campaign.

    Connecticut legislators and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy approved two measures this spring to discourage illegal cellphone use.

    Starting this month, the fines for violations increase from: $125 to $150 for the first offense; $250 to $300 for the second offense; $400 to $500 for each subsequent offense. The state also now imposes at least one point on the record of all drivers guilty of illegal cellphone use. And cellphone use now is banned even when the driver is operating a vehicle at a temporary standstill, such as at an intersection stop light.

    The state Department of Transportation is partnering with AT&T s national campaign It Can Wait an educational outreach program to high schools across Connecticut. The state also sponsors a safe driving video contest for teens. State Sen.

    Andrew Maynard, D-Stonington, co-chairman of the Connecticut legislature s Transportation Committee, praised efforts here, but said the New York approach deserves some attention. It s something that s worth discussing, he said. It certainly is interesting.

    Sen. Toni Boucher of Wilton, the ranking GOP senator on the Transportation Committee, said the New York approach would be a smart way to take advantage of the 30 public rest areas and service plazas on Connecticut s highways. It makes a lot of sense to me, Boucher said.

    Something as simple as a reminder, for most people, is all that they need. With cellphones offering an ever-increasing array of applications, you now have a virtual computer in a hand-held device all of which can tempt a driver who feels a sense of urgency to use one of them. If you know the next rest stop is just a mile away, maybe you wait, Boucher added.

    The head of the state s largest trucking association also said this week that Connecticut could benefit from mirroring New York s approach. But Michael Riley, president of the Motor Transportation Association of Connecticut, said the state also should consider adding some new rest areas. I think that s a creative idea, a good idea, he said.

    But it puts more pressure on a valuable resource. The state DOT recommended 12 years ago that Connecticut needed about 1,200 more rest area parking spaces, primarily for truckers needing a break while on long trips. And Riley said the need now is closer to 1,500 spaces, adding that many rest area parking lots routinely are filled to capacity during the night.

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    Suggested Title: * Your Letter to the Editor (200 words or less) :

  • Cumberland News | News | Stobart aiming to attract whole new ... By Chris Story Last updated at 15:31, Friday, 28 September 2012 Trucking icon Eddie Stobart has unveiled a children s character to encourage a new generation of cult spotters. Laura Tinkler with Steady Eddie merchandise A mobile phone app that will tell the firm s fans when one of its instantly-recognisable fleet is approaching will also be launched soon. They will both be part of a kids club being launched by the Cumbrian haulage giant, whose vehicles are passed on average every 4.5 minutes on major UK roads.

    Eddie Stobart wagons, each named after a woman, with distinctive green and red livery and smartly turned-out drivers, have long enjoyed a large loyal following from spotters who make a hobby out of taking down each truck s details. But that interest has intensified on the back of a television programme which attracted audiences of two million viewers. Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers is currently in its third series on Channel 5.

    With each series so far has come another wave of fans so much so that numbers in the Stobart Members Club has doubled to top 20,000. The company s Carlisle-based promotions division is also on course to double its turnover this year, with sums running into seven figures. The new club is aimed at three to eight-year-olds.

    Its key character Steady Eddie is modelled on Ed Stobart, grandson of the firm s Hesket Newmarket founder and son of current chief operating officer William Stobart. Laura Tinkler, daughter of the firm s chief executive Andrew Tinkler, has been involved in the character s and club s development and hopes it will encourage even more youngsters to keep their eyes peeled for Stobart vehicles. She said: We re looking to get retailers involved.

    A lot of it is about having something for children to keep them occupied on their journeys. Hopefully it will do well. It also gets kids interested in the Stobart brand.

    Steady Eddie will feature on new merchandise in an ever-increasing array of Stobart-branded products on the market from key rings and model trucks to jackets similar to those worn by drivers and DVDs of the television programme. Sales have surged along with the numbers of the company s followers, 15,000 of whom turned out for Stobart Fest in Manchester in May. Promotions manager Andrew Kidd, who has been with the company 10 years, leads the team running the Stobart shop at its Kingstown depot in Carlisle a magnet for spotters and the supporters club, where the workload has surged on the back of television success.

    He said: The first series of the programme really took us by surprise. We knew our existing members would lap it up, but we have had other people from all walks of life watching it as well. It has brought our brand awareness to a much greater audience.

    We have fans from all over Europe even from America and Canada too. The demand from people wanting to get Stobart-branded items is having a positive spin-off for the company, given permission last month Many of those who stop off to buy items there are spotters who turn out at Kingstown to log the trucks and meet the drivers. They include NHS worker Steven Vass, 29, of Durham, whose interest in the firm was ignited by the programme.

    I just like the company, he said. This is the first time I have been to spot here. Another was Debbie Sutton, 51, of Lincoln, who stopped in at Carlisle, logging truck details, as she journeyed north for a holiday in Scotland.

    She said: I had spotted the trucks on the motorway then saw the television programme and decided to take it from there.

    First published at 13:55, Friday, 28 September 2012 Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

  • D

  • DataBid, Provider of Commercial Construction Leads is Currently ... (PRWEB) October 19, 2012 DataBid.com, provider of timely accurate project information and commercial construction leads in the greater Toronto Area is currently reporting on the Simcoe County Recyclable Material Transfer, Haulage & Processing Tender. As of 10/14/2012 Bids are due: November 02, 2012 2:00 PM Director, Procurement, Fleet & Property Department (North Wing, Lower Level) Bids Due To: Simcoe County Administration Centre Project Location: Midhurst, Ontario Click Here To See Complete Details On This Hamilton Project. Divisions of Work: Division 44 Pollution and Waste Control Equipment Pollution and Waste Control Equipment, Solid Waste Control and Reuse, Solid Waste Collection, Transfer, and Hauling Equipment President Jim Lamelza: General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Material Suppliers doing business in Southern Ontario are invited to try the live version of DataBid.com today.

    Our clients enjoy the quality of data as well as the helpful access to our editorial team and customer service specialists. Subscribe during the month of October, 2012 and earn one free month of access to DataBid.com. Use the following promo code: #OCTFREE.

    Inquiries can be made by calling: 1-888-929-3282 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM Est. More About DataBid DataBid.com is a new data-centric construction lead service that focuses heavily on providing unmatched customer service backed up by some of the highest quality information around. DataBid is a new company owned and managed by a dream-team of commercial construction reporting professionals who have combined industry experience of more than 50 years.

    Local commercial construction companies access DataBid.com construction leads to gain market share and to reduce the time required to find new projects and opportunities.

    With more than 50 years of combined experience in commercial construction lead reporting; general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers have access to the following features and benefits with DataBid.com: *Complete Bidders Lists *Access to More In Design Opportunities *Advanced Project Searching *Immediate Access to Our Editorial Team *Complete Project Descriptions *Advanced Project Tracker *Most Bid Results Reported Within 24 Hours of Bid Opening *Available Friendly Effective Customer Service *Searchable Construction Company Directory *Complete Company & Contact Information *Historical Company Bidding with Past and Current Project Results Some Industries Published In DataBid.com are as follows: Procurement & Contracting Requirements, General Requirements, Performance Requirements, Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Wood, Plastics & Composites, Thermal & Moisture Protection, Openings, Finishes, Specialties, Equip., Furnishings, Special Construction, Conveying Equip. , Fire Suppression, Plumbing, HVAC, Integrated Automation, Electrical, Communications, Electronic Safety & Security, Earthwork, Exterior Improvements, Utilities, Transportation, Waterway & Marine Construction, Process Integration, Material Processing & Handling Equip., Process Heating, Cooling & Drying Equip., Process Gas & Liquid Handling, Purification & Storage Equip., Pollution & Waste Control Equip., Industry Specific Manufacturing Equip., Water & Wastewater Equip., and Electrical Power Generation.

    Areas Of Coverage Include the Following Counties: Brant, Bruce, Chatham-Kent, Dufferin, Durham, Elgin, Essex, Grey, Haldimand, Halton, Hamilton, Huron, Lambton, Middlesex, Niagara, Norfolk, Oxford, Region of Peel, Perth, Simcoe, Toronto, Waterloo, Wellington, York DataBid is a source for Commercial Construction Leads Toronto, Public Tenders, Private Negotiated Bids, Commercial Construction Projects in Southern Ontario, and GTA. *(certain rules and restrictions apply, please see your DataBid.com representative for additional details.) Find More Hvac Contractors Press Releases

  • Dennis Durham NC Class A Recent Trucking School Grad by Dennis (Durham NC) I just Graduated from SAGE Truck School in Roxboro NC. I am looking for an OTR position with a reputable company. I can be reached at; [email protected] Click here to post comments.

    Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. How?

    Simply click here to return to New Drivers Needing a Trucking Job No or Little Experience but Willing .

  • Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality violationsWhat's New List Serve Post Display Below is the List Serve Post you selected to display. newsrel -- Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality violations Posted: 06 May 2014 16:21:12 Please consider the following news release from the California Air Resources Board: http://bit.ly/1hvBwF7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 6, 2014 NEWS RELEASE 14-38 CONTACT: Antonio Leaks (916) 322-2990 [email protected] Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality violations Settlement of 256 cases generates $417,167 for community colleges SACRAMENTO - The Air Resources Board announced that in calendar year 2013, it settled 256 cases involving air quality violations by heavy duty diesel truck and bus fleets that failed to comply with ARBs various diesel risk reduction programs. The amount collected will be distributed to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and to the Peralta Colleges Foundation.

    The fund will receive $1,703,084 for research projects to improve Californias air quality, with the remaining $417,167 going to the college district to fund diesel emission education classes and diesel technology certificate and degree programs, conducted by participating California community colleges around the state, and $57,562 to fund school bus diesel particulate filter installations. ARBs diesel risk reduction program is designed to limit the amount of harmful pollution from diesel engines, said ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden. Companies who fail to comply with the regulations are contributing to that pollution, and that is when ARB must take action.

    The fines totaled $2,177,813. Violations included failure to comply with the statewide Truck and Bus program and verification/certification procedures for diesel particulate filters, failure to properly self-inspect diesel fleets to assure trucks met state smoke emission standards, and dispatching noncompliant trucks on California highways, along with other infractions. The companies paying the highest amounts were: Thermo King Corporation - $213,200 California Gas Transport - $136,125 GC Harvesting - $120,000 KS Industries, Inc. - $230,250 Rolys Trucking - $58,000 White Arrow- $50,700 THX Transport - $50,000 The companies involved in other settlements were: Altos Brothers Trucking Amador Transit A.M.

    Ortega Construction, Inc. Apple Valley Unified School District Arctic Glacier Ice, Inc. Bear Valley Electric Service Berryessa Garbage Service California American Water Capital Drum, Inc.

    Cardenas Markets, Inc. CR&R Waste & Recycling Daly Movers, Inc. Dash Transport, Inc.

    Dolphin Express/ Dolphin Transport ESTES West File Keepers, LLC F.N.F Rolloff Services Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Jerry Melton & Sons Construction Inc. JLV Transport LLC, Lakeport Disposal Company, Inc. Mike Tamana freight Lines, LLC Mountainside Disposal, Inc.

    MVP Trucking, Inc. Old Durham Wood Co. Oltmans Construction Pacific Green Trucking Pemer Packing Company R &F Disposal Redwood Debris Box Reeve Trucking Rodolfe Nunez DBA Nunez Transport Selma Disposal &Recycling, Inc.

    Smartway Express Sterling Express Services Transloading Express, Inc. Victor Nunez DBA Nunez Transport Vigold Transport Systems, Inc. Water Reclamation Equipment, Inc.

    Williams Tank Lines The remaining 209 cases were individually settled below $10,000 for a total of $449,838 in penalties. In 1998, California identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant based on its potential to cause cancer, premature death, and other health problems. For more information about ARBs diesel risk reduction programs, visit: http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/dieselrrp.htm California is in a drought emergency.

    Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

    ARB What's New

  • dispatcher service (durham nc)iam a dispatcher service that will find loads for your truck.it can be van,flat,reefer i have been in trucking for 13 years now i know the buisness well and i know the going rates i dont like cheap freight you must have your authority,insurance and i
  • Driver to stand trial for jamming speed guns with laser___________________________________________________________________ http://recombu.com/cars/articles/news/driver-allegedly-uses-laser-jammer-to-dodge-speed-guns A driver accused of using a laser jammer to avoid getting caught speeding stands trial. A driver allegedly evaded speeding fines for four years by using a laser jammer. Eric Craggs, 68, of Stockton, County Durham will attend court this week on charges of perverting the course of justice between July 2009 and August 2013.

    Craggs is alleged to have had an illegal signal jammer fitted to his Aston Martin while it was in the garage for an MOT. The prosecution has presented an invoice dated 2009 to the court showing Craggs request for fitment of the device at the Stratstone garage. Devices like this simultaneously let the driver know to slow down in the presence of a police radar gun and also interfere with the reading the gun takes.

    A jury at Teeside Crown Court has heard how Craggs was discovered using the signal jammer, when PC Lorraine Williams was unable to get a reading from his vehicle during a routine speed check. Her equipment showed an error message and the officer became suspicious. Officer Williams recalled a previous occasion where the same car had caused the same error message.

    Further investigation uncovered an object obscured by the front registration place of the Aston Martin. The object was revealed to be a component of a Laserstar device. Craggs denies all charges and the trial continues.

    Recently a pensioner in Florida was arrested and fined $48,000 for using a mobile phone signal jammer, claiming it was to stop other drivers talking on their mobile phones during his commute.

    About Driver CPC easyCPC.com

  • Drunk Trucker Responsible For Durham Crash That Critically Injures ... Drunk Trucker Responsible For Durham Crash That Critically Injures Police Officer | Lawyerscope by HensonFuerst, P.A. Attorneys July 26, 2012 July 26, 2012 A 44-year-old truck driver from Georgia was responsible for causing an accident on I-80 in Durham, North Carolina, earlier this week that left two people, including a police officer, seriously injured. According to WRAL News, alcohol was a contributing factor to the crash.

    The North Carolina truck accident happened around 3:15 p.m. yesterday just moments after an officer with the Durham Police Department had pulled over a 50-year-old female driver of a 2010 Mazda 3 for a traffic violation. The officer was getting ready to exit her vehicle when the intoxicated driver of a tractor-trailer veered off the highway and plowed into the police cruiser.

    The impact caused the cruiser to shoot forward and strike the rear of the Mazda. The officer was seriously injured as a result of the incident and was taken to a local university hospital where she remains in critical condition. The driver of the Mazda was treated and released.

    The driver of the truck was charged with DWI and one count of careless and reckless driving. The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers with HensonFuerst Injury Lawyers maintain that truck drivers and trucking companies are held to strict standards for operating commercial trucks and can be held liable for an accident that causes injury or property damage. This is why the firm would advise anyone who has been injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer to contact an experienced attorney immediately.

    Content contained in this website is not intended to create, and its receipt does not constitute, attorney-client relationships between Lawyerscope authors and readers or visitors.

    Each state is regulated under its own jurisdiction.

  • Durham and Crane law firm represents victims of serious trucking ... Durham and Crane law firm represents victims of serious trucking accidents in Augusta and throughout Georgia.If you,a a friend,neighbororloved one has suffered injury,orworse,because of a professional driver's negligence,let us put our kowledge ans expertise,with proven results, to work for you. | The Bookmark Bird Posted by durhamcranefirm 11 days ago News http://maps.google.com Durham and Crane law firm represents victims of serious trucking accidents in Augusta and throughout Georgia.If you,a a friend,neighbororloved one has suffered injury,orworse,because of a professional driver's negligence,let us put our kowledge ans expertise,with proven results, to work for you.
  • Durham Haulage Firm Enquiry For anyone who has a Durham Haulage Firm Enquiry the company of choice and with the best local and national reputation is arguably M and K Green Ltd. Based in Warrington and with almost 30 years of experience, the company place customer care and satisfaction at the heart of their business. Consistently surpassing requirements and always professional, speak to the customer service team at M and K to see what they can do for you.

    Anyone with an enquiry about a Durham haulage firm should contact the company who have a wide range of vehicles which are suited to any haulage job. With their ADR accreditation even dangerous goods can be transported with ease, safety and efficiency. With so many years experience of providing haulage solutions, M and K have their service finely attuned so everything is guaranteed to run smoothly.

    So next time you have a Durham haulage firm enquiry, choose one which offers full GPS tracking throughout the UK. M and K Green can help no matter whether your job is a one off or becomes a regular requirement. Call the experts today for a chat about your requirements.

    Competitive prices and a no nonsense, friendly and professional approach guaranteed.

  • Durham Region enlists residents to catch water thieves wet-handed ... There s something in the water in Durham Region that appears to be prompting thieves to steal it by the thousands of litres from fire hydrants across the region. Durham issued a plea Wednesday for residents to report the hydrant heists that are draining the public purse and prompting a wave of concern about public safety. Trucking companies and private citizens are wrenching open the hydrants and ducking big water bills by hooking up industrial hoses and pilfering large volumes of water, said Jim Cunningham, with the Durham s environmental services division.

    The stolen water is used for everything from watering new sod, to washing parking lots, to refilling private swimming pools. Durham is asking citizens to snitch when they see a theft in progress, or better yet, snap a photo catching the thieves wet-handed. We ve had calls in the middle of the night and the middle of the afternoon, said Cunningham, of citizens reporting through a region hotline.

    Three years ago, stealing had become such a problem that Durham, which includes Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering and Whitby, launched a program to prosecute water-lifters. In 2011 and 2012, it laid 12 charges and won 10 convictions, the consequences ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 total fines. The measures were necessary for several reasons, including public safety, Cunningham said.

    Most hydrants in Canada are dry barrel, meaning the vertical space between the water source and the top of the hydrant is meant to be kept dry to avoid freezing. When a hydrant is used and then shut off, that space, called the barrel, can be left filled with water. As temperatures drop, municipal workers drain the excess water in hydrants they know have been used.

    In Durham, used hydrants are tracked through a permit system, which allows licensed water haulers to pay to access hydrant water. But if the city isn t aware that water has been drawn from a hydrant, workers won t know to remove excess water before the winter, causing freezing or cracking, Cunningham said. There s been a fire situation (when) the fire departments open the hydrant, and nothing comes out because the hydrant is full and frozen, he said.

    We have to move the fire equipment to another hydrant in order to get water. There s also concern about back-siphoning, which happens when someone improperly shuts off the hydrant, accidentally sucking into the drinking system water from whatever was being filled. So if they re filling up a pool that has dirty water in it they could suck that back into our distribution system, Cunningham said.

    Somebody down the line is going to be drinking that water. Filling a private pool can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 or more, depending on the size of the pool and the municipal water rates. Floating the bill to the municipality, of course, then causes a drain on the city s resources.

    Durham couldn t provide an estimate of how much water theft costs the region each year, but officials said the thousands of litres stolen increase overall costs, which in turn are passed on to customers. Though Durham has been a leader in prosecuting water thieves, the problem is far from unusual. Over the past decade, city councils in Vaughan, Brantford, Ottawa, Kitchener, Edmonton, and Rigeau, Que., have all discussed how to cut down on hydrant theft.

    In Paisley, Ont., in 2006, the chief and deputy chief of the volunteer fire department resigned after allegations arose that firefighters had stolen water from hydrants to fill their pools and wash their cars. The chief had investigated the allegations and found no basis, but felt the department still did not have the support of town council. Toronto spokesperson Ellen Leesti said the city faces similar theft issues and has bylaws regulating hydrant use.

    The amount of water that is lost to theft can t be precisely determined, but is believed to be relatively low, she said in an email.

  • Durham's Infamous 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge.(Video w/Rocky Theme ... Watch This Bridge Destroy Dozens of Trucks and Buses Truckers of the world!

    No matter how many times you try it, no matter how much you duck inside your cabin as get through it, no matter how strongly you believe the warning signs don't apply to you, your vehicle is never going to be able to survive an encounter with Durham's 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge.

  • Durham, former Duke lacrosse players reach settlement - WBTV.com DURHAM, N.C. - The City of Durham has finally settled its lawsuit with three former Duke lacrosse players accused of rape in 2006. In 2006, Crystal Mangum, a dancer at a party hosted by Duke lacrosse players, accused David Evans, Reade Seligman and Colin Finnerty of rape. The City believed that police officers had an obligation to investigate the allegations made by Mangum.

    In April 2007, Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed all charges against Evans, Seligman and Finnerty and declared them innocent of the charges. The three players filed a lawsuit against the City of Durham, former District Attorney Mike Nifong and the Durham Police Department. They accused city officials and Nifong of conspiring to frame them in the Duke lacrosse case.

    Nifong was convicted of criminal contempt and disbarred for his actions during the trial. As part of the lawsuit settlement, the City of Durham is making a one-time grant of $50,000 to the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. RELATED STORIES Copyright 2014 WNCN.

    All rights reserved.

  • Durham,NC bridge is not high enough for Box Trucks,however the ... If this is your first visit, please click the Sign Up now button to begin the process of creating your account so you can begin posting on our forums! The Sign Up process will only take up about a minute of two of your time. Remember Me?

    forgot password?

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  • Edit my paper online free: Huffman TruckingThe central maintenance facility for Huffman truck is presently sited in Cleveland, Ohio and at the moment has facility locations in California, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Bayonne, Missouri, and New Jersey. To successfully supervise their production, it is highly critical that Huffman hauling entrust be capable of allocating information rather quickly regarding the vehicles maintenance and retroverty in relation with each of its hubs, this should also include a part inventory and vendor data sheets.

    Huffman Trucking executive trouble staff requests a fair resolution with the design that would consent the contrasting hubs to sh ar the important information among their various locations. metalworker Consulting developed entities and attributes for pop off Truck sustentation but did non develop the database. In an effort to repair document our applications, Entity-Relationship Diagrams atomic number 18 also needed.

    The expected results should convey and deliver the creation o f Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Fleet Truck Maintenance. Smith Consulting was actually assiduous to distribute an ERD and let a fair proposal to Huffman Trucking that outlines a well up rounded database solution within the HUBS different locations. The main object is to convey the purported database to life and flummox into service a shared out database crosswise the line to Huffman?s other various locations upon request.

    jump OverviewHuffman Trucking desires to advance and harbor certain that maintenance is finished and track for the entire flutter of trucks across all of the companies other locations. Additiona lly, the experience will minimize take tim! e for vehicles in their fleet by ensuring parts are on hand to perform the maintenance.

    Having these needs met with minimize potentiality revenue lost due to unavailable vehicles. The goal of the project is to create the entity relationship diagrams that will support the creation of a shared database that can be accessed by all of Huffman Trucking various locations. The...

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  • Edith's Streets: Gospel Oak to Barking Railway.

    Tufnell ParkGospel Oak to Barking Railway The railway from Gospel Oak Station runs north east wards Cathcart Hill 1-16 built 1860 10 This was St. John s High School for Girls 1886-1895 16 in 1896 this was Stella House Collegiate School for Girls. Then until 1914 it was Cathcart College for Boys.

    Durham House Dartmouth Park Hill Lord Palmerston .

    19th pub with a film club upstairs. Goddard Place A private gated housing area on an old rail side site. Huddleston Road Constructed in 1813 as a feeder road to Archway.

    It is now cut off at the north end.

    142 -144 Tufnell Park Cricket and Football Club now Tufnell Park Playing Fields appears from map evidence to have had its original 19th entrance between 142 and 144, both of which are different to other houses in the road, both appear to have crosses on the gables, and may have been lodge but the northern one appears to be a chapel something similar. The southern one has a date plaque of 1884. A pavilion is shown at the rear of them.

    These date from some time before 1895 goods yard Halls of Residence . London Metropolitan University private student accommodation on part of the site of the old goods yard. This was the site of cattle sheds initially.

    Junction Road Links Kentish Town and Holloway, 1811 102 St Christopher s Court . This was Junction Road Congregational Church built in 1866-1867 by G.S.Harrison. It was damaged in Second World War bombing and in 1952 became the Church of the Growing Light.

    In 1972 it became Junction Road United Reform Church, but was closed in 1978It is now housing.

    112a this address now consists of a walkway to the Tremlett Grove Estate. In the past it led to an industrial area on which the estate is now built. In 1895 it was a depot for London Street Tramways.

    They ran horse tram services in parts of east and north east London and maps show tram lines running into the depot through an entrance on the site of the current walkway. Small buildings shown to the rear are presumably stables. Bus operations may have continued from here and the site was used before the Second World War by both the Central Omnibus Co.

    and Dauntless Bus Co. From the early 1920s the site was used by Coventon Freights and Associated Commercial Car Hirers Ltd. They were a heavy freight and haulage contracting business, undertaking regular services and running a fleet of specially equipped 10-ton Scammell tractor lorries.

    After the Second World War this became the Tremlett Grove Works and used by Junction Moulds & Tools Ltd., and W. & A. Williamson & Co., Ltd., who made radiators and lamps for passenger transport vehicles. The current flats on the site were built in 1960 151 Prince of Denmark .

    This was opened in 1869 in what was then Hargrave Park Terrace. It was a Charrington s Pub which closed in 1984. The building is now housing.

    207a Shaolin Temple . This is a martial arts school based on Shaolin culture - Gong Fu-Ch'an, Qi Gong and Ch'an Buddhist Meditation. It was founded in 2000 by Shifu Shi Yanzi Junction Road Station .

    This stood at the corner of Station Road and was opened in 1872 by the Tottenham & Hampstead Junction Railway. It had two wooden platforms, accessed by a footbridge and stairs. Passenger numbers dropped after the opening of Tufnell Park tube.

    It was closed to passengers in 1916 and thereafter was used for goods. Odeon . Work began to build this by T.P.

    Bennett & Son in 1939. It was planned to be part of the Oscar Deutsch chain of Odeon Theatres. By the outbreak of the Second World War only half of the outside walls were finished but permission to complete the building was granted and a roof was added.

    The building was used for storage during the war. The cinema was eventually opened in 1955. The facade was made up with cream tiles and there was a short tower on the left side.

    Inside decoration was minimal with clustered lights on the ceiling. It was closed by the Rank Organisation in 1973. The building and land was sold and it was demolished in 1974.

    Some of the exterior wall may remain on the Junction Road frontage. Pemberton Gardens The road was built before 1871on land owned by the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy. Named for Sir James Pemberton a 17th freeholder of Highbury and Lord Mayor.

    St John s Church of England Primary School . This was built on the site of houses in 1967. It had originated as a 19th school in Hornsey Lane and moved to Pemberton Gardens.

    It stood next to St. Johns Church in 1931 and later moved to this site. Pemberton Terrace Holloway Bus Garage .

    Built by the London County Council as a conduit electric tram depot in 1907. Initially called Holloway Garage it was afterwards renamed as Highgate. After the Second World War it was the only north London tram depot still in operation.

    It operated buses and trolleybuses until 1961 and then became a motor bus garage. It became known as Holloway Garage again after 1971. It is now owned by Metroline Travel Ltd.

    Poynings Road Advertisment . On the wall of the corner shop with Junction Road is a painted advertisement for auction rooms Reservoirs. Dartmouth Park Hill Gardens is on the site of two covered reservoirs built here in 1855 by the New River Company and connected to the Green Lanes pumping station and Stoke Newington reservoirs.

    The park was laid out on the edge of the reservoirs and opened to the public in 1972 Railway Tufnell Park Goods Depot -, opened in 1886 largely to serve the Metropolitan Cattle Market. Cattle were unloaded here and taken along Tufnell Park Road to the Caledonian Road market. The depot closed in 1968 and is now the site of the Bush Industrial Estate.

    The site was also used as a British Road Services Depot. Signal box which served the goods depot. Station Road Bush Industrial Estate Tremlett Grove The Tremlett Grove Estate consists of 5 low-rise apartment blocks, built c1960.

    The blocks are of modular concrete frame construction with infill insulated steel panels to the front and rear elevations. Tufnell Park Playing Fields Tufnell Park Playing Fields were formed on the site of a 19th-century cricket pitch. It later became the playing fields for the Northern Polytechnic and was used by Tufnell Park Football Club and there were grandstands aroid the ground.

    Trench Air raid shelters were built there in the Second World War. It was later the University of London Playing Field, but is now owned by LB Islington. Wyndham Crescent Large ceramic mural on the wall of a house in Junction Road, Appears to be sub-Matisse 1950s possibly Sources Abandoned Stations.

    Web site Aim Archive. Web site BGO History. Web site Byway 7 Cathcart Hill Historical Society.

    Web site Cinema Treasures. Web site Clunn. Face of London Connor.

    Forgotten Stations, Day. London Underground Dodds. London Then Glazier.

    London Transport Garages Highgate walks London Borough of Islington. Web site London Gardens on Line. Web site London Encyclopaedia, Nairn.

    Modern Buildings, Pevsner and Cherry. London North Shaolin Temple. Web site Summerson.

    Georgian London Willats.

    Streets of Islington

  • Essay write: Huffman Trucking IntranetThe Huffman Trucking Intranet critical to the strain of Huffman Trucking. An intranet is a private breeding processing system network that uses internet technology to sh atomic number 18 an organizations information or operational systems firmly with its employees. Huffman truckage is a national emigration companionship with 1,400 employees at logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, St.

    Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, current Jersey. Its central nourishment facility is in Cleveland, Ohio and is responsible for maintaining its 800 lane tractors. The company expects to derive revenues during fiscal year 2004 in repletion of $600,000,000.

    The Huffman Trucking missionary work is to be a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business environment. Their Intranet is the Hub of the entire operation. Developments in technology like computers, satellite communication, and the internet, shake led the elan too many improvements in the trucking patience.

    Because of government legislation on truck weight and size, productivity increases in the industry comes from two sources; keeps trucks moving and loaded. The internet enables shippers to give notice (of) rafts and get bids directly from carriers. This development has increased productivity, energy and salvage the time of drivers.sBy design and necessity, Huffman Finance and Accounting Systems are tightly combine with the Fleet Maintenance System and the enterprisingness conveyance of title Application via the Intranet.

    The Fleet Maintenance System is incorporate to capture financial and accounting data/information c! arnal acquaintance to Maintenance cost, force out focusing/cost, Warranty management, Materials size up management and Fixed assets. The Enterprise Transportation Systems is also integrated to capture financial and accounting data/information coitus to Fuel Tax reporting, Revenue analysis, Driver management, Claims, Collections, Licensing costs, Driver payroll, load Billing, Imagining, Interline Payables and Insurance.

    Huffman?s securities industrying department is headquartered in Cleveland and is focused on gross revenue support, customer support, product and service development, and market research.

    Huffman makes decisions based upon...

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  • Experienced Regional Truck Driver (CDL-A) job at Arnold ...Arnold Transportation is at present recruited Experienced Regional Truck Driver (CDL-A) on Tue, 22 Oct 2013 06:36:01 GMT. Experienced Truck Driver Great Paying Regional Runs NEW Pay Package - Up to $.39 Per Mile To speak to a Recruiter, call: 855-651-9004 At Arnold Transportation Services, we recognize that no Truck Driver s journey is ever the same. From the miles you run to the service you provide, you are Unique.

    Individual. Original. Every Truck Driver is an Original.

    Just like us. When the world of... Location: Durham , North Carolina Description: Arnold Transportation is at present recruited Experienced Regional Truck Driver (CDL-A) right now, this job will be depute in North Carolina.

    More details about this job opportunity please read the description below. Experienced Truck Driver Great Paying Regional Runs NEW Pay Package - Up to $.39 Per Mile To speak to a Recruiter, call: 85!

    5-651-9004 At Arnold Transportation Services, we recognize that no Truck Driver s journey is ever the same. From the miles you run to the service you provide, you are Unique.

    Individual. Original. Every Truck Driver is an Original.

    Just like us. When the world of trucking was coast-to-coast, we were regional. When the world kept Truck Drivers on the road for weeks, we were getting them home.

    When the world lumped Truck Drivers together in a group, we treated them as individuals. That spirit continues today and remains the foundation of our trucking company. About Us: Jacksonville, FL based Regional Carrier in business for 75+ years offering the best in dry van services stretching from the Northeast to the Southwest.

    Regional Truck Driver Benefits: Tons of Regional Lanes Dry Van Hauls Great Home Time Late Model Equipment Full Benefits Competitive Weekly Pay Direct Deposit 24/7 Dispatch! Regional Truck Driver Requirements CDL-A 21 Years! of Age Good Driving Record Additional Arnold Opportunities: Dedicated Truck Driving Local Truck Driving Drive Arnold.

    The Original Regional Carrier. For more information, or to speak to a Recruiter, Call: 855-651-9004 - . If you were eligible to this job, please email us your resume, with salary requirements and a resume to Arnold Transportation.

    Interested on this job, just click on the Apply button, you will be redirected to the official website This job will be opened on: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 06:36:01 GMT Apply Experienced Regional Truck Driver (CDL-A) Here

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  • Facts About Truck Driver Fatigue Truck driver fatigue is a serious problem on our nation s highways. Pressure to move freight with strict time constraints leads some truck drivers to push their physical limits and even avoid federal regulations concerning rest breaks. A fatigued driver is a hazardous driver.

    Driver Fatigue Contributing to a Trucking Accident Estimates of truck driver fatigue as the cause of a trucking accident can vary from 5% to 30%. Falling asleep behind the wheel is only one way for driver fatigue to contribute to an accident. Excessive yawning, daydreaming, fixated eye actions, and slower reactions can all lead to a collision and the wrongful death of a fellow motorist and are all considered driver fatigue.

    Truck Fatalities in the United States In a study performed by the National Highway Transportation Authority, fatalities when a truck is involved in a collision average between 4,000 and 5,000 deaths annually. Of the fatalities, the overwhelming majority of victims are occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists. In fact, 85% of the fatalities are not occupants of the truck.

    Unlike a car accident, the other party to the collision is far more at risk.

    75% of the trucks involved in this study were tractor trailers; the other 25% were single trucks. Though large trucks constitute 2% of the vehicles on the road, truck collisions are responsible for 9% of fatal crashes every year. Truck Driver Regulations Involving Fatigued Driving The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created a complex and strict set of rules in attempt to prevent truck driver fatigue.

    It places limits on how long a driver may operate a vehicle at one time, specifies required rest periods, and dictates how long a driver must be at rest before driving again. A few examples: The 11-hour rule prohibits a driver from driver more than 11 hours at one time, and only if the driver had 10 consecutive hours of rest. The 14-hour rule prohibits driving after the 14th hour of coming on duty.

    Coming on duty does not merely mean driving time, but being present in the terminal, gas stops, loading and unloading times, etc. A driver may not drive more than 60-70 hours in a 7-8 day period. A new 7-8 day period can only begin if the driver is off for 34 hours, called the 34-hour rule.

    Under the laws of Texas, a truck driver who causes a fatal collision and is found to have violated these rules will have caused a wrongful death. Getting Help After an Accident If a person has been injured in a truck accident, or lost a loved one due to a fatigued driver, the Coppell accident attorney group of Todd R. Durham Law Firm can put their skills and experience to the benefit of their client.

    Call 214-222-4000 for a free consultation.

  • Fatal Truck Accidents - Durham Lawyer Three people are dead following two major truck accidents on Research Triangle-area interstates that forced detours for westbound travelers. The second wreck happened on Interstate 40 at the U.S.

    15-501 exit between Durham and Chapel Hill Thursday afternoon, June 30. The North Carolina Highway Patrol says three people were killed in that fiery wreck and one of the five vehicles was burned beyond recognition.

    A tractor-trailer driver from Tennessee was charged after the wreck with felony death by vehicle, driving while impaired and possessing drugs including marijuana and methadone. All westbound lanes of I-40 were reopened just before 11:00 p.m. The first of the fatal truck accidents happened Thursday morning.

    It also involved a tractor-trailer, a fuel tanker truck and two passenger cars on Interstate 85 in Hillsborough. One of the truck drivers was killed. Traffic came to a complete halt on I-85, and the patrol closed I-40 to allow an accident reconstruction team to complete its work.

    Durham truck accidents do not discriminate. People from all walks of life have their lives permanently changed in seconds when they or some one they love are victims of truck accidents. The RTP, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill draw together residents and visitors from every walk of life on I-40, I-85, 147 an other roads that are frequently under construction.

    The combination of traffic congestion, construction zones and drivers with varying familiarity of these factors furns into a deadly situation. Trucking company are only required to maintain evidence related to truck accidents for a limited time, which varies. They can legally destroy it there after, even if it is important evidence to your personal injury law suit.

    This is one of many reasons you should consult a personal injury lawyer experienced in truck accidents. He or she will be able to procede with timely actions to ensure the crucial evidence is not destroyed. Hillsborough Trucking Accident Attorney Hillsborough is a popular bedroom community providing a small town feel with proximity to Raleigh and Durham for work.

    It has grown in residential population as a result. When attorneys speak of truck accidents, they are often meaning a car accident with a tractor-trailers. The reason lawyers speak this way is to indicate the significance or complexity involved with a personal injury law suit when a car is struck by a commercial vehicle.

    Commercial vehicles include delivery trucks, semi-truck, tractor-trailers, dump trucks and other large vehicles. Their size typically requires the driver to have a CDL and the owner to maintain higher insurance minimums to compensate those injures in truck accidents. When a tractor-trailer collides with a car, the driver of the car typically suffers serious injuries requiring ongoing medical treatment.

    A personal injury attorney familiar with truck accidents can help ensure your medical expense will be paid for by the negligent party.

    Tagged as: Deadly Crash

  • Fighting Cargo Theft PT 1: The Facts Over $500,000 worth of property disappears every day in the GTA area alone. What it Costs Us Cargo theft has been around for centuries, from bandits to pirates to organized crime. Though the methods have changed the facts are still the same cargo theft is costing us all.

    It s believed the cost of cargo theft to be a $5 billion problem in Canada, over $500,000 worth of property disappears every day in the GTA area alone. According to insurance industry sources, a trucking company operating on a 5% profit margin must generate over $1 million in new business to cover a $50,000 loss. Cargo theft doesn t just affect the trucking industry either; consumers pay when fallout from losses translate to higher prices on consumer products.

    How They Do It Quite often, thieves members of various organized criminal gangs or opportunistic lone wolves will sneak into darkened yards, knock on the aluminium containers, listening for the thud of a laden container; they ll steal a tractor, hook it up to the trailer and haul it away. As the items become more valuable, the stakes become higher making this a volatile situation. There have been multiple reports in the past involving truckers found gagged and tied up with their truck later found empty and damaged; and in worse cases, some have been killed for their cargo.

    Back in 2006 a 35 year old trucker, Donald Woods, was shot in his rig in a Pickering Wal-Mart for 14,000 kg of air-chilled chicken, worth about $40,000. A Montreal man has since been charged for the killing. Organized crime has latched onto a particularly profitable niche a $65 billion sector of the economy that accounts for the movement of roughly 90% of consumer goods and foodstuffs in Canada What Are They Taking?

    So what is being stolen? Food and drinks are the big money doubling in 2013 from 2012, making up 27% of all thefts stolen loads of nuts, seafood, candy, cookies and snacks, dairy and eggs, and meat are among the big sellers. They are easy targets since they are unable to trace without serial numbers getting anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 from the load.

    Television and projects were the most targeted electronic loads; electronic loads making up 14% of all thefts. Organized crime has latched onto a particularly profitable niche a $65 billion sector of the economy that accounts for the movement of roughly 90% of consumer goods and foodstuffs in Canada. In Canada, the Chinese Triad crime organization has been linked to several reported cargo thefts.

    It s believed most of the stolen cargo is brought to ports and exported in ocean containers to countries such as Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. It is then sold though black market distribution channels. What can we do to stop this from happening?

    Keep a look out in my next blog where I ll lay out what is being done and what we can do to prevent cargo theft.

  • Foreign lorries face UK charges | Redfox News The government is to publish draft legislation next month to charge foreign lorries to use UK roads, new transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced yesterday to the delight of British hauliers. McLoughlin said the new charge will ensure a fairer arrangement for UK hauliers who pay to use continental European roads while their counterparts from mainland Europe use UK roads for free. Although UK hauliers would also have to pay under the proposed legislation, a cut in vehicle excise duty would compensate British truckers so that they would not have to pay more in real terms.

    The Department of Transport has been consulting on the proposals for charges of up to 1,000 annually for foreign hauliers and found overwhelming support from the industry. McLoughlin said: These proposals will deliver a vital shot in the arm to the UK haulage industry. It is simply not right that foreign lorries do not pay to use our roads, when our trucks invariably have to fork out when travelling to the continent.

    The move has been welcomed by the Road Hauliers Association. Chief executive Geoff Dunning said: This is a happy day for road hauliers. We have been campaigning for years to see a system introduced which will lessen the financial advantage enjoyed by our European neighbours.

    UK hauliers travelling to mainland Europe have to pay road charges but foreign registered vehicles travelling to the UK pay nothing. We were encouraged when this proposal was first announced at the beginning of the year. At that time it was suggested that a charging system would be in place and working by 2014.

    To hear that the government intends to have a system in place no later than the end of the current parliament is a real added bonus.

    He added that the expected charge of 1,000 a year was not enough to give us a level playing field but described it as a good start .

    Source: Freshinfo Visit Redfox for the latest Fresh Produce News & Agri-Business News and Jobs and Training Category: Fresh Produce Email to a friend Leave your comment

  • Foreign lorries face UK road charge - Sunday Sun Sep 16 2012 Foreign lorries are to be charged up to 1,000 a year to use UK roads in a move to boost British hauliers. The new charge is designed to create a "level playing field" for UK haulage companies, whose heavy goods vehicles already have to pay for using roads in European countries. The new charges will also be levied on British lorries - but they will receive a corresponding cut in vehicle excise duty so they will pay no more than at present.

    Ministers want to implement the new regime as soon as possible and say it will definitely by done before the end of the current parliament in 2015. The initiative follows a consultation on the plans earlier this year and comes as the Government seeks ways of kick-starting the ailing economy. It was welcomed by the Road Haulage Association.

    Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "These proposals will deliver a vital shot in the arm to the UK haulage industry. "It is simply not right that foreign lorries do not pay to use our roads, when our trucks invariably have to fork out when travelling to the continent. By introducing charges we will create a level playing field, increasing UK competitiveness and boosting growth." Road Haulage Association chief executive Geoff Dunning said it was a "happy day" for road hauliers. "We have been campaigning for years to see a system introduced which will lessen the financial advantage currently enjoyed by our European neighbours. UK hauliers travelling to mainland Europe have to pay road charges but foreign registered vehicles travelling to the UK pay nothing," he said.

    Mr Dunning said the 1,000 levy was "not enough to give us a level playing field as regards the rest of Europe", but added: "It is a good start and will help no end in beginning to prepare the ground. "We are pleased that Mr McLoughlin has seen fit to bring forward this legislation so early in his tenure as Transport Minister; he is obviously very aware as to the important role played by UK hauliers in rebuilding the economy, increasing UK competitiveness and boosting growth."

  • Former councillor honoured with degree (From The Northern Echo) Barbara and Tony Laithwaite at Durham Cathedral to receive their honorary degrees Barbara and Tony Laithwaite at Durham Cathedral to receive their honorary degrees TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young, centre, who was honoured at Durham yesterday, pictured with his family from left Rebecca Vasey, wife Claire, Harriet Vasey and Paul Young. Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811994) TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young who was honoured at Durham yesterday. Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811984) TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young who was honoured at Durham yesterday.

    Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811982) First published in North Durham News A BUSINESSMAN and former councillor who donated 1m to Durham University has been awarded an honorary degree from the institution. Bob Young, a former miner turned haulage magnate and Durham County Council cabinet member, was made an honorary master of arts in a ceremony at Durham Cathedral today (July 2). In 2009, Mr Young set up the 1m Robert Young Scholarship Fund to help County Durham students study at Durham University.

    Thousands of students are graduating from Durham this week, with Palace Green a sea of gowns and mortarboards. Also today (July 2), Tony and Barbara Laithwaite, founders and owners of Laithwaite s Wine, were made given honorary doctorates of civil law. The couple met as Durham University students in the 1960s and support the University s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience.

    Yesterday (July 1), Professor Olaloye Oyawoye, the first African professor of geology, was made an honorary doctor of science.

    Tomorrow (July 3), James Lancelot, Durham Cathedral s organist and master of the choristers, will receive an honorary doctorate of music and on Friday (July 4) Prof Jane Buikstra, a leading anthropologist and bio-archaeologist, will be made an honorary doctor of science.

  • Fred Durham wants to play with food and robots: Part one, the food ... by Melissa Chipman The only street-level sign of Durham s takeover of 104-108 E. Main St. is this sticker on the mailbox.

    CafePress founder Fred Durham retired for a solid two years. He says the first year was great but the second year got pretty long. Ever since last fall, when he appeared to emerge from retirement, we ve been chasing the story: Just what is Durham up to, anyway?

    We ve heard rumors (restaurant incubator!) and taken some guesses. We got some things right (he s hired GlowTouch s Weston Hagen!). And not so right (another LVL1!).

    But we ve also been patient. And this week, Durham finally invited us to take a tour of well, his own little mini startup city. And let me tell you, when Durham pulls this all together this fall-ish (notice I didn t say if ), it s going to be pretty awesome.

    Not only does Durham have the money and the background to basically will things into being, but he s also sitting on some seriously prime real estate, smack next door to the future home of the Aloft Hotel. The two-story building used to be a whiskey barrel storage warehouse in the late 1800s. (Durham says barrel storage warehouses are an excellent real estate investment because they re built rock solid.) Its most recent incarnation was home to Prime Lounge and DeVino s Deli. The old DeVino s space will be a restaurant.

    But Durham doesn t know what kind yet. I m not being coy, he insists. He s trying things out, looking for something that can scale.

    What does that mean? Durham wants to start a restaurant that can be the first of a chain. He said that Louisville is a good place to make that happen, what with Yum!

    and Papa John s and all. He says it plays to our strengths. Louisville could be an attractor for chain HQs, he says, but it s unlikely we re ever going to become an attractor for phone app creators.

    We re just not special in that way. Renovation under way at the old DaVinos As far as being a logistics town, Durham says he moved CafePress to Louisville when they were an $80 million a year revenue company. Logistics isn t a concern until you re not a startup anymore.

    But food. We re good at food. I like food, says Durham.

    Do you like food? Of course, I answer. Everyone likes food.

    The Prime Lounge side of the building will house a coffee shop that will also serve wood-fired pizzas and possibly beer and wine at night. The front will have counter service, and in the back there will be lots of places to plug in and work. He mentioned printers 3-D printers.

    It s a place to explore things. He s already partnered with someone who s going to run the coffee shop, and the side patio will get a makeover. The side patio that will lead to Durham Labs.

    And that side patio leads to a separate two-story building in back that is the future home of Durham Labs. I want to play with food and robots. Because I like them, he says.

    So, Durham Labs? That s the robot part. More on that on Monday. (Sneak preview: Durham Labs is alive and thriving in an apartment upstairs from the former DaVino s.

    It s been trucking along since last fall and now has seven employees plus Durham.) Upstairs from the old Prime Lounge renovations are under way to create four offices or spaces for artists and craftspeople. Overall, 104-108 E. Main St.

    lets Durham play with 14,000 square feet on the most historic street in Louisville. Durham founded CafePress in San Mateo, Calif., in 1999 with Maheesh Jain. Durham sold CafePress right before it went public.

    He came to Louisville to transition the business to the new CEO, Bob Marino, and ended up falling in love with the city. He completed the transfer and then moved his wife and children to Louisville. He s obviously here to stay.

    Melissa Chipman is the Assignments Editor at Insider Louisville.

    She was born and raised in New England, but she's a Southerner by choice who relocated to Louisville from New Orleans 10 months after Hurricane Katrina.

    In addition to working for Insider Louisville, she has reported for The Louisville Paper, WFPL ...

  • Freight Consolidator Cardinal Maritime - Golf Day results The sun shone again for the 6th annual Cardinal golf day at Mottram Hall Hotel on Friday 7th September. There were plenty of good scores with lots of birdies but plenty of bogies. The overall winner of the customer prize was Gareth Chennells with a very creditable 38 points.

    The staff prize was fiercely contested this year with Brian Hay and Andrew Smithurst tying on 36 points. In the end Andrew took the trophy with a better back 9. The celebrations went on long into the evening and a good time was had by all.

    We are already in the advanced stages of organising next year s event which will take place in September 2013 at a venue to be confirmed.

    We are possibly looking at Birmingham next year as the venue so please contact us if you are interested in attending by calling Chris Bartram on 0161 492 1778 or emailing [email protected]

  • Frustrated with California regs?

    So are these guys | Overdrive ... A few small trucking company owners took the opportunity last week to give California s Air Resources Board an earful, pointing to both general and specific issues with implementation of the state s latest emissions regulations (which went into effect this year), according to KHSL 12, a CBS affiliate in Chico, Calif. Namely, the requirement that 2000-2004 year-model engines be retrofitted with a state-approved soot filter or the vehicles be done away with or updated was the rule drawing the most fire. Noncompliance could be met with $1,000 fines, block of registration or even impounding vehicles.

    A town hall meeting put together by California Assemblyman Dan Logue gave business owners the opportunity to vent their frustrations, says KHSL s article. One small fleet oner said he s already had to lay off two workers and retire two trucks that weren t compliant with the new regs. Business owners, says Randy McLaughlin of Old Durham Wood, just aren t able to afford the ever-tightening CARB regulations.

    When 2014 rules go into effect, those single truck owners will be out of business, says McLaughlin.

    Click here to see KHSL s article.

  • G

  • Get The Best Trucking Jobs in Durham CA If you want to find out where they are and get the best Trucking Jobs in Durham CA, you should follow a few of the basics to help ensure that you make the most of any chances you get. There are a number of influences that are not widely thought about and you can give yourself a real edge by being the one person who best understands how to find and get the good Trucking jobs in Durham or for that matter any trucking jobs in California. Firstly realize about a third of trucking jobs in Durham may be listed.

    Trucking Jobs in Durham CA You will understand how this happens when you hear of trucking jobs in Durham that have already been snapped up and often it is because they have already gone to someone the firm already knows. Look at it from the boss s position. They need a driver and they have to go through the long process of advertising and interviewing all or some of the prospective truck drivers.

    This takes a lot of time and costs. It distracts from their core business of organizing trucks and delivery. The boss, if they need someone in a hurry, will often take on someone they already know in preference to interviewing truck drivers to save time and effort that costs them their attention and focus.

    In the big trucking firms, you will be dealing with a person from human resources and you will need to get on well with them if you want to make an impression and get the job they are offering. An unasked question at interviews for trucking jobs in Durham You can go to an interview for one of the trucking jobs in Durham that is offered and you will discuss lots of things but there is going to be one question that the person interviewing you will be considering but not ask. They will be assessing you and asking themselves do I like you? .

    As this question can easily be considered discriminatory and it will never surface to the spoken word, so you will need to be friendly and listen well. This can often be a nervous time for you so take enough time to find space to calm yourself before your interview. Think of the good things like your favorite places and the happy moments that make you laugh.

    Nobody really likes unhappy people and this is so true of any of the jobs in California. Perhaps you could try and think of a few exceptions. So make the most of all of your chances by having a great positive attitude and be happy when you get to meet the person conducting the interview.

    In this way you might just get to enjoy the job interview and know you will have done your best to impress and secure what may be one of the best trucking jobs in Durham. A great job that allows you some attributes such as freedom, some fun and one that you will really enjoy. There is a second question not asked at interviews for trucking jobs in Durham There is another secret or unasked question that you will not be asked at your job interview.

    Will this person fit into the workforce and get along with the other workers? Subconsciously your new prospective boss will be looking for a harmonious workforce where all the workers will get along with everyone else. A happy place to work is something you will want also.

    People produce better quality work and are more productive in a happy work environment. You will want to be aware of this and know you will want to get along with the others. A really good way to get a feel of the workplace is to try and meet as many of the other workers and staff in the Trucking firm and get a good appreciation of what goes on and if they work together well.

    On the other side, if the boss sees you showing an interest and relating well with others, it will help you secure the good Trucking jobs in Durham especially if there is a lot of competition from other applicants. Online Listings for Trucking Jobs in Durham Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Dispatcher - Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Los Angeles, CA - Dispatcher - Trucking Growing Super Heavy Haul Trucking Company seeks Top Notch Dispatcher... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Hub Group Trucking Company Truck Drivers - Top Intermodal Pay - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Lockeford, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Hub Group Trucking Company Truck Drivers - Top Intermodal Pay - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Galt, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Los Angeles, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: TRUCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet San Diego, CA - TRUCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities include but are not limited...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Hub Group Trucking Company Truck Drivers - Top Intermodal Pay - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Woodbridge, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Pomona, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Manteca, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Class A Truck Driver/Local Driver (Transportation & Trucking) - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Estenson Logistics - Redlands, CA - . Apply with us today for a solid career opportunity in trucking and transportation! Job Responsibilities Deliver product...

    best customer service in the trucking industry. Bring your good driving record and previous transportation... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Los Angeles, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Ontario, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Hub Group Trucking Company Truck Drivers - Top Intermodal Pay - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Lathrop, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Join our trucking family - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet mazactrans - Woodland, CA - Join our trucking family Company drivers with 6 months exp and a Class A CDL needed to start...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Fontana, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Pasadena, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Rialto, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: CLASS A TRUCK DRIVER/LOCAL DRIVER (TRANSPORTATION & TRUCKING) - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Estenson Logistics - San Leandro, CA - . Apply with us today for a solid career opportunity in trucking and transportation! Job Responsibilities Deliver product...

    best customer service in the trucking industry. Bring your good driving record and previous transportation... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Fullerton, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Imperial Beach, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - West Hollywood, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: CLASS A TRUCK DRIVER/LOCAL DRIVER (TRANSPORTATION & TRUCKING) - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Estenson Logistics - Fremont, CA - 3 Class A CDL Flatbed Drivers Needed Right away for Night Shift Estenson Logistics is a very successful logistics company providing dedicated contract transportation to high profile customers.

    Dri... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - National City, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Lodi, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - San Diego, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators.

    Miles... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 02:15:08 +0000: Owner Operators - 95% Home Daily with Hub Group Trucking - Trucking jobs in California - Careerjet Hub Group Trucking - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Owner Operator Dedicated Truck Driver Opportunities At Comtrak, we not only deliver the best freight for our customers, we also deliver the best truck driver opportunities for Owner Operators. Miles...

    Agencies offering Trucking Jobs in Durham The Question you will probably get asked If you are after driving jobs in California the owners are going to consider how you look after machinery. Vehicles and plant cost a lot of money to buy and maintain, so the boss needs to know that you are going to look after the vehicles you are driving. Make sure that you take the time to clean and shine your own vehicle before you arrive for any job interview at local Durham interviews.

    If they see that you really look after your own machinery then you gain some respect and they will see that you are likely to look after their vehicles.

    This little tip may help you get Trucking jobs in Durham ahead of any of the other contenders.

    Related posts: Plumbing Jobs in Durham Public Health Jobs in Durham Physician Jobs in Durham Graphic Design Jobs in Durham Trucking Jobs in Chico

  • Gone From Union County After Pritchett Trucking Shootings Lauren Crawford / WUFT News The entrance to Marvin Pritchett's farm outside Lake Butler in Union County. Lauren Crawford / WUFT News Jerry Whitehead, Union County sheriff, answers questions at a press conference Monday in Lake Butler. A 72-year-old Lake Butler man who killed himself after fatally shooting his former boss and a coworker and wounding two others left a hand-written note listing targets, Union County Sheriff Jerry Whitehead said Monday.

    Starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Hubert Allen Jr., a longtime employee of Pritchett Trucking Company, sent members of Lake Butler looking for answers after the sheriff s office said the man drove to several locations in Union County, shot four men and returned to his farm to kill himself. Whitehead said the sheriff s office recovered Allen s suicide note Saturday afternoon.

    It was three-quarters of a page long, Whitehead said, and looked as if it had taken two or three sittings to write. Investigators at Allen s home also found a .22 caliber rifle, a .410 small bore shotgun, and an unfired .32 caliber handgun, Whitehead said. Whitehead said the suicide note contained names of people Allen planned to kill.

    There was one name listed that Allen did not go after. Whitehead did not release the name, but said his office interviewed the man, and he was fine. Whitehead said he was shocked by Allen s behavior.

    Allen did not have any previous incidents with the law, Whitehead said. He never knew Allen to suffer from any kind of mental health disorder, he said, and could not determine a motive. Three of the men Allen shot were former coworkers at Pritchett Trucking, according to Union County investigators.

    The fourth was 80-year-old company owner Marvin Pritchett. The sheriff s office said Allen shot Pritchett and Rolando Gonzalez-Delgado, 28, killing both men. Allen worked for Pritchett for 35 years, Whitehead said.

    Just nine days before the shooting, interviewees told the sheriff s office, Allen had retired from the company with no issues. The men were described as friends. One of the wounded men, David Griffis, 44, was in critical condition and the other, Lewis Mabrey Jr., 66, was in good condition at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Whitehead said.

    To show its support, the community is organizing local blood drives to help Griffis. It s tough, Whitehead said. We re going to get through it.

    James Tallman, a Union County commissioner, said Pritchett s death leaves a hole in the community. Mr. Pritchett was an absolute pillar to this community, Tallman said, and we re going to dearly miss him.

    We lost not one person, he said, but we lost several friends in this community. Lauren Crawford / WUFT News At the foot of the Pritchett parking sign in Lake butler, someone laid a bouquet of eight red roses in the grass to commemorate the victims. Beside them sat a cup of red, white and blue carnations.

    And to the left, a bundle of purple flowers wilted on the concrete.

    Tallman said the recovery from the tragedy will be a community-wide struggle.

    I think a lot of prayer is what we need right now, he said.

  • Google Lawyer Alerts: Google Alert - la law firm News 6 new results for la law firm Personnel File for Oct.

    14 SunHerald.com The law firm of Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott, which has offices in Biloxi and Gulfport, has been selected as a Best Law Firm by U.S. News Best Law Firms and several of the firm's lawyers were selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers In America ... See all stories on this topic Affordable Care Act focus of health law institute Kansas.com Those at the institute, held Friday in Wichita and hosted by the Foulston Siefkin law firm , seemed to agree that it was unlikely that the law would be completely repealed even under a Republican president and Congress.

    The law was approved in 2010 ... See all stories on this topic Iberville Parish judge ready to upgrade gavel Houma Courier Top donors: Pendley Law Firm of Plaquemine, $3,500; Steve Kent Trucking Inc. of Lottie, $1,500; Lippman & Mahfouz LLC of Morgan City, $1,500; Thomas Dale Lively of Plaquemine, $1,000; and El Mar Consulting LLC of White Castle, $1,000.

    See all stories on this topic Questions over 'reasonable' legal fees Stamford Advocate The legal department hired the outside law firm Pullman & Comley to represent the city in court. As of Sept.

    24, the law firm had billed the city about $95,000 for legal work on Gabriele and Tarzia's declaratory judgments. In addition, the city spent ...

    See all stories on this topic Speaker stands firm against SC while LG poll's law sails thro' The Sunday Times Sri Lanka ... Mahinda Maama, I thought I must write to you again because these Speaker stands firm against SC while LG poll's law sails thro'. A landmark ruling by Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and Parliament's approval of significant changes to Sports RSS Feed ...

    See all stories on this topic Zammit & Associates Advocates rebrands to CSB Advocates Times of Malta Last May, the firm was accepted as the Maltese member firm of LNI Oasis, a worldwide network of full-service law firms , which gave it access to a network of some of the world's top legal professionals. The membership creates opportunities to attract ... See all stories on this topic Tip: Use a minus sign (-) in front of terms in your query that you want to exclude.

    Learn more. Delete this alert. Create another alert.

    Manage your alerts.

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  • Haulage firm converts wagon into hearse for well-loved driver#39s ... A COUNTY Durham HGV driver was given a fitting send-off when his funeral took place.Getting Rid Of Clothes Moths Pro Don#39t Jump on the Bond Panic Wagon This pro trader explains that the drop in bonds has been panic-driven. That#39s why he#39s buying bonds now.Funding Wagon Helps Create a Star in LV Sharp Firm Hopes to Back Other Entertainers LV Sharp wasnt a household name in 2012. But the hip-hop sensation is becoming one this year, thanks to Funding Wagon, a company that provides the wherewithaWhat if you have all the symptoms of pregnancy but the test tells you your not Darius Rucker rides Wagon Wheel to top of charts Darius Ruckers version of Wagon Wheel is the most successful song of his country career, and its inclusion on his new album is just another interesting chapter in the history of the song.Railway museum#39s exhibition to honour former train wagon works A MAJOR railway wagon factory which employed nearly 3,000 people when it closed is the subject of a new photography display.How old is Rob Dyrdek and his cousin drama Wagon train to roll through South Shore The wagon train will make its annual trek along Highway 50 in June.

    The Highway 50 Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to horse and wagon enthusiasts, and the historical re-enactment of the Great Western Migration captures the spirit of the old West. Rendezvous at The rise and fall of the classic station wagon New movie quotWagonmastersquot celebrates history of all-American, iconic family automobileGothamist Where Can I Donate Clothes Four injured at Deadwood museum opening as spooked horses overturn wagon DEADWOOD The crash of a runaway horse-drawn wagon injured four people and marred opening ceremonies of the new $5.5 million Days of 76 Museum on Saturday morning.Nottingham man injured in wagon accident suing Hampton Falls orchard A Nottingham man seriously injured after he was thrown to the ground while driving a horse-drawn wagon is suing Applecrest Farm Orchards, claiming it failed to properly maintain the wagon that broke and spooked the Belgian draft horses.What weeks are your first trimester Spooked horse crashes wagon, injuring riders in Deadwood DEADWOOD, S.D. Four people were injured when a horse-drawn wagon crashed in Deadwood this weekend, marring the opening ceremonies for the Days of #3976 Museum.

    krod2905fias Ads 300x250 or 336x280 Tags : Post permalink : http://www.onerdil.com/haulage-firm-converts-wagon-hearse-well-loved-driver39s-final-journey.html

  • Haulage firm suffers major fire FIRE fighters had to go through an emergency decontamination process following a large blaze at a haulage firm today (Wednesday, November 6).

    Source: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/10790386.Haulage_firm_suffers_major_fire/?ref=rss Other posts from this source: The Northern Echo | News Tags: fire FIRE fighters, Haulage firm This entry was posted on November 6, 2013 at 21:33 and is filed under The Northern Echo.

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  • Hiring Event in Durham,NC- http://www.roadmaster.com/MM/MM ... Roadmaster is a hands on truck driving school and CDL training center with locations across the United States.

    Most trucking companies require a the successful completion of the CDL test and a commercial driver's license upon hire.

    As a truck driver training school, Roadmaster provides you with the CDL training you need to get either a Class A CDL or Class B CDL license to help you start your professional trucking career.

  • How To Save Gas In Durham Clayton's Car Care High gas prices have hit most of our budgets in the Durham area. If increased fuel costs are consuming a bigger portion of your budget, you may be tempted to skimp in some other areas like scheduled maintenance at Clayton s Car Care in Durham. According to news reports and industry studies, you re not alone.

    Nine out of ten personal vehicles on the road have at least one maintenance or repair item that hasn t been done. Some of these items are serious safety concerns. Others are just more likely to affect the cost of operating your vehicle in Durham.

    In this area, we can take a lesson from professional vehicle owners: fleet owners and operators like trucking companies and delivery services. Because their livelihood depends on it, they have gotten scheduled maintenance down to a science. And the last thing they skimp on is regular maintenance.

    Why is that? Well, for one thing they know that routine maintenance prevents expensive repairs and costly breakdowns. They also know that a well-maintained vehicle uses less fuel.

    For them, even a small decrease in fuel economy may mean not being profitable. Here are some Clayton s Car Care services that could potentially save you some gas in Durham: Fuel system cleaning, transmission service, differential service, wheel alignment, oil change, tune-up. Ring any bells?

    Is there at least one thing on the list that hasn t been done for your SUV? Let s suppose you chose to spend one hundred and fifty dollars and get caught up on some of these services and that they combine to improve your fuel economy by fifteen percent. What would that mean to your pocketbook?

    Well, the average personal vehicle is driven about twelve thousand miles a year. If you get twenty miles per gallon in your SUV, over the course of one year you would pay for the hundred and fifty dollars worth of service and save an additional hundred and sixty five dollars if gas is at three dollars and fifty cents. If gas is four fifty, you would save two hundred and fifty-five dollars.

    And you d rack up savings of three hundred and forty five dollars with gas at five and a half bucks. Gas Price $3.50 $4.50 $5.50 20 MPG 165 265 345 From this you can see that the more fuel costs, the more it pays to take care of your SUV. Some of us drive trucks for work or recreation or want a large SUV for family needs.

    A fifteen percent improvement in fuel economy can generate huge savings six hundred and sixty dollars a year if gas is four fifty a gallon. Take a look at this table to see where your savings could lie. Gas Price $3.50 $4.50 $5.50 10 MPG 480 660 840 20 MPG 165 255 345 30 MPG 60 120 180 So catch up on those services you ve been neglecting.

    Talk with your appreciative Clayton s Car Care advisor about your SUV s needs. Get a couple done now and a couple next time. Chances are you ll save a lot of money on fuel this year and a lot more on repairs in years to come.

    Give Kevin & Wayne Clayton a call at Clayton s Car Care in Durham. Clayton s Car Care 919.477.1886 3701 North Duke Street Durham, NC 27704 At Clayton s Car Care in Durham NC (27704) we install quality NAPA replacement parts . Give us a call at 919.477.1886 .

    To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com. This entry was posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 5:41 pm and is filed under Fuel System. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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  • How To Save Gas In Durham Tire King High gas prices have hit most of our budgets in the Durham area. If increased fuel costs are consuming a bigger portion of your budget, you may be tempted to skimp in some other areas like scheduled maintenance at Tire King in Durham. According to news reports and industry studies, you re not alone.

    Nine out of ten personal vehicles on the road have at least one maintenance or repair item that hasn t been done. Some of these items are serious safety concerns. Others are just more likely to affect the cost of operating your vehicle in Durham.

    In this area, we can take a lesson from professional vehicle owners: fleet owners and operators like trucking companies and delivery services. Because their livelihood depends on it, they have gotten scheduled maintenance down to a science. And the last thing they skimp on is regular maintenance.

    Why is that? Well, for one thing they know that routine maintenance prevents expensive repairs and costly breakdowns. They also know that a well-maintained vehicle uses less fuel.

    For them, even a small decrease in fuel economy may mean not being profitable. Here are some Tire King services that could potentially save you some gas in Durham: Fuel system cleaning, transmission service, differential service, wheel alignment, oil change, tune-up. Ring any bells?

    Is there at least one thing on the list that hasn t been done for your family car? Let s suppose you chose to spend one hundred and fifty dollars and get caught up on some of these services and that they combine to improve your fuel economy by fifteen percent. What would that mean to your pocketbook?

    Well, the average personal vehicle is driven about twelve thousand miles a year. If you get twenty miles per gallon in your family car, over the course of one year you would pay for the hundred and fifty dollars worth of service and save an additional hundred and sixty five dollars if gas is at three dollars and fifty cents. If gas is four fifty, you would save two hundred and fifty-five dollars.

    And you d rack up savings of three hundred and forty five dollars with gas at five and a half bucks. Gas Price $3.50 $4.50 $5.50 20 MPG 165 265 345 From this you can see that the more fuel costs, the more it pays to take care of your family car. Some of us drive trucks for work or recreation or want a large SUV for family needs.

    A fifteen percent improvement in fuel economy can generate huge savings six hundred and sixty dollars a year if gas is four fifty a gallon. Take a look at this table to see where your savings could lie. Gas Price $3.50 $4.50 $5.50 10 MPG 480 660 840 20 MPG 165 255 345 30 MPG 60 120 180 So catch up on those services you ve been neglecting.

    Talk with your friendly Tire King advisor about your family car s needs. Get a couple done now and a couple next time. Chances are you ll save a lot of money on fuel this year and a lot more on repairs in years to come.

    Give Duane Gildersleeve a call at Tire King in Durham. Tire King 919.471.8436 3810 North Duke Street Durham, NC 27704 At Tire King in Durham NC (27704) we install quality NAPA replacement parts . Give us a call at 919.471.8436 .

    To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com. This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 10:38 pm and is filed under Fuel System. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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  • Humboldt's economic loses result in cleaner air | McKinleyville Press The relationship between reduced industrial activity and improved air quality was explored at the county s latest General Plan Update hearing. The Board of Supervisors finished its review of the update s Air Quality Element at the May 6 hearing and approved a series of policies on reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions. A Greenhouse Climate Action Plan has been developed in response to a state law that requires counties to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent from the levels projected for 2020.

    During a public comment period, Bayside resident Karen Brooks questioned how applicable that is to Humboldt, which has lost pulp mills, sawmills and power generation plants over the years. Supervisor Rex Bohn agreed, saying that not only have greenhouse gas emissions been reduced, but less timber trucking has also driven down levels of the county s most worrisome pollutant, PM-10, the particulate matter that becomes airborne when dust is kicked up from construction sites and roads. County Planner Michael Richardson said overall air quality has indeed improved.

    The county is in a lot better shape than other jurisdictions because, ironically, we ve lost so much of the big power plants and the big energy consumers and so our greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced and that s correlated with those closures, he continued. But at the same time Richardson warned about making such correlations. He said that they aren t absolute because pollutants are all unique and they have unique sources.

    The pulp mill had over 500 vehicle traffics a day just the pulp mill alone, said Bohn, referring to the former Evergreen Pulp Mill at Samoa. Same thing with the saw mills and everything else, the vehicle traffic has dropped drastically and so have your PM-10 levels. He added that county s timber yield is half of what it was a decade ago.

    We have to notice that, said Bohn. Richardson agreed, and said the Climate Action Plan shows that the county is in a good position to meet state emission requirements because we ve been impacted economically the way we have been. Earlier, Rick Martin of the North Coast Air Quality Management District described the impacts and preventative measures of another air quality threat smoke from large wildfires.

    The fires are most common in areas of Southern Humboldt and Martin said the drastic wildfires of 2008 produced more carbon monoxide emissions in a three- to four-month span than the entire Los Angeles area does in a year. They are very high polluting natural events, he continued. He added that to address them, an effective measure is to clear brush and other flammable debris from forest floors.

    Reduction of air quality impacts from wildfires is one of the element s goals.

    Supervisors also endorsed policies on reducing the length and frequency of vehicle trips, limiting the air quality impacts of government operations and encouraging accommodation of electric vehicles.

    The board also began its review of the update s Safety Element and will continue it at the next hearing, on May 20.

  • I

  • Icetech freezers/Norfrost moved to County Durham by John Russell ... Not exactly sure what you mean by " Norfrost moved to County Durham by John Russell Haulage " that it was moved by his lorries or that he moved the company South. The internals of the factory were bought by EBAC and moved to their factory. Again a quick 10 second check of company directors on line would show John Russell is not a director of EBAC, the owner of the NORFROST brand name and Norfrost Ltd is a dissolved company.

    So no, he is not still a Director.

  • Ind.

    financier gets 50 years for $200m swindle - NewsOn6.com ...By By TOM LoBIANCO Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - An Indiana financier and former chief executive of National Lampoon convicted of swindling investors out of about $200 million was sentenced Friday to 50 years in prison by a judge who told him his "deceit, greed and arrogance" had cost many of his victims their life savings and dreams of a comfortable retirement. U.S. District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson said Timothy Durham had violated the trust of thousands of small investors from the American Heartland who had been careful with their money and invested it with him in hopes of traveling in their retirement, paying off their mortgages and perhaps buying a small home in Florida.

    She told the court Durham had plundered their money so he could live a luxurious lifestyle. "We drive Chevys and Buicks and Ford, not Ducatis. That's how most of us roll," Magnus-Stinson said. "When they're defrauded, it is the most serious offense because it undermines the fabric of this country." Durham said he felt "badly" for all the families who lost their savings, but never admitted any wrongdoing. "Of course I feel terrible they lost all their money. My family has lost all of its investments," he said. "I feel very badly for all the people, especially the people here today." Durham, who was led into the courtroom in handcuffs and leg chains and wearing a gray-green prison jumpsuit, had no visible reaction when the judge pronounced his sentence.

    The 50-year-old rocked briefly in his chair afterward and fidgeted with a pen he held with his both his hands, quietly telling Magnus-Stinson "No, your honor" when she asked if he had any questions about his sentence. But he appeared dazed as he was handcuffed and led from the room into the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

    John Tompkins, Durham's lawyer, did not immediately return a call for comment after the sentencing. James Cochran, an associate of Durham, was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison, while accountant Rick Snow received a 10-year sentence. Both Durham and Cochran were taken away in handcuffs to serve their sentences, but Snow was allowed to leave with his family, pending a determination on where he will serve his sentence.

    A jury in June found the three men guilty of securities fraud and conspiracy. It also convicted Durham, a major Indiana Republican Party donor who resigned his post at National Lampoon in January, of 10 counts of wire fraud, while Cochran and Snow were convicted on some of those counts. Prosecutors have said the three stripped Akron, Ohio-based Fair Finance of its assets and used the money to buy mansions, classic cars and other luxury items and to keep another of Durham's company afloat.

    The men were convicted of operating an elaborate Ponzi scheme to hide the company's depleted condition from regulators and investors, many of whom were elderly. Tompkins argued at trial that Durham and the others were caught off-guard by the economic crisis of 2008, and bewildered when regulators placed them under more strict scrutiny and investors made a run on the company. The charges against Durham led several GOP politicians, including Indiana Gov.

    Mitch Daniels, to return hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions sought by Fair Finance's bankruptcy trustee. Attorneys for all three men had asked the judge for lighter sentences than those recommended. Prosecutors had wanted 225 years for Durham, and Tompkins sought a total of five years - three years in prison and two years of home detention.

    Magnus-Stinson said she couldn't give Durham the maximum sentence because it would be as "puffed up" as statements that he held $280 million in assets. But she noted that though he testified that he "felt terribly" for the victims, he had shown no sincere remorse. Magnus-Stinson said she was unmoved by testimony about Durham's generosity over the years, including giving to charities and also to political campaigns. "It's very easy to be generous if you're using someone else's money - and that's what was happening here," she said.

    U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, Joe Hogsett, said Friday's sentencing means families can finally begin putting their lives back together. Barbara Lukacik, 74, an Ohio nun who said she lost $125,000 in the Fair Finance collapse, said she had forgiven Durham and the others but testified before the sentencing that a lengthy sentence was warranted. "If you receive a short sentence - a slap on the wrist, so to say - I do not think it will be enough time for your heart and your conscience to realize your sin and your greed," she said.

    Jane Kalina of Wayne County, Ohio, testified Friday that her 86-year-old father lost more than $170,000 - some of it from the sale of a family farm - that he had invested. She said after the sentencing that she was satisfied, and was particularly pleased by Durham's lengthy sentence. "I think he was the culprit and the sentence fits the crime," she said. "We're happy that he will be very old when he gets out." ___ Associated Press writers Rick Callahan and Ken Kusmer in Indianapolis contributed to this story. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

    All rights reserved.

    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  • Introducing the Finance Team - Nicholson's Transport It s time to meet the Finance Team We felt it was about time you were introduced to the team who manage the purse strings our highly respected and dynamic team of three; Ann Nicholson, Jim Sobotowski and Moira Nicholson. All of the finance team have a dual role, not only managing the Nicholson s Transport accounting and finance, but also managing The Nicholson s Group. It is no surprise the Nicholson name is a strong feature of our finance group; Ann is David s mother, and Moira is David s wife, and also a director with Nicholson s Transport for many years.

    Both Ann and Moira, with David bring their strong quality family values to our company, helping to make Nicholson s a great place to work. Ann has been with Nicholson s since inception, and is responsible for all aspects of banking, payments and payroll. Although Ann is a tiny bit beyond the age of retirement, she shows no signs of slowing down, she only recently gave in to peer encouragement to take one day off each week, even then this is not the case for every week!

    During her time away from the office Ann cn be found gardening or enjoying weekends away and fine dining. Moira has been with Nicholson s for more than nine years, having come from a background in district nursing. Moria is responsible for both the sales and purchase ledgers, as well as managing the unique and difficult area of insurance claims.

    Moira originally started in a part time capacity, but over the years she has taken on significantly more work, culminating in her now working full time. She is now the primary link between accounts and transport departments. When not in the office Moira enjoys spending time with her family, including dog, Meg, keeping fit and shopping!

    Last but in no way least, Jim Sobotowski is the third member of the finance team. Being a relative newcomer to the Finance Department Jim joined the company only eighteen months ago. He does, however, have over 30 years experience in the Haulage industry having worked for R.

    Durham & Sons, and Autocarriers previously in both Management and Financial Accounting roles. Well placed and experienced to take on this role. In his spare time Jim works as a voluntary youth leader, enjoys watching Darlington F.C.

    and spending time with his family and dogs.

    To contact Ann, Jim or Moira, please call 01642 556622

  • Is the Trucking Industry Lacking in Women? With whispers running around the industry of a driver shortage in the next 10-15 years we continue to develop the newest ways to fill those seats, but we may be missing out on the best way to avoid this shortage all together; women. It s apparent that women are still largely underrepresented in trucking-related careers in an industry that has always been viewed as a man s industry . Here s a current breakdown of women in the Canadian trucking and freight transportation industry: Freight claims/safety and loss prevention specialist: 25% Dispatchers: 18% Parts Technicians: 13% Managerial staff: 11% Mechanics, transportation trailer technicians and cargo workers: 3% Truck drivers: 3% Fighting the fight to bring more women to our industry and develop careers for women are SWIFT (Supporting Women in Freight Transportation) and the Women in Trucking Association.

    Formed earlier in 2014 by Trucking HR Canada, SWIFT is a Canadian initiative with a national advisory committee made up of senior managers, directors, presidents and C-level executives. Women in Trucking Association, formed in 2007, is working with SWIFT in hopes that they will learn from WIT and both initiatives work to complement each other. Both initiatives are working towards developing careers and encouraging employment for women in the industry.

    Although we continue to push for a stronger presence in the trucking industry, stereotypes still persist. Some people still view driving a truck as not feminine or that women do not lack the strength or capability of controlling a big-rig. But research does show otherwise; according to statistics, female truck drivers are three times less likely to get into an accident and five times less likely to violate safety regulations than their male counterparts.

    Both males and females measured highest in patience followed by conformity. So why aren t more women attracted to trucking? For one thing, it could be because of the stigma attached to the industry that women have never even considered a career in trucking.

    Some drivers say that it s rare to find women who drive alone; that you ll see them more in husband and wife teams so does that mean family is more of a factor than it is to men? No matter what the reason, it s clear that we need to remove this stigma and start welcoming more women in. To learn how you can help or find out more information on WIT or SWIFT, check out these links; http://womenintrucking.biz/ https://www.truckinghr.com/en/content/supporting-women-freight-transportation We d love to hear what you think of this subject, leave a comment below; or have something you re interested in?

    Let us know!

  • J

  • Jailbreak: Durham to Dusseldorf On a dark and cold morning on Saturday 9 th November 2013 Tom Eaton and myself, along with 90 or so participants, descended upon the Durham Courthouse for a weekend of genuinely spontaneous adventure. Having donned our animal onsies, newly acquired yellow DUCK t-shirts and with our cardboard signs in hand we set off. Our original plan was to blag our way onto a train to Newcastle, find the airport and charm our way on to a flight to some exotic, far-flung corner of the world.

    However, the fear of getting no further than the end of the A1(M) led us to abandon this idea as foolish. So, hitched back down south. Thus, our first morning of our adventure consisted of us spending two hours travelling from Durham to Durham!

    At this point, we were wondering what on earth possessed us to attempt this daft adventure. A further seven lifts, including a lift from a very talkative Romanian truck driver called Alex, some lunch, and a near arrest, for illegally hitchhiking on the motorway later, and we were suddenly just outside London! The ride with Alex was particularly entertaining, as we were bombarded with his life story.

    We were told a vast array of stories, ranging from his childhood in Romania, to his ambitions to own his own trucking company, to some more fantastical ones. Whether they were all true is something that could be debated, but they were certainly entertaining. Another lengthy lift from an incredibly interesting middle-aged man, who had spent over 30 years as a cameraman, and we were suddenly on the cusp of the fabled M20: the hitchhikers yellow brick road to Dover.

    Unfortunately, we still had about 20 or so miles to make it to the motorway. The following four or five hours was a serious test of our resolve, as we were really tested by The Borough Green Debacle . Having walked for an hour in the rain to find a spot from where we could hitch a lift to Dover, we were disappointed as we spent about two hours there in vain.

    At this point we thought about calling it a night. However, a stroke of luck led to us speaking to Chris, a manager at the local Beefeater who was heading toward Maidstone at the end of his shift: a perfect place to launch our advance on Dover in the morning. Not only did Chris offer us a lift, we were also treated to a free pint and plate of chips.

    Having made it to Maidstone, we were soon to find that we were not the only ones to have got that far, particularly in the morning when there seemed to be an influx of teams descending upon it. However, Tom and I had gone mad at this point, so were dancing, singing and acting for the passers-by. I think we forgot that we were trying to get a lift rather than entertain people!

    Luckily one passer-by was taken by our silliness and offered to take us to Dover. Once at the port it took only a moment of courage to approach a group of men buying tickets for the ferry for us to get our 14 th and final lift. It turned out that they were a group of German entrepreneurs from Dusseldorf who had been at a 3D printing expo in London demonstrating their product.

    Needless to say, we were baffled by this technology and proceeded to interrogate them for the next couple of hours. Fortunately the conversation drifted away from printing and towards more pressing concerns: getting my flat mates back for pranking me the night before Jailbreak. Luckily these guys were evil, so I now have some incredible pranks lined up for my unsuspecting flat mates!

    Once in Dusseldorf, we were forced to say an emotional farewell to our new friends, yet a warm hello to the hotel that our sponsors had kindly paid for as a reward for getting so far. At this point, we thought the adventure was over. How wrong we were.

    The following morning was tense from the start. It consisted of leaving my phone at the hotel, failed air miles and a security wrangle over Tom s darts! However, we raced through the airport and made it to the gate just in time for our flight.

    Sweaty, out of breath and sad that our adventure had come to an end, we were treated to the German tradition of a complimentary beer and sandwich aboard the flight: thank you Lufthansa! Having had time to reflect on this weekend, I can truly say that I would recommend it to anyone. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet so many interesting people, many of whom I haven t been able to mention in such a short space.

    It was an eye-opening experience, as we were touched by so many acts of kindness and generosity. All in all, it was an emotional, rewarding and incredibly fun weekend. Rowan is a first year student at Josephine Butler College studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

    Jailbreak is organised by Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK) and Challenges Durham University students to gets as far away from Durham without any money within 36 hours to raise money for charity.

  • June 2013 Drivers of the Month Announced Official Crete Carrier ... 7.Aug.2013 at 7 | justingibson Congratulations to all of the drivers below for being selected driver of the month for their respected terminal. Many elements are considered by the individual fleet managers in their selection for Driver of the Month. Safety, mileage, attitude, and appearance are among the key traits of a true professional and a driver who takes a great deal of pride in their work.

    The qualities you exhibit on the road are exemplary of the type of driver we strive to hire and retain here at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence. Your quality and your ability to apply that to the completion of your job are greatly appreciated by everyone at Crete Carrier Corporation.

    Company Drivers Terminal Location Company Name Kim Andrews Cheyenne, WY Crete Carrier Rod & Debra Ward Cheyenne, WY Shaffer Trucking Joseph West Columbus, OH Crete Carrier Ronald McClain Columbus, OH Shaffer Trucking James Kuser DeLand, FL Crete Carrier Roger Mays DeLand, FL Shaffer Trucking James Vanscoy Greensboro, NC Crete Carrier Christopher Clark Greensboro, NC Shaffer Trucking James Packer Indianapolis, IN Crete Carrier Sirandrew Jennings Kansas City, MO Crete Carrier James King Kansas City, MO Shaffer Trucking Ralph Crisp Knoxville, TN Crete Carrier Linda Roseburg Knoxville, TN Shaffer Trucking Glen MacClure Lincoln, NE Crete Carrier Michael Manatt Lincoln, NE Shaffer Trucking Patrick Jefferson Marietta, GA Crete Carrier Richard Durden Marietta, GA Shaffer Trucking John Visek New Kingstown, PA Crete Carrier Albert Sturton New Kingstown, PA Shaffer Trucking Troy Conley North Platte, NE Crete Carrier Jay Durham Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation Thomas Booth Phoenix, AZ Crete Carrier Christopher Lee Salt Lake City, UT Crete Carrier Rachel Wingo Wilmer, TX Crete Carrier Allen Reid Wilmer, TX Shaffer Trucking Owner Operators Tommy Gottschalk Lincoln, NE Crete / Shaffer Darrell Allumbaugh Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation Tagged: Crete Carrier, Crete News, Hunt News, Hunt Transportation, Shaffer News, Shaffer Trucking ,DOM, Drivers of the Month, June 2013

  • L

  • Life Off Pie | Full Durham First off, MONDAY is the day all your questions will be answered. Monday is when you get: THE RULES! I know, I know ..The anticipation is killing you.

    Well guess what? Deal with it. If I had to wait 5 months when I was 14 for Sylvester Stallone s CLIFFHANGER to come out, you can wait 3 days (the first preview I saw played during the super bowl that year).

    That was an awesome action film!

  • Life with my herd: Nuthin about nuthin and gratitudeThe weekend was a drag...freezing butt cold (high of 26 low of 6) and I spent 2 days pretty much trapped inside trying to get caught up on Tom's paperwork which put me in a really bad mood! Not having to do his paperwork, but we have one company who makes it as hard as they can to get their bills figured up. They stall on giving me the weights for the materials (yet insist that we bill by the ton) and then they stall on giving me the rates per ton.

    So what should take a few hours to do, ends up taking all day....after several months of just trying to get the proper information to do the job. It is sooooooo frustrating! Then to top it off my carpet shampooer quit working.....ARGH!

    OH! AND I got kicked by the one horse I never thought would...KILLIAN! I couldn't beleive it!

    All I was doing was dumping his food out and walked past him to feed Sassy. I think he might have been kicking at her, but still he got me in the hip. I was close enough that he didn't good a full on hit, but I have a bruise for sure.

    BAD BAD PONY! I yelled at him and threw the bucket at him and made him move a way. He needs some work, getting grumpy and rude.

    I did finally insist on getting out of the house and took this lovely picture All I can say is Brrrrrr! My dilemna over the stall size ended up being pointless, as it was so cold we were unable to do anything with them. So everyone still has free run of their perspective pastures.

    It is supposed to be bearable next weekend, so the plan is to just finish them properly. I like that idea much better anyway, so THAT all worked out ok! :) I wanted to get some pics of the ponies in their blankets this morning but my son called and begged me to come jump start his car, which put some serious time constraints on me today. I also found that one of my blankets that I had just bought last year from SStack has not one but two broken leg straps.

    I was not happy about that, as it has barely been used. The straps held but the "buckles" broke. }:-( When it warms up I will have to bring it in and see if it is repairable. Interestingly enough, I thought my horses were fat fat fat (except Danny) But these blankets show that they are all thinner than last winter!

    So that is good. I apologize for my post being such a bummer. In reality I know I am lucky to have the minor problems that I do.

    I do not have to stress over how I will pay my bills, I always know I have a place to lay my head at night. I am healthy, as is the rest of my family. If I am cold when I go outside, it means that my legs work and I am capable of walking outside.

    If I have to go jump start my son's car, it means he is working and being self sufficient, which is more than some kids his age. If I have to sit all day and figure out stupid paperwork, it means I still have my wits about me, I am smart enough to do these things, and I am valuable to the trucking company. I am so lucky to live in wide open spaces where I am happy, and have dog hair to clean up, and horse poop to shovel.

    I am lucky to always have so much to do for it means that I shall never be bored! I am lucky to have a bruise on my hip and not a broken hip or leg. I have much to be grateful for so I need to stop my complaining....life really is good.

    Yeah......life is good!

  • Lifting Equipment Durham If you require a comprehensive Lifting Equipment Durham service, there is only one name to consider in the field-Diamond H Lifting Ltd. Formed with the purpose of service, Diamond H Lifting are part of the renowned Diamond H Haulage company and operate a nationwide lifting service that is second to none. Whether its sales, hire, testing, repairs or management, you get the same high levels of customer satisfaction you would expect from the Diamond H brand.

    Whether it Durham for a lifting equipment enquiry or anywhere in the North East, Diamond H Lifting s expertise, attention to detail and wealth of experience will provide you with the right solution for your needs. We aim to give you total peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction that you are in the hands of accomplished professionals who have your best interests at heart and can provide you with all the help and assistance you expert from a professional lifting company. Diamond H Lifting are experts in lifting equipment Durham, offering the following: safe and cost effective solution for any lifting problem, distributers for major manufacturers of products related to lifting and safety, specialists in providing chains up to 32mm and manufacturers and distributers of industrial lifting devices and rigged hardware for the mining, manufacturing, construction and defence industries.

    Reilable, efficient and reputable, they are the choice of many.

  • Low Bridge Accidents Point to GPS Systems, Federal Standards ... The video on the right portrays 13 trucking accidents occurring under a low bridge in Durham, NC within a 13 month time frame. Unfortunately, these accidents are drastically increasing throughout the country and consumer GPS systems are playing a large role. NY Senator Chuck Schumer addressed the issue last Monday, stating that over 80% of low-bridge accidents in NY were the result of truckers relying on consumer GPS systems to plan their routes, with over 200 of these cases occurring in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County in the last two years.

    1 Whereas commercial GPS systems contain information for truckers, such as bridge clearances, the consumer GPS systems many truckers are utilizing due to lack of knowledge regarding the differences between these units as well as cost (consumer GPS systems range from $100 to $175 while commercial systems can average between $300 to $400) do not provide the same level of detail and often direct trucks into danger zones.

    1 Road Scholar s ShowMe feature allows us to use the Google Maps traffic congestion overlay to see where our trucks are and where traffic may effect delivery in order to choose the best route to avoid delays. Not only do these crashes result in traffic tie-ups, but damage cost, including the customer s freight. According to Schumer, Repairs on the Long Island Expressway alone due to truck- bridge accidents have cost $4.1 million.

    In addition, the state has spent $3 million for 300 bridge warning signs.

    2 The DOT is currently looking into Schumer s request to develop federal standards for truck routing systems as well as conduct an investigation into the increased bridge accidents and for GPS system manufacturers to include warning systems for truck drivers to prevent them from ever getting on parkways illegally.

    1, 3 In 2011, the state of IL passed a law that went into effect this year that would help reduce low-bridge accidents. According to the law: -Local governments would be required to report road restrictions and designations to the state Department of Transportation, which posts a unified list on its web site.

    1 -The DOT is required to prepare a brochure to educate drivers about the problem by explaining the difference between a consumer and a commercial GPS system.

    1 This can be found at http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf_publications/dsd_cdl14.pdf. -The DOT includes material about the distinction between consumer and truck routing systems in its curriculum for its commercial driver s license exam.

    1 If we have the technology to send a truck to Mars, we have the technology to prevent trucks from crashing into bridges, Schumer stated.

    2 Below are the benefits of utilizing a commercial GPS as stated in the IL DOT s brochure. Unlike car GPS units, truck-specific GPS devices take into account road restrictions, type of load carried, truck configuration, and other metrics.

    4 Truck devices help prevent commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) from getting stuck on roads, under bridges or other inappropriate places, thus preventing traffic incidents.

    4 The devices also keep CMVs off of weight-restricted roads and bridges, which in turn protects the integrity of our highways.

    4 They also help to keep hazardous loads off restricted roads, further improving public safety.

    4 Do you feel that federal standards, including warning systems, for truck routing systems need to be developed in order to prevent access onto illegal parkways and low-bridge accidents from trucking companies using consumer GPS systems?

    1 http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-detail.asp?news_id=78126 2 http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-09-24/truckers-directed-by-gps-said-to-hit-new-york-bridges-200-times 3 http://newrochelle.dailyvoice.com/news/schumer-bridge-strikes-threaten-scarsdale-drivers 4 http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf_publications/dsd_cdl14.pdf Tags: bridge accident, DOT, GPS systems, Long Island, ltl quotes, road scholar transport, TL quotes, truck routing system, trucking accidents, trucking industry, trucking news, trucking quotes This entry was posted on Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 2:13 pm and is filed under Freight Quotes, LTL Freight Quotes, LTL freight, Northeast Regional Freight Quotes, Trucking Industry News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response.

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  • Mack adds dealer locations Mack Leasing System recently added 11 member dealer location in the U.S. and Canada. Mack Leasing members provide full-service leasing, short- or long-term rental and service contract customers.

    New locations are listed below. RDO Truck Center Co., Fargo, N.D. Truck & Equipment Corp./MacLease, Inc., Winchester, Va.

    Columbus Truck & Equipment Ctr., LLC/Southeastern Leasing & Rental LLC, Columbus, Ohio Columbus Truck & Equipment Ctr., LLC/Southeastern Leasing & Rental LLC, Marietta, Ohio Mack Sales and Service of Manitoba/Concord Truck Rentals, Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba Mack Sales and Service of Manitoba/Concord Truck Rentals, Inc., Brandon, Manitoba Performance Equipment Ltd./Great Lakes Truck Leasing & Rental, Mississauga, Ontario Cambridge Mack/Great Lakes Truck Leasing & Rental, Cambridge, Ontario London Mack/Great Lakes Truck Leasing & Rental, London, Ontario Mack Sales & Service of Stoney Creek/Great Lakes Truck Leasing & Rental, Stoney Creek, Ontario Mack Sales & Service of Durham Inc./Durham Leasing Systems, Ajax, Ontario

  • Male Arrested After Collision, Flat Bed Trailer Stolen, Ecstacy Seized ... MALE ARRESTED FOR STOLEN VEHICLE AFTER COLLISION (ALNWICK HALDIMAND TWP, ON) - On Sunday April 14, 2013 Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received report of a motor vehicle collision on County Road 2 near Town Line Road in Alnwick-Haldimand Township at approximately 1:00 am. OPP had received previous information regarding the theft of a grey 1997 Buick from a Colborne area residence. Police responded to the collision scene on County Road 2 where they found the stolen vehicle and a male walking in the nearby area.

    The male was found to be on curfew conditions. The male was arrested for breaching his curfew. Police completed a thorough follow-up investigation which resulted in the arrested male being associated to the stolen vehicle.

    Zachery William STACEY, age 19 from Cobourg, Ontario has been charged with following Criminal Code offences: Theft of motor vehicle Possession of property obtained by crime Breach of probation - two counts The accused was held in custody for a bail hearing to be held on Monday April 15, 2013 at the Ontario Court of Justice at 1:30 pm TRACTOR TRUCK AND TRAILER STOLEN OVERNIGHT (COLBORNE, ON) - On Monday April 15, 2013 at approximately 1:30 am Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a report of a stolen tractor trailer unit from a vacant lot in Colborne, Ontario. The trailer contained approximately 22,000 kilograms of pork that was being sent for processing. OPP attended to the location where a male had advised that he had parked the trailer at approximately 7:00 pm on April 14, 2013 at a vacant lot on Purdy Street, only to return at midnight to find that it was gone.

    He checked the neighbourhood prior to calling Police. The 53 foot, tandem axle trailer with no markings was loaded with 25 skids of pork weighing in at approximately 22,000 kilograms. Later, on April 15, 2013 at approximately 7:20 am, the OPP received a report of a stolen 2001 International semi- truck from an Elgin Street property in Colborne.

    Further information was reported to the OPP that the trailer with the pork was recovered in St-Jerome, Quebec where two males were arrested by police. Their connection to the semi-truck and trailer is currently being investigated. The investigation continues by both OPP and St-Jerome Police members.

    STOLEN FLATBED TRAILER FROM COLBORNE (COLBORNE, ON) - On Monday April 15, 2013 Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received report of a stolen flatbed trailer from a trucking compound in Colborne, Ontario. OPP investigated a report of a stolen silver 53 foot flatbed trailer that was parked at Durham Transport over the weekend. The driver had parked it on Saturday April 13, 2013 at about 7:00 pm and returned to find it gone on Monday morning.

    The flatbed trailer was covered by roll tight top and contained 30,000 pounds of stainless steel with an estimated value of $40,000. OPP received information later the same morning that Belleville Police Services are investigating a theft of a semi-truck over the weekend which was recovered with the flatbed trailer in Anjou, Quebec. Both police services are continuing the investigation.

    ECSTACY SEIZED AT RIDE CHECK (COLBORNE, ON) - On Saturday April 13, 2013 members of the Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were conducting a RIDE check on Percy Street south of Purdy Road, Colborne when a vehicle came into the check emitting a strong odour of marihuana. The OPP officers stopped a 2002 green Mazda Prot g on Percy Street and detected the odour coming from the vehicle. They conducted a complete investigation with both male occupants and found a small quantity of ecstasy, 28 individually wrapped marihuana packages and a separate smaller bag of marihuana.

    The estimated street value of the drugs is $850.

    The driver, Ian Donald David ROBERTSON, 24 from Toronto, Ontario was served an appearance notice for possession for the purpose of trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

    The accused is scheduled to attend on Wednesday May 8, 2013 at 9:30 am to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Cobourg

  • Man in court as rural crime crackdown continues A man has appeared in court as police in Hambleton and Richmondshire continue the fight against cross-border crime. The man, aged 31, from the Ferryhill area of Durham, appeared at Northallerton Magistrates' Court on Tuesday 22 October 2013, charged with stealing diesel from a haulage lorry at Gilling West, near Richmond. The man was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday 24 September 2013, after police on Operation Hawk patrols stopped him and searched his vehicle in a lay-by on the A66.

    He denied the offence and is due to stand trial at Northallerton Magistrates' Court on 28 March 2013. Police in the Hambleton and Richmondshire area are supporting North Yorkshire Police's rural crime crackdown by concentrating on stopping cross- border criminals. Dedicated extra patrols are policing the borders of Durham and Cleveland, with officers in marked and unmarked vehicles targeting people who come into North Yorkshire to prey on our communities.

    Temporary Chief Inspector Sarah Jane Sanderson, Deputy Commander for Hambleton and Richmondshire Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "Over the past few months we have had some real successes and arrested offenders from Durham and Cleveland who have been travelling into our area, believing we are an easy target to commit crime. "However, my message to them is that you will not go undetected and with our extra resources, we are creating an iron curtain on our borders. "We will stop you, search you and arrest you if we reasonably suspect an offence will be or has been committed. We also have the full support of members of the public who work with us on Border Watch patrols and regularly join the police on night-time patrols. "The residents of Hambleton and Richmondshire will not tolerate criminals coming into the area to target their homes and business and are working with the police to make life as difficult for them as possible." Operation Hawk Operation Hawk was established at the end of July to protect North Yorkshire's rural communities from the threat of travelling criminals. Officers are using a number of resources to secure the county's borders and ensure that criminals find it very difficult to get into North Yorkshire and out again undetected.

    Residents in isolated areas can also play a big part in Operation Hawk by acting as the police's eyes and ears. Intelligence gained from those communities can help officers to focus resources in the right areas, giving them a better chance of catching rural criminals. Please report suspicious behaviour by calling North Yorkshire Police on 101 - select option 1 - and speak to the Force Control Room.

    If an emergency response is required, always dial 999.

    Information can also be passed on without giving your name by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

    24 October 2013

  • Message to Stan: Keep on trucking - Staffordshire Newsletter HUNDREDS paid tribute to nationally- renowned haulage boss Stan Robinson as he took his final lorry ride through Seighford. Generic Online News 4 The road to St Chad s Church was lined with people who wanted to pay their final respects to the man who put the village on the map but remained true to his roots. More than 600 people attended his funeral on Saturday and fellow entrepre- neur Hilary Devey, founder of pallet firm Pall-Ex and star of TV s Dragon s Den, sent a letter of tribute.

    Mr Robinson died on April 6, aged 70, just a day after he had been told he had cancer. He was taken to his funeral on an American-style truck, emblazoned with the company name and logo. Employees from as far afield as Scot- land and Devon travelled to Seighford for the funeral of their company s founder.

    He began the business in 1970, with just one vehicle, but there are now more than 180 on the road and depots in Glasgow, Devon and Durham. Mr Robinson was also known locally for his charity and community work. He had been a director at Stafford Rangers Football Club and sponsored the club s shirts for many years.

    One of his final community projects was the re-opening of the village s only pub, assisting villagers in their campaign by being a key investor in the Seighford Pub Company. They in turn helped his family on Saturday by assisting with stewarding and car parking. The service at St Chad s Church was led by Reverend Andrew Hetherington.

    Frank Sinatra s anthem My Way was played as the congregation entered the church and Tina Turner s Simply the Best - a song adopted by the company - was played as they left. Hymns included All Things Bright and Beautiful and Lord of the Dance. The eulogy was read by Mr Robinson s daughter-in-law Carole and grandson Matthew.

    He said: Thanks for the amazing trips we had together; every one of them was so special. "As I stand here today words can not describe to me how proud I am of you. You were not just an incredible Grandad but an incredible friend, always be in my heart. Keep on trucking Grandad.

    Mr Robinson is also survived by wife Flo, children Mark, Ian and Pauline, eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and extended family. His brother Gerald, who thanked everyone who attended on Saturday or sent tributes said: A big vote of thanks to everyone who has made a donation in memory of Stan. "Well over 3,000 had been received, which will be shared between Katharine House Hospice, St Chad s Church and The Seighford Pub Company. Stan was a big man with a big heart.

    He was a well respected businessman known throughout the country, whose word was always his bond.

  • MHC Kenworth expands into North Carolina - Truck Parts and Service Murphy-Hoffman Company announced it has acquired 10 dealership and 11 leasing locations in North Carolina from Cooper Kenworth Inc. and Cooper Leasing Inc. MHC s expanded network now includes more than 90 dealership and leasing locations across 11 states.

    For more than three decades MHC has continued to grow, offering our customers more locations and award winning services, says MHC CEO Tim Murphy. We look forward to building upon that tradition as we support customers in our new locations throughout North Carolina. The North Carolina locations sell new Kenworth and Isuzu models, and offer used truck sales, parts and service for all makes and models.

    Locations also include full-service leasing operations through MHC Truck Leasing, which manages more than 4,000 vehicles for a wide range of businesses.

    Facilities are located in Asheville, Concord, Clinton, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Hickory, Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Wilmington, N.C.

    and Olive Branch, Miss.

  • N

  • New Transport Team - Cardinal Maritime - Freight consolidation news Complementing our market-leading LCL import & export services we now have a growing fleet of Captain branded vehicles on the road in the UK.

    In line with our commitment to innovation our dedicated transport team have now gone live with our new IT transport module to assist them in their endeavours.

    This should ensure the most efficient use of our vehicles & provide our loyal clients with significant cost savings through better utilisation of vehicles while enabling us to continue our green pledge in further reducing our carbon footprint.

  • New Trucking Electronic Hours-of-Service Record Rule Proposed ... In April, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) proposed rules to require interstate commercial truck and bus companies to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in their vehicles to provide a more accurate record than that of paper records of duty status (RODS). The new rules would not only improve safety measures, they are meant to help streamline record-keeping. Essentially the rules intend to reduce hours-of-service (HOS) violations by making it harder for drivers to falsify their time on logbooks and avoid detection by FMCSA and law enforcement.

    Most important, studies show it will help reduce crashes by fatigued drivers and prevent an estimated 20 fatalities and 434 injuries each year.The Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, supersedes a prior 2011 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to electronic on-board recorders. It includes provisions to: -Increase efficiency for law enforcement personnel and inspectors who review driver logbooks by making it more difficult for a driver to misrepresent information when submitting their records of duty status and ensuring the electronic logs can be displayed and reviewed electronically, or printed, with potential violations flagged. -Record the distance traveled and the driver s duty status. The devices will automatically record the date, time, and location of the CMV at each change of duty status and at intervals of no greater than 60 minutes while the CMV was in motion. -Protect drivers from harassment by companies through an explicit prohibition against harassment by a motor carrier.

    The prior version of the rule (vacated by a federal court) spawned concerns about pressures on drivers to exceed hours of service limints and inappropriate communications that would affect drivers rest periods.

    More than 12% of the 129,120 crashes involving large trucks and buses druing 2012 is attributed to impaired or fatigued driving.

    The rules would take effect during 2016.

  • Norfolk man jailed for his part in 10m cigarette smuggling case ... David Lister True value of smugglers crime may never be known - Newcastle Crown Court told A Norfolk man has been jailed for his part in a 10m cigarette smuggling ring involving a former police officer. More than 21 containers arrived at Felixstowe, Suffolk, from ports in Dubai, Singapore, Turkey and Greece before David Lister, 49, of Lakeside Caravan park, near Downham Market, used fake documents to collect the cargo and transport it to the region. Appearing at Newcastle Crown Court today, haulage worker Lister had admitted he collected 11 of the containers and had helped organise the collection of a further five.

    He was jailed for two years after admitting evading tax duty. Gary Thompson, 43, of Castle Eden in County Durham, a former acting sergeant with Cleveland Police was jailed for six years after admitting the same charge. Anthony Lamb, 50, of Coxhoe, also in County Durham, had denied the charge but was found guilty and sentenced to five years.

    Thompson and Lamb used their knowledge of the legal system to evade millions of pounds of duty, producing letterheads and fake email addresses to hijack around 16 North East businesses as a front to hide the scam from the authorities. Judge David Wood, at Newcastle Crown Court, said: One of the principle problems of this type of offending is the damage to corner store traders who are trying to make a living. Because of this type of crime they lose their jobs and they lose their businesses.

    It was a large and sophisticated conspiracy to import cigarettes from abroad. The loss in VAT was considerable. The hope of all of this was to make large profits and I don t believe any of you would put your liberty at risk for anything less.

    Over a three-year period the gang tricked freight agents by setting up a string of aliases under the fake name David Wilson and hijacking companies with telephone lines and email addresses. In total officers from HM Revenue and Customs intercepted 21 shipments and they discovered the gang had carried out dummy runs by importing six shipments of paving slabs. When they seized a further seven of the huge containers they discovered a haul of 59,560,000 cigarettes which evaded VAT just short of 11m.

    But prosecutors claim they may never know the true value of the cigarettes because eight of the containers were never found. They estimated those shipments may have represented another 10m in lost revenue. Thompson, Lamb and Lister were arrested on March 5, 2010.

    Porsche-driving Thompson, who lived in a five-bedroom home with his wife, said he had run up debts of more than 120,000 after a career in the armed forces and the police. Mark Stephenson, representing Thompson, said: He served in Her Majesty s armed forces for seven years and he saw active action in the Gulf War. He is a man of exemplary character and served his country before his fall from grace.

    Lamb s legal team claim he became embroiled in the scam so that he would take the blame for his crooked friends.

    Jeremy Barnett, defending Lamb, said: There is clear evidence he was taken advantage of by his co-accused to distance them from surveillance.

    Heidi Cotton, defending Lister, said: Picking up the containers and moving them from A to B was the limit of his involvement.

  • North Carolina Cop Admits in Court to Lying About 911 Call to Enter ... Durham An unidentified police officer in Durham, North Carolina, reportedly testified in federal court that he lied to a resident, claiming there was a 911 call from the home when there hadn t been, in order to enter the house, and claimed this was standard practice in his department. Durham s police chief, Jose Lopez, is shocked this is happening in the department, and claims it s the only time it s ever happened. Via the local ABC affiliate: "Effective immediately," Lopez wrote in a memo obtained by ABC11, "No officer shall inform a citizen that there has been a call to the emergency communications center, including a hang up call, when there in fact has been no such call." ABC11 spoke with Chief Lopez by phone while he attended an FBI Training Institute in Washington D.C.

    Lopez denied the officer's claims that lying to get consent to enter a home is a common practice. "This has never occurred," said Lopez. "We want to find out what...led him the officer to believe that this is something he should do." The officer does not appear to have been placed on administrative leave or suspended, though the chief insists disciplinary action is possible if the claim is true, though he didn t specify if there would be disciplinary action if the claim weren t true and the cop was therefore have found to have lied under oath.

  • North State Ag, Trucking Industry Gives CARB Reps an Earful - KHSL"Burn down out cities, but leave our farms alone." That was the message from one angry small business owner, who said that new diesel regulations will ruin the North State agriculture and trucking industries. Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Linda) organized the town hall Thursday night in order to allow business owners the chance to vent their frustrations. They say new diesel emissions regulations will cost jobs, raise prices on consumers, and put many small business owners out of business.

    Randy McLaughlin, owner of Old Durham Wood, an orchard removal specialist, says he's already let go of two workers and retired two trucks that weren't in compliance with standards that went into effect last week. He says, "Two of my trucks have been taken out of service in order for me to stay in compliance." He adds that when the next round of even more strict standards are rolled out in 2014, more small business owners won't be able to afford to keep up. He says, "When those deadlines pass, those single truck owners will be out of business." McLaughlin and other North State business owners say they are frustrated that they're having to retrofit or retire equipment that is legal in other states.

    They argue that trucks from Nevada and other states will be able to use California roads without having the meet the new standards. Assemblyman Logue said he was inspired by the turnout and the level of passion. Said Logue, "We have people's lives on the line.

    Because of regulations, we have to fight with everything we have to protect these jobs." Erik White, the only member of CARD allowed to speak to the media at Thursday's meeting said he planned to convey the issues he heard to the board in Sacramento, but couldn't promise they would ease up on their restrictions.

    He said, "I think we all heard a very good dose of concern and frustration in the industry, and it's our intention to take that back to them."

  • Not Firing On All Cylinders: Travels with Harley(with apologies to John Steinbeck) I rode to Durham NC for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation's 2012 Meeting Of The Minds.

    2613 miles on a 1990 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. My daily commute is 20 miles, so this was the equivalent of 130 days of commuting, most of it at 65 MPH or more. Some thoughts from the road: My seat is approximately 47 years old.

    The bike's seat is approximately 22 years old. Before the next long trip one of them is going to be changed. I'm betting on the bike seat.

    I don't mind when my Harley marks its territory, but when it does it on my jeans it becomes a problem. The rocker box gaskets I planned to do this winter during chrome polishing season suddenly moved up in priority. As I was riding down I-64 in eastern Kentucky, I wondered why the on-ramps were always on curves.

    Later it occurred to me that it was because there weren't enough straight sections of I-64 to accommodate the on-ramps! Speed limit signs in the Durham NC area are apparently suggestions, or perhaps recommended minimums. Indiana has found a way to keep roads from buckling in summer heat: generous expansion joints.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the year, when the roads contract, there are corresponding gaps. At 70 MPH on a motorcycle, it feels like riding over a 2x4 every 15 feet or so. I knew I was back in Iowa when I started seeing evidence of road-killed deer and started meeting wind generator blades and tower sections on trucks heading east on I-80.

    Speaking of wind generators, I have deduced the reason for locating them along I-80. There's never any shortage of energy to drive them! Speaking further of wind generators, maybe it's me but it seems a waste to have wind generator parts meeting each other on the Interstate.

    Seriously...instead of trucking a blade from west to east at the same time a blade is being trucked from east to west, why not arrange to use the parts in the west on the project in the west and vice-versa?

    It was a great trip, and a great conference, and I can't wait to do it again!

  • O

  • OBITUARIES: Markin, Hogan, Quinn | McKinleyville Press Robert Markin Robert Markin of Crescent City and McKinleyville, died Feb.

    11, 2013. Born in Detroit, Michigan Feb.

    20, 1931, to Metha Fleischer Markin and Morris Markin, it was in the state of Washington that he spent his childhood, first at the foot of Mount Rainier in the little town of Burnett, where he caught fish with his hands in the creek below the coal mine where his grandfather had lost his life in an explosion. When his parents separated, he lived with his mother and sister Marilyn in Tacoma and built his first racecar, a go-cart he raced down the hill into the city streets.

    Moving to West Riverside, California, in 1946, Bob worked at Palaneck s Service Station to help support his mother and sister and met his lifelong friend Whit Caleb Whitbeck at Central Junior High School. In high school he and Whit received flying lessons as pay for their work at the West Riverside Airport at a rate of one hour flying lesson for ten hours work. He soon joined the Civil Air Patrol, an experience that would lead him into service in the California Air National Guard as a radar operator.

    Robert went on active duty in the Air Force as radar operator and then as military police during the Korean War. On his return, he worked for the California Department of Forestry as a forest fire truck driver, and joined the Riverside Police Department in 1955 as a motorcycle traffic officer. In 1965 he became a California Highway Patrol officer and served for ten years in Riverside and Northern Humboldt County.

    From 1970 to 1975 Robert served as Petty Officer in the Coast Guard Reserves aboard the Sunrise and other vessels, out of Brookings Coast Guard Station, from St. Georges Reef to Cape Mendocino. In 1975 he owned the Ocean Grove lodge, restaurant and bar in Trinidad for a short time, then worked as a commercial salmon fisherman for eight years as captain of the Wayward Wind and the Pisces.

    Moving off the ocean to manage Decker s Oceanside Lodge in Trinidad on a fulltime basis, he met and married his wife Valerie and with her started Markin Trucking in 1986 as an independent operator hauling lumber throughout California, along with several generations of his boxer dogs as co-pilots. An avid racer, Bob drove a midget in the first Riverside 400 in the 1950s, then drove dirt and asphalt late model stock cars in Northern California. His last racecar was a Thunder Roadster that he raced until the age of 75.

    In 2005 he bought the American Maid in Crescent City, ran it as a pleasure boat and registered it as a commercial salmon boat. The boat was sunk in the March 2011 tsunami, but Bob doggedly repaired another bigger boat that he renamed the American Maid, and it floats proudly in the harbor. Bob led a life of adventure, hard work, and patriotic pride, with dry humor and a tender heart.

    He is survived by his wife Valerie, his son Robert, brother Paul Decker, sister Marilyn Whitbeck, niece Barbi Whitbeck, grand-nephew Will Melson, and nephew Dustin Decker. He leaves behind two lonely boxers, Duchess and Seagram. A graveside service was conducted on Tuesday, Feb.

    19th at 2 p.m. in Crescent City by the Marine Honor Guard at the Del Norte Veterans Cemetery, 400 Cooper St., Crescent City. After the service friends and family are invited to proceed to the oceanside parking lot of the Brother Jonathan Memorial, at 9th and Pebble Beach Dr.

    in Crescent City, to feed the birds, as Bob always liked to do, and then to a gathering in his memory up the street at 1375 S. Pebble Beach Dr. Contributions may be made in Bob s name to Paralyzed Veterans of America or to the National Rifle Association.

    Contributions may be made in Bob s name to Veteran s of Foreign Wars at vfw.org. or National Rifle Association of American, 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, OR 22030 or 800-392-8683. Audrey June Pru Hogan Audrey June Pru Hogan Passed in Eureka, California on Thursday Feb 7, 2013.

    Pru was born in Birmingham, England on March 29, 1933 to Ernest and Hilda Hurlbutt, one of nine brothers and sisters. As a young girl of 6 she was evacuated during World War II with her younger sister Mags to a farm in the Cotswolds countryside and was only reunited with her family at the age of 10, after the end of the war. She finished her school years in Birmingham and began her working years there at the age of 17 at a local Swiss chocolate maker and later as secretary to the manager of a cinema.

    She was a beautiful seamstress and made clothes for the whole family. Her older sister Elizabeth had come to the US and married and in 1971 Pru came to the US to live with her and work as a nanny to the Prat family. She left them when she met and married her husband, Edmund Hogan and they began their life together in 1975 in Elko, Nevada where they lived for a short time.

    Later that year they came to Eureka where they happily settled, the cool weather reminding Pru of her English home. Ed and Pru spent many happy years together, traveling in their motor home, going to the beach and exploring the area and buying their home. Pru devotedly cared for and nursed Ed during his final years of illness and missed him terribly after his death in 1987.

    For many years she supported herself doing custom sewing and alterations and many area weddings were adorned by the beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses she created. Family and friends around the country looked forward to receiving the wonderful shortbread she baked over the holidays each year. She retired in 1998 and spent happy hours enjoying her home, garden and pets.

    Pru was a dog person and always had a dog in her home, rescuing them from shelters and enjoying the love and companionship they gave her. In 2004 her sister Elizabeth developed Alzheimer s disease and other health problems and Pru spent almost a year in Flagstaff, AZ helping to stabilize her. They came back to Eureka together in 2005 with Elizabeth improving with Pru s care and moving to Timber Ridge; for over five years Pru continued to provide constant care to Elizabeth until her death in 2010.

    In those years her own health changed and she moved to her mobile home in McKinleyville which suited her perfectly. In 2008 Pru met her husband Ed s son, Craig Scott and enjoyed their bond which grew over her last years; Craig s presence and care in her life made it possible for her to continue to live independently which was very important to her. A strong, independent and determined woman she did it her way, always.

    Pru will be much missed by her stepson Craig Scott of Arcata and her little dog Charlie, her special niece Clare Hodgkiss and husband Stuart of Birmingham, UK and her friends Gayle and Carlos Dominguez of Eureka and Deborah Evans of Eureka. She was preceded in death by her sisters, Janet Hurlbutt and Elizabeth Hoag; and is survived by her brothers and sisters Gordon Hurlbutt, John Hurlbutt, David Hurlbutt, Margaret Cooper, Dorothy Freeth and Hilda Passant all of the Birmingham, UK area; and brother Robert Hurlbutt of Flagstaff, AZ; and many nieces and nephews in the UK and the US. A family memorial gathering will be held in Birmingham.

    If you wish to make a memorial gift we suggest The Sequoia Humane Society or a local animal rescue organization in memory of Pru s special bond over the years with her dogs. William C. Billy Quinn Sr.

    William C. Billy Quinn Sr. recently passed away on February 9, 2013 at St.

    Joseph Hospital with his family lovingly holding his hand. Ole Great Spirit and Great Creator is taking him to the other side to meet with family that s already left. Billy was born in San Francisco on October 10, 1947 to Herman and Esther Quinn.

    He was a lifelong resident of Humboldt County. At a young age, his parents and other siblings moved back to their homestead at Tully Creek on the Klamath River. Billy comes from a strong Yurok Indian Heritage and was a very proud man.

    His first schooling began at Martin s Ferry, a small one room on the side of the mountain. He attended Hoopa and Eureka Elementary and graduated from Eureka Senior High in June 1967. Billy excelled in baseball, football and wrestling.

    During his growing up years, Billy often worked and learned the logging business that his father and uncle owned. In 1964 the Quinn home was lost to a fire and in 1965 to the flood. The family was forced to move to Eureka.

    Later after graduation, Billy met up with his high school friend, Verna Anderson, and they were married 5 years later in Fortuna. They moved back to Eureka and had 2 children, Marilyn and Billy Jr. Billy then went to work for his father s business, Quinn s Ocean Greenery in McKinleyville.

    While working there, Billy and his family were waiting for their dream home being built in Trinidad, where they lived for 19 years, until his death. Billy retired after 13 years as a security guard at Cheri-Heights, due to illness. He loved his work; he loved life; and lived to the fullest.

    His wife and children were always his top priority. Billy loved to visit his family, his friends and just talk to people in general. He looked forward and never backwards.

    Never in a hurry, but if he was at your house! and asked if he wanted a cup of coffee! He would always answer, Yea, I ll have a fast cup!

    Billy always had a big bright smile for anyone. And if he thought someone was angry, he would say, Don t let your jaws get tight. He was a hard worker throughout his life; and even a harder player!

    He loved chasing his kids, nieces and nephews in water balloon fights. He would put his water balloons on ice. His hobbies were doing his puzzle books; he loved music and driving his white 1966 classis super sport, going to the stock car races with his family.

    But most of all, he loved the San Francisco 49ers. Billy is survived by his wife, Verna, of 39 years; his daughter Marilyn; his uncle Kenneth Quinn; kissin cousins Trudi, Bert, Nathan, Lillian III Quinn; sister Eleanor Brissette; brother-in-law and sister-in-law Kenneth and Kathy Anderson of Idaho; his adopted daughter and granddaughter Katryna and Tori of Fortuna. Billy has relatives up and down the California and Oregon Coast; some in Guam.

    Some of his nieces include Rhonda, Cyndi, Lillian, Leena, Shania, Nicole, Sky, Lisa, Amber, Mariah, Crystal, Ashley, Arenia, Danielle, Angel, Quilaway; his nephews Raymond, Pete, Duane, Daniel, Charles, Forrest Sr., Forrest Jr., Pete Jr., Herman, Herman Jr., Michael, Michael Jr., Joey, Joey Jr., Kendel, Zack and Decoda; cousins Brinda, Star, Janice, Millie Ann and other relatives to numerous to mention. He was preceded in death by his son William Quinn Jr.; parents Herman and Esther Quinn; grandparents George and Lillian Quinn; brother Richard Quinn; sister Jacquline Hayden; aunt Eleanor Stanley; cousin Norman Quinn and great-niece Michelle Brissette. The family of Billy wishes to express our deep sense of gratitude to St.

    Joseph Emergency Room and the Intensive Care Unit.

    All of the doctors and nurses for their compassion, quick and endless care to save our Billy.

  • OBITUARIES: Niel, Calvert | McKinleyville Press Leslie Anne Niel Leslie Anne Niel Was born Oct.

    6, 1942 in Oakland, Calif., to Russell and Florabelle (Youngstrom) Niel and passed away on April 20, 2013 in McKinleyville, Calif. at the age of 70. Leslie was raised in Pinole, Calif.

    with her brother Tony Niel. She was a graduate of De Anza High School. As a young woman Leslie worked in San Francisco in the insurance industry with the Insurance Claims Association.

    In later years Leslie attended and graduated from Feather River College in 1985 with an Associates of Science Degree and Humboldt State University in 1991 with an Art Degree and became a teacher. She worked as a 5th grade teacher in Hoopa, California. While teaching at Hoopa she was awarded a week-long study trip to NASA.

    Leslie was preceded in death by her daughter Julia Anne Terrini. She is survived by her son James Niel Terrini and daughter Julie Lin (Towne) Conrad; along with five grandchildren, Nick and Adam Terrini, Isabella Terrini, Brittany and Alaina Conrad. She is also survived by her brother Tony Niel, and his children, Andy Niel, Jennifer (Niel) Neely and Mike Niel.

    Leslie was a world traveler, she enjoyed visiting and learning about the many countries and their cultures. Leslie was an accomplished artist and enjoyed working in many mediums. She was able to live at home until the end of her life due to her dear friend and caretaker Chris Patterson.

    A memorial is to be held on June 1 at 1 p.m. at Ocean West Clubhouse, 1090 Murray Rd. McKinleyville.

    Irene Jeanette Calvert Irene Jeanette Calvert, Shorty, passed away peacefully at her son s home, May 6, 2013 at the age of 85, after a lengthy illness. Irene was born November 13, 1927 to Otto and Mary Timm in Wilsonville, Illinois. She came to California with her husband Paul and settled in Orick in 1948.

    It is here she remained for the past 65 years in the home she and Paul built together. Irene and Paul owned and operated P.L. Calvert Trucking for over 40 years.

    She kept books for their company during this time. Irene is survived by her children Paula Strating-Brockhage (Jimmy) of Petaluma, CA and Paul Calvert Jr. (Melody) of Orick, CA; brother Otto Timm (Alice); brother in-law Avelle Calvert; five grandchildren Angela Thuemler (Kevin), Duane Strating Jr. (Amanda), Crystal McCullough (Dusty), Rebecca Calvert (Louise) and Amelia Calvert (Ryan). She is survived by eleven great-grandchildren, the youngest grandson being born on the day of her death, so the circle of life continues.

    She is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews. During her lifetime Irene was a member of the Orick Garden Club, The Redwood Creekers, The Women s Auxiliary for Orick V.F.D. and the Seniors Organization.

    For many years Irene enjoyed bowling with her teammates. She was passionate about music, singing and dancing. She loved penny slot machines, traveling and the San Francisco Giants.

    She loved life. Irene will be deeply missed by all who loved her. A special thank you to Hospice of Humboldt, her nurse Candice and social worker, Karin for their exemplary service; to her companion Don Chambers; her care givers Barbara Boeuzli, Melody Calvert and Alice Timm.

    In lieu of flowers friends may contribute to Hospice of Humboldt, The American Heart Association or a charitable organization of their choice. Services were held Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Paul s Chapel, 1070 H. St., Arcata, CA 95521.

    Private interment took place at Ocean View Cemetery, where she was laid to rest with her husband, Paul.

  • OBITUARY: Marvin Roper Marvin Roper Marvin Roper passed away at home on May 1, 2013 of pancreatic cancer. Marvin was born in Gould, Oklahoma on March 10, 1937 to I.J. (Jack) and Minnie Roper; he was the 6th of seven children. He moved to McKinleyville with his family in 1954 and attended Arcata High School, graduating in 1955.

    There he met the love of his life, Lois, and they were married in 1957. They had two children, Joy and Gay. Marvin worked as a mechanic, first in the local trucking industry for Rochlitz Trucking and Joe Costa Trucking.

    After that he worked at O Neill s Carburetor and Auto Electric in Arcata. In 1980 he opened his own shop, Marv s Electric Diesel and Auto, in Arcata. He enjoyed being his own boss until his retirement in 2000.

    After his retirement he took up his model train hobby again. He spent many hours building his layout and enjoyed running the trains for family and friends. One of Marvin s greatest pleasures was the time he spent with his grandchildren; and he and Lois enjoyed the time they spent at Willow Creek.

    He was known the world over for his Peach Fuzzes. Marvin is survived by his wife Lois, daughter Gay, son-in-law Ron Sutter, his grandchildren: Michelle Sutter, Lucas Hylton, Victoria Sutter, Sara Hylton, Sarah Jones and his great-granddaughter who brought him so much enjoyment these past two and half years, Evelyn Hylton. He is also survived by two brothers, Joe Roper and Denzil Roper; two sisters, Lanore Maurer and Becky Wolverton; and numerous nieces and nephews.

    He was preceded in death by his daughter Joy, his parents Jack and Minnie Roper, two sisters, Myrtle Metcalf and Thetis Sulser.

    A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date along with a private interment service.

    In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Hospice of Humboldt, the Salvation Army or a charity of your choice.

  • Our Friends Answer: How Do You Celebrate Your Cancerversary ... Cancerversary: For most people, the anniversary of the day she was diagnosed with cancer. Because every woman s experience and decisions around a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment are so different some jump headfirst into being a breast cancer advocate, some prefer to keep their situation private, and all experiences in between we were curious about cancerversaries. So our community moderators asked the wonderful people in our Discussion Boards: How do you celebrate?

    It is a day like any other. I note, in passing, that it s been another year and then I just keep moving forward. No celebration needed, as I already have the best gift: I m still alive.

    SelenaWolf I usually don t celebrate it, but might mention it to my sister or post about it on a thread on BCO. Bren-2007 This year I celebrated my one year cancerversary with my family. My husband gave me a dozen roses and then the 5 of us went out to dinner.

    Pretty simple celebration but much appreciated. mrenee68 For the first time, this year my cancerversary came and went without my realizing it! It has been three and a half years since my diagnosis.

    My celebration is a full life back on track, no matter what the future holds. I also celebrate my gift of life by focusing on the women who are in treatment so they are never alone. LtotheK I know the philosophy behind celebrating a cancerversary, but I just can t jump on board.

    The day I learned of my initial biopsy findings was a day filled with shock, fear, and foreboding. I do not celebrate it. On both the anniversaries of October 20, 2011, I spent a few moments reflecting on how much I ve learned about myself through this hand-to-hand combat, and how happy I am to be alive.

    Then I get on with my day. sbelizabeth Give thanks, and hope for another year. SunflowersMA This past September was a year since my mastectomy which followed with chemo and radiation.

    I wanted to give back to all of my family, friends and neighbors who supported me through my journey so I invited everyone to my house. In addition to the great food which I prepared, I wrote a personal thank you note to all! Even my beloved Sheba got a personal thank you!

    We all enjoyed the food and company plus some of my guests were meeting each other for the first time. I plan to make this a yearly event! MAPallotta I celebrated the last two very quietly.

    The first one was a mountain climb and the second was a very long multi-miles hike. I m afraid to celebrate outwardly I guess I m too superstitious. claireinaz I would celebrate the cancerversary of the 1st mx (10/24/96) with so much joy that I was still here.

    Gradually, I forgot the exact date and just remembered it was in October. The 2nd mx was 10/31/12 Halloween! The nurses were wearing funny headbands and jewelry.

    Told them I didn t want to wake up to angels or devils! It will be difficult to ever forget the date again.

    2nd_time_around I just passed my 1st year Anniversary without any celebration, just reflecting on how fast the past year flown and how much my life has changed since that mammogram call back, but surprisingly, not in a bad way. I ll be forever grateful for the wonderful Technicians who have come into my life, and for the latest technology that discovered and then biopsied my problem and then my SNB.

    To the Surgeon and the Medical team who gave me options, and then followed my wishes, taking great care of me and keeping me informed when my results came in. Then giving me a long term plan to follow. I have felt a shift, I know I ll never be the same person that stumbled into this, a year ago, but I have learned so much along the way, and this site has been instrumental in getting me through some fearful times.

    I appreciate being able to Pay it Forward ! Ariom We planted a peach tree. I explained to everyone that it meant I was hopeful that I would be around to harvest the fruit.

    It seemed fitting to me. Might just plant something every year as a way to celebrate. lovelikecrazy I celebrate everything cancer related with a big old middle finger to it!

    I know that isn t inspiring, but it makes me feel really good. MsPharoah I don t. Having been diagnosed with a second breast cancer 19 years after my first, I know that as breast cancer survivors we are never out of the woods.

    The celebration will start the day we learn how to prevent or cure this disease for good. JoanQuilts I celebrate every single day that I am here, got through cancer, and onto a wonderful new phase of my life. Last year s adventure was vineyard camping, something I never would have done prior to my move to Seattle.

    I think my one year s was a friends moving party where I was the only one who showed up to help. My next milestone will be the five year mark, and not sure what adventure I will choose. Since it s Labor Day, I will pick something for that weekend.

    It could be back to the vineyard, but with better camping gear. I celebrate my birthday even more, since these are ones that would not have happened otherwise. I have a major one coming up a year from February, and I am thinking about hut skiing.

    Notice that I will be able to burn off anything I consume, and I will need to carry in whatever food I choose to have. I celebrated doing today s rainy ride by having TWO croissants at the bakery where I stopped. The other cyclists had bailed ..but guess what?

    I feel wonderful. Claire_in_Seattle Interesting reading! Like slv58 I wondered what is celebrated: The diagnosis?

    The end of all active treatment? The next mammogram that says all clear ? And I realize that whatever you choose is perfect and wonderful!

    When I turned 40 I marked it by running a marathon. When I turn 50 this May I am not sure what I will do but it will be also 1 year post surgery (so technically cancer-free, even though I still had radiation to get through) and I feel that might be the time to celebrate. I may take a page out of MAPallota s book and host a gratitude party for those that supported me along my crazy cancer journey!

    However it plays out I say Be well, Live Happy. gmn_canada I just had my one year cancerverssary yesterday and I did not really acknowledge it at all. I just want to forget this past year happened.

    Although I am still suffering the side effects of Aromasin as a reminder, I want to put it in my past and just keep trucking forward. My hubby gave me an extra squeeze yesterday when I mentioned it and that was it. Oh, and I ate pizza for dinner, diet be damned!

    LOL april485 I take the cancerversary from the date of my mx. Last May was 1 year, and I d gotten the stage iv dx a couple of months before, so didn t even think of celebrating anything. This year I think a barbecue at home with close friends who are sharing this journey with me.

    And to give thanks for being alive and still able to enjoy my life! Carolben I am only one year out from chemo so I don t celebrate. I just try to forget it.

    I might think of celebrating when it s 5 years or more. That s still so far away. I pray to God please don t let me face cancer again in my life.

    JulieMI I don t know the exact date I was diagnosed, just that it was mid August. I don t celebrate because anniversaries to me are happy and that was not happy. The darkest day ever.

    I do reflect on important and special moments that have happened since and tell myself how fortunate I am to be here to enjoy them. rozem My 5 year cancerversary ( 1st time) we went to the Oregon Coast the motel had chocolates and sparkling cider and even a card!! Plus our friend send me a beautiful bouquet !!

    But now I m at square one again.

    2002 mastectomy LT 2006 found a lump on the mastectomy site yup it s back, chemo rads and all the bad stuff. fast forward to 2013 rt breast small amounts of IN SITU and calcification and thanks to health care reform as of 1-1-14 I would have no insurance SO I hurry up and have a mastectomy. (and more side affects than the 1st) Now my cancerversary will be Dec not Nov!! LOL tdbear I always forget and the date just slips by unnoticed.

    I just try to live the life I learned how to live having gone through a BC dx, which is significantly different than the life I was living before. Some parts of the new life suck, but most of it is WAY better. Blessings2011 I am two years out from dx as of 1/27/2014 and one year out from finishing chemo today, 2/1.

    Two years out from bmx in March. I don t really feel like celebrating any of it, just marking those days, reflecting on .everything. Maybe I will celebrate my DIEP day, when it felt like I got something back that I lost, I don t know.

    Jeannie57 Every year on my anniversary, I make a collage with random thoughts and pictures I ve found that speak to me. Here s my current, year 3, collage. Hipline Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer I had on TWO occasions life saving operations.

    I never celebrated the anniversaries of my operations, nor do I celebrate the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Quite frankly, I ve never been into dates relating to illnesses and can t even recall the dates of all of my illnesses. Then again, I m not into celebrating my birthday or wedding anniversary either.

    The DH has had numerous lifesaving operations, including emergency cardiac bypass surgery. Why make a big deal about anniversaries? In my book, every day that both of us are alive is a blessing .

    voraciousreader I use the date of my mastectomy 1/28/2008. For my five year anniversary I had dinner with my family and a few friends. I gave them each personalized notes and pink M&M s with my anniversary date.

    This past week for my 6 yr anniversary I just wanted to have dinner with my mother and sister, did not make a big deal of it. steffief I m one of the ones who actively celebrate that anniversary. It s not that I am celebrating cancer in any way, shape, or form.

    For me I m celebrating the fact that every day that I m alive represents a small victory in the battle against this terrible disease, and every anniversary represents another milestone in that battle. I understand the terrible tenacity of this disease (my mom died of b/c). I fully understand that I could recur at any time, so the fact that I m alive now feels like a victory to me.

    As a bit of background to my attitude, 15 years ago my husband was given a diagnosis of a fatal disease, and was told that at best he might survive for 4 years. He took an experimental treatment and was cured within the year. Four years later, when we were supposed to be having his funeral, he was alive and thriving.

    To celebrate that victory, I threw a wake for him. We rented a suite at a minor league baseball game and invited all our friends and relatives who had been so supportive. I even arranged with the team for him to throw out the first pitch.

    We laughed and celebrated that he was alive, and that we had our loving friends and family around us. He loved every bit of it, and we still celebrate every year that he s alive. NatsFan Do any of these women s experiences and thoughts about cancerversaries resonate with you?

    Do you celebrate?

  • P

  • Pike: Hard work pays off for Durham's Randall"; document.getElementById('premiumMsg').innerHTML = contentStr; document.getElementById('premiumMsg').style.display = "block"; } else if (userSingleSale == "Reguser") contentStr = "" + userStoriesViewed + " of 10 clicks used this month UPGRADE your account for full access to SeacoastOnline.com "; document.getElementById('premiumMsg').innerHTML = contentStr; document.getElementById('premiumMsg').style.display = "block"; else if (userSingleSale == "PREMIUM01") document.getElementById('premiumMsg').style.display = "none"; February 11, 2014 2:00 AM As the pucks were being dispersed on the ice for pre-game warmups Saturday night, Ryan Randall picked one out and was about to take a shot on an empty net when Dan Correale tried to spoil the long-awaited moment. "He was trying to lighten the mood," a smiling Randall said later. Understandably anxious, Randall was less than an hour away from making his college debut for the University of New Hampshire hockey team on the same rink where he starred for Oyster River High School. After nearly three years of early morning workouts, late afternoon practices and long road trips with no reward at the end the week, the Durham native was finally going to dress for a regulation game.

    Randall learned Saturday morning at the team breakfast he was going to be in the lineup for that night's game against Vermont at the Whittemore Center. The unexpected news prompted an impromptu rush of adrenaline. "There wasn't really any indication from the coaches at all," Randall said, "but you've always got to be ready, especially when we had a tough game like we did (Friday) night. You've always got to mentally prepare and treat every night like you're going to be in the lineup the next day because you never know." After waiting almost three years to see his name on a college line chart, the junior defenseman (No.

    46 in your program) took his first shift midway through the first period. "He deserved it," said coach Dick Umile. "He's a pretty good player. He's really respected by the coaches and players. I'm happy for him." Randall was paired with sophomore Brett Pesce on defense with the first line of Kevin Goumas, Dalton Speelman and Matt Willows up front.

    Randall, taking a pass from Goumas, even managed to get a shot on net from the left point that was sticked aside by Catamount goalie Mike Santaguida. "The first (shift) was nice because the puck was in the offensive end the entire time," Randall said. "It was nice to get that first shift out of the way and get all the jitters out. Then I felt a lot more comfortable on the second two." His other two shifts came in the second period, although one was abbreviated when he broke his stick. "Randall works hard day in and day out," Willows said. "He really earned his chance, and I think when he was out there he did what he needed to do. Look for him again.

    He had a great game." As much as Randall has practiced with the team it's hard to duplicate game conditions. The converted forward knew he wasn't in Kansas anymore Saturday night. "It's definitely a whole lot different," he said. "I see (Grayson) Downing coming down on me when he dumps the puck in and I know he's not going to absolutely bury me. But I know when the Catamounts dump one in on me they're going to want to hit me as hard as they can. "It's a completely different mentality," Randall added. "You try to treat every practice like it's a game, but at the same time it's a tough task when it's all your friends out there." Those are the same friends that gave him fist bumps when they heard that Randall was going to be in the lineup for the first time.

    Randall replaced freshman Dylan Maller, who played in Friday night's game but was a healthy scratch on Saturday. "You' don't want anyone to play poorly," Randall said, "but at the same time you want to get in the lineup. It was definitely exciting." "Everyone loves him," Willows said. "He's got a great attitude. Not playing for three years is tough, but he comes to practice every day and works hard and it shows.

    He's gotten so much better and he got a chance (Saturday night). It was great to see him out there." Randall played mostly forward at Oyster River, but switched to defense when he was with the New Hampshire Junior Monarchs. His goal was to play Division I college hockey, preferably at UNH, even though he knew it would be a difficult lineup to crack. "It's tough," Umile said. "You've got to remember one thing: he helps make us better every day in practice.

    He hasn't played in games, but he helps us every single day. He stuck with it and here he is, finding himself in a key situation in a key game." "It's great," said senior forward Nick Sorkin. "He works hard every day. He's always responsible.

    You've got to tip your hat to guys like that. He's with us at 8 a.m. workouts every day.

    He still works hard in practice, doing extra reps at the end. I'm happy that he finally got his opportunity, and I think he did pretty well." Despite the lack of playing time, Randall never seriously considered leaving the program to look for something better to do on weekends. "There wasn't really that thought in my mind," he said. "Every single day the guys are telling to keep trucking, keep trying. 'We need you.' Everyone's been so supportive of me, especially my mom and my brother. They're there for me every single day.

    They don't want to see me quit. I've never quit anything in my life. I really could never imagine doing that." Randall is one three New Hampshire natives on the current roster.

    Rochester's Casey DeSmith and Goffstown's Collin Bourque are the others. Lee's Greg Burke was on the team during Randall's first two years. What did Saturday night's appearance mean to Randall? "It's definitely being able to say I accomplished my dream," he said. "Not only was I on the team, but I was able to get in a game and prove that to myself and everyone, whether people doubted me or supported me.

    It was an unbelievable feeling that I was able to get out there against the odds. You don't see a whole lot of guys from New Hampshire playing Division I." We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the Community Rules. We ask that you report content that you in good faith believe violates the above rules by clicking the Flag link next to the offending comment or fill out this form .

    New comments are only accepted for two weeks from the date of publication.

  • Police dawn raids lead to the arrest of two men for ... Durham Constabulary in a separate Sledgehammer raid carried out earlier this year. Durham Police have arrested two men suspected of being involved in organised crime after a number of early morning raids at locations mainly across Darlington. Operation Mayberry has been planned for several months on the back of police enquiries into the theft of plant and farm equipment from across County Durham and neighbouring forces.

    At 6am today police executed warrants at seven residential and commercial addresses, the majority in Darlington. They visited private properties in Cobden Street and Aysgarth Road, as well as a large, detached house in Bridge Road and Albert Hill Commercials in Dodsworth Street. From the premises in Bridge Road an eight-bedroomed house with an estimated market value of 1.3 million they arrested a 42-year-old man and seized a number of items including mobile phones, passports, vehicle documentation and a starter pistol.

    They also found and seized 1,000 cash. The second man, a 38-year-old who is a member of the same family was arrested at Albert Hill Commercials. Police then conducted a search of his home address in Langdon Way, Eaglescliffe and recovered 5,000 in cash.

    Stolen property Both men have been detained on suspicion of conspiracy to handle stolen property with the occupant of the house in Bridge Road also being arrested for fraud and firearms offences. They were taken into custody at Darlington police station where they will be questioned later today. Officers also visited a haulage depot on the A66 on the outskirts of Darlington and a unit on the Hackworth Industrial Estate in Shildon.

    The operation this morning involved around 60 officers as well as staff from other organisations including the Environment Agency, Co Durham and Darlington Fire & Rescue, the HMRC, VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) and planning officials from Durham County Council. Police resources came from a number of departments including CID, local response officers, dog handlers and road policing crews. Lengthy investigation Today s action follows a lengthy investigation into a suspected organised crime group which we believe has been operating on a regional scale, said Chief Insp Vicki Martin.

    The theft of plant and farm equipment has been an issue on our radar for some time.

    Operations like this demonstrate we have the resources and the commitment to tackle those who choose to get involved in such offences.

    The raids this morning were carried out as part of the force s ongoing Sledgehammer campaign, which was launched in 2010 to combat organised crime in the Durham force area.

  • Port truckers reach deal to end strike VICTORIA Striking truckers at Canada s largest port reached a deal Wednesday to end a prolonged strike, which has left hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cargo stranded at Vancouver-area container terminals and prompted escalating pressure from the provincial and federal governments. This agreement means our port is open for business starting tomorrow morning, B.C. Premier Christy Clark said at the provincial legislature in Victoria, after a flurry of meetings between government officials and the truckers.

    We had to sit down and look at each other in the eyes and realize we weren t that far apart. Clark and two of her cabinet ministers Transportation Minister Todd Stone and Jobs Minister Shirley Bond could be seen shaking hands with union negotiators and congratulating each other as the talks wrapped up at the B.C. legislature s Hemlock Room.

    Clark said the deal means the government will withdraw back-to-work legislation it introduced this week. The legislation was slated to come into effect by Wednesday evening at the earliest. My view is very much you shouldn t have a fight if you can get a deal, she said.

    We got a deal instead. The truckers had been scheduled to hold a morning news conference to respond to back-to-work legislation that was on its way to becoming law, but the event was repeatedly delayed. Unifor president Jerry Dias said the union had planned to tell the government it was prepared to defy the back-to-work law.

    But officials with Unifor, which represents about 250 unionized truckers, and the United Truckers Association of B.C., which represents more than 1,000 non-union workers, spent hours holed up with provincial government staff and cabinet ministers. This is by far the most complicated set of negotiations I ve ever been involved on, said Dias, after the agreement was announced. He said the bargaining involved 180 different companies, 1,200 non-union truck drivers, 350 union drivers and two levels of government.

    So, trying to get agreement is difficult, he said. But what changed today was the willingness to listen. The key thing was the desire to find resolve.

    Dias thanked Clark and her cabinet ministers, and he criticized the federal government for fighting the truckers rather than negotiating. He said if it was up to Ottawa, Vancouver s port would be closed tomorrow. United Truckers Associating spokesman Manny Dosanjh thanked Unifor for standing together with the non-union truckers and he thanked Clark and the federal government.

    Federal Transport Minister Minister Lisa Raitt said in a statement that she is pleased with the agreement. Our economic prosperity, competitiveness and ability for our products to reach new markets depends on a well functioning port, she said. We will continue to work with the British Columbia government and Port Metro Vancouver to ensure truckers get back to work and keep our economy on track.

    The province s back-to-work legislation would have affected unionized workers, but the port warned all striking workers that they wouldn t have expiring licences renewed if they didn t return to their jobs. The dispute largely focused on issues related to pay, including rates, unpaid time spent at the port waiting for cargo, and allegations of undercutting within the industry. B.C., Ottawa and the port put forward a 14-point plan two weeks ago in an attempt to allay the truckers concerns, but the workers quickly dismissed the proposal as inadequate.

    The deal reached Wednesday focused on the 14-point plan but contained improvements for the truckers. The union and non-union truckers agree to return to work and Port Metro Vancouver agrees to rescind all trucker licence suspensions where no criminal charges were laid against drivers. The federal government will increase trip rates by 12 per cent and wait fees for truckers at the ports will be increased.

    The deal also includes agreement that mediator Vince Ready will be appointed to issue recommendations on the 14-point plan. which will be reviewed, made final and acted upon within 90 days of a return to work. B.C.

    s premier and Prime Minister Stephen Harper each warned the dispute was threatening the country s economy. The union previously said it wanted a higher wage increase. It also demanded fees for wait times to kick in after only one hour, instead of two, and for those fees to increase over time.

    Port Metro Vancouver issued a statement Wednesday afternoon, before the deal was announced, hailing the 14-point plan as the best way to end the dispute. There are financial wins in the plan for truckers, port CEO Robin Sylvester said in the statement. There is also assurance that increased rates will be paid through better auditing of trucking companies.

    It is in all of our best interests that truckers come out of this dispute with their issues resolved because disruptions like this hurt each of us and Canada s international trade reputation deeply. The statement also said the port was concerned about alarming reports of physical violence, threats and vandalism involving local truckers. The union and truckers association have previously denied any wrongdoing in response to such accusations.

    The truckers don t directly work for the port. They are typically independent contracts, sub-contractors or direct employees of shipping companies. Trucks account for about half of the traffic in and out of the port, with the other half moving by rail.

    Earlier in the strike, the port said truck traffic was at about 10 per cent of normal levels, though it had increased to about 40 per cent last week.

  • Prices Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with ... Save Truck Gps Buy It is also a good idea to read Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates reviews about the products you want to buy on sale websites. Truck Gps Reviews by shoppers who have purchased the same items can help you to be aware of any problems or how well the products hold up over time. When you have enough information about a product before you buy it, you know that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

    Read Truck Gps Reviews Lifetime Maps & Traffic. Lane assist. Hands-free calling with Bluetooth.

    Where to Find Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates Low Prices ALD Alderney ATM County Antrim ARM County Armagh AVN Avon BFD Bedfordshire BRK Berkshire BDS Borders BUX Buckinghamshire CBE Cambridgeshire CTR Central CHS Cheshire CVE Cleveland CLD Clwyd CNL Cornwall CBA Cumbria DYS Derbyshire DVN Devon DOR Dorse DWN County Down DGL Dumfries and Galloway DHM County Durham DFD Dyfed ESX Essex FMH County Fermanagh FFE Fife When Arrive Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates Release GNM Mid Glamorgan GNS South Glamorgan GNW West Glamorgan GLR Gloucester GRN Grampian GUR Guernsey GWT Gwent GDD Gwynedd HPH Hampshire HWR Hereford and Worcester HFD Hertfordshire HLD Highlands HBS Humberside IOM Isle of Man IOW Isle of Wight JER Jersey KNT Kent LNH Lancashire LEC Leicestershire LCN Lincolnshire LDN Greater London LDR County Londonderry LTH Lothian MCH Greater Manchester MSY Merseyside NOR Norfolk NHM Northamptonshire NLD Northumberland NOT Nottinghamshire ORK Orkney OFE Oxfordshire PWS Powys SPE Shropshire SRK Sark SLD Shetland SOM Somerset SFD Staffordshire SCD Strathclyde SFK Suffolk SRY Surrey SXE East Sussex Cheap Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates Sale SXW West Sussex TYS Tayside TWR Tyne and Wear TYR County Tyrone WKS Warwickshire WIL Western Isles WMD West Midlands WLT Wiltshire YSN North Yorkshire YSS South Yorkshire YSW West Yorkshire Sales Garmin nuvi 465LMT 4.3-Inch Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates Cheaper eBay *** Note:CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC.


  • Prosecution for benefit fraud - Press Release-Durham County Council Published September 25, 2012. Durham County Council has successfully prosecuted a man who failed to disclose that he had found full time employment with a local haulage firm. Martin Brown of Commercial Square, Brandon, was convicted of committing benefit fraud, totalling over 6,400.

    Mr Brown, 45, was sentenced at Consett Magistrates Court on Thursday 20 September 2012. He was sentenced to a Community Order requiring him to complete 120 hours of unpaid work. He had received council tax benefit of 1,548.70 and housing benefit of 4,885.51, all obtained fraudulently and his actions cost tax payers a total of 6,434.21.

    He was convicted on two counts of dishonestly providing an application form containing false information. In mitigation it was stated that Mr Brown had originally made a legitimate benefit claim but that had not notified the council when he had later resumed employment. His solicitor outlined considerable debts as a factor in the offending but stated that Mr Brown was deeply remorseful for his actions.

    He received credit for his early guilty plea and his eventual co-operation with council Investigators.


  • R

  • R.I.P Sunny Flight Brigade We are sorry to announce the death of our beloved Nissan Sunny band van. Sunny had been with us for a year helping to transport our kit around the country at breakneck speeds of 64 mph and less. It had no electrical components attached to the engine, so according to Jonny Barker (piano player and source of innumerable facts) it would survive a nuclear fallout if you kept the oil topped up.

    Unfortunately it didn t even make it through the harsh British summer as a lack of oil proved fatal. Whilst our Hyundai Stanley Getz and the mighty Toyota Gary Yaris are reliable transport, no band is complete without a massive dedicated gear wagon. At Hop Farm we played just before The Datsuns, who had a hi-tech super vehicle that looked like a space shuttle/smeg fridge on wheels.

    Not to be outdone King Charles has a van adorned with super awesome flames that actually make it go faster. This all paled into insignificance when compared to Gary Numan s Double Decker hotel and haulage monster that is the biggest moving vehicle any of us have ever set eyes on. Sunny will be sorely missed.

    It may not have had the size, functionality or flames of other wagons but it did have heart.

    A heart that would keep running even if you took the key out and a style that said 1980s handyman with such ease.

    For this Sunny we salute you and we will leave our good friend Marvin to have the last word.

  • Rail freight in Britain: shaped by Beeching, despite his reputation ... The damage wrought by the Beeching report is an article of faith among rail enthusiasts, not to mention millions of would-be passengers living near branch lines closed down its wake. But within one section of the rail industry, there is a great degree of appreciation for other foundations that Dr Richard Beeching laid even as he brandished his axe, 50 years ago this month. That may seem heretical to many: at an event held by the Campaign for Better Transport at the Science Museum in London last week, its president, Michael Palin, said Beeching left a psychological and environmental scar unmatched by the scaling down of any other industry.

    Palin was pleased to note a mark of rail renaissance: that he now sees freight trains go past his Hampstead home bearing the logo of Eddie Stobart, a firm first associated with trucks on motorways. Yet those involved in rail freight say that this is because of, not in spite of, Beeching. This, for once, was Beeching the visionary, who dramatically modernised the service and, they say, championed freight traffic as all-important to the future of the railways as a nationwide system.

    Archive footage of Beeching himself shows a portly man, bald bar a slicked comb-over, grey at the temples, with what rail fans might not hesitate to describe as a Hitler moustache. In a crude public information film that now seems faintly ludicrous, he thanks his audience for watching with a smile reminiscent of Gordon Brown s infamous effort on YouTube, before cutting to images of coal wagons in sidings. Waiting, he intones.

    Waiting. The wagons, affirmed Beeching, underlined what was wrong with the network: an old-fashioned, complicated structure whereby each unit was laboriously reattached to a train and which meant that goods faced a long, stop-start journey to their eventual destinations. In the brave new world of motorways at that point unclogged the lithe lorry was an easy winner.

    Instead, he argued, quicker, higher capacity trains were needed, serving the main routes, transporting greater loads to hubs something that could be done not on traditional wagons but with new supertrains able to be loaded with containers. Philippa Edmunds, manager of Freight on Rail, says: Beeching is a much maligned figure for what he did to passenger rail services. It s easy to forget that he dramatically modernised freight, with containerisation and the promotion of rail for long-distance haulage.

    It s a system which has served the industry well and allowed it to thrive. According to Lindsay Durham, head of strategy at Freightliner, the evolution of freight transport on rail has unfolded partly according to Beeching s vision in terms of direct, high-capacity transport of goods to markets. Only now, instead of that being primarily an internal exchange, the prevailing traffic in Britain 50 years on is in containers unloaded from abroad at our major ports.

    The former transport secretary Andrew Adonis says his earliest experience of politics was due to Beeching, as a schoolboy outraged by the threatened closure of his local line. He later expanded the line when he was in government. Adonis has a more nuanced view now: he believes the retrenchment imposed by Beeching was inevitable at the time, even if the axe was wielded more brutally than necessary.

    Even Beeching s bitterest enemy should recognise he was visionary on the reform of freight transit. Rail freight s supporters say it offers a reliable, cheaper alternative to lorries. In the past five years, even in a time of recession, consumer rail freight has grown by 29%.

    Edmunds adds: One of Beeching s legacies is a rail freight sector that can transport goods in a cost-effective way, helping tackle road congestion and reduce the environmental impact of haulage. He recognised that it needed to be containerised, and that different modes should play to their strengths, with rail doing the long haul and roads taking over the end. You needed economies of scale a trainload going to one hub was more practical than a wagon load.

    Despite Beeching s freight success, most will still agree with sentiments expressed at the CBT s London event by Lord (Richard Faulkner), co-author of Holding the Line, who raged against the selling off of railway land that for ever fragmented the network: That remains the main Beeching legacy, for which I can t forgive him. Yet some are wistful for the other Beeching. Edmunds claims planning constraints are blocking vital infrastructure, such as new interchanges, that could help rail freight: Government now needs to support the industry and help it grow.

    Source : http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/mar/17/rail-freight-britain-beeching-reputation Guardian World News

  • Regional Flatbed Tanker Truck Driver Job in Durham, NCPosted in Dedicated CDL Driver Jobs,Dedicated Class A Driver Jobs,Dedicated Company Driver Jobs,Dedicated Driving Jobs,Dedicated Flatbed Driver Jobs,Dedicated Truck Driver Jobs,Regional CDL Driver Jobs,Regional Class A Driver Jobs,Regional Company Driver Jobs,Regional Driving Jobs,Regional Flatbed Driver Jobs,Regional Truck Driver Jobs on August 22, 2013 Description : Regional Flatbed Tanker Truck Driver Job Durham, North Carolina Experienced tanker / flatbed drivers: Strong freight network, stability, great pay! Stability. Opportunity.

    Strong Freight Network. Great Pay. Prime s support team realizes how valuable your time is.

    So how do we make EVERY SECOND COUNT? Recruiting and retaining only the best professional drivers in the trucking industry. Providing the best equipment available.

    Utilizing the most advanced technology to consistently give our customers the best service. Since 1970, Prime has dedicated every second to the success of our associates and customers. By offering outstanding opportunities, great pay, and the nation s strongest freight network, we make sure every second counts toward an excellent career home!

    Durham, North Carolina Regional Flatbed Tanker Truck Driving Job Prime CDL Regional Flatbed Tanker Truck Driver Job Durham, North NC

  • Regulation And Deregulation Of Trucking, Mass Transit, And PipelinesIn addition , it laid down the disadvantages of the regulatory laws for it curtailed the economical mature that can be derived through de pattern . In trucking , the rate edict has affected competitiveness of tack together . Through the Negotiated Rate Act in 1993 , the competition was concentrated on lowering the shipping evaluate .

    Many cases were powderpuff down d because of the discrepancies in the rates d and the rates negotiated as a result of failure of some in file rates with the ICC . In summing the regulation of trucking , the establishment or the regulation laws merely served as stumbling block for the progress of the perseverance and tax that may be saved if the manufacturing were barely deregulated . Scenario is the same with mass transitOn the other hand , the regulation of grapevine restricted the free ma rket for the industry .

    then , there was case of 1986 where Chevron Corporation built note connecting its exploit in Vernal , Utah and in Wyoming (Moore . The short letter moreover had excess in capacity and so the fraternity utilise it for the moving of its phosphate only if other companies complained because the condition failed to theodolite of phosphate rate . The ICC ruled against Chevron but invited criticisms for creation unjustiable .

    For such , most critics appeals for the complete deregulation in for the tape transport services to be competitive and profitableReferencesArmentano , D . T (1986 . antitrust Policy : The Case for Repeal .

    C! ATO InstituteMoore , T . G .

    The Cato look into of Business and Government (2008 Clearing the running game : The Remaining loony toons Regulations . Retrieved September 11 , 2008 , from http /www .cato .org /pubs /regulation /reg18n2f .htmlMoore , T . G .

    The Library of Economics and Liberty (2008 . hauling deregulating . Retrieved September 11 , 2008 , from http /www .econlib .org /Library /Enc /TruckingDeregulation .htmlRabinowitz , R .

    and American Bar Association Occupational Safety and wellness Law Committee...If you want to get a full essay, throw away it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com If you want to get a full essay, visit our page: write my paper

  • Road Haulage Pallet Services Business For Sale Business For Sale ...Road haulage pallet services including freight transport & logistics. Location county Durham Asking price 395,000 This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an independently owned family run haulage company that specialize in the transportation of palletised freight. The business offers their customers a next day delivery service anywhere within the UK, plus a worldwide export service, being heavily involved in transportation throughout the whole of Ireland.

    The business are members of a major UK pallet distribution network handling a large part of the north east of England. This membership allows them to collect pallets within their area from customers, transporting them every night to a central UK base. The pallets are then re-distributed and delivered to the end customer.

    The company is also the north east transport member of a large freight forwarder who specialize in delivering imports and collecting exports across the UK, and who have a central depot working with a similar operational method. The company handles a healthy amount of their own generated business on a daily basis throughout the UK and Ireland. The business was established in 1935 and has grown steadily over the years.

    They operate from a well equipped site with a bulk fuel tank, warehouse and offices in county Durham, with excellent links to the major motorway networks and main roads. They have a well maintained fleet of fully liveried vehicles including arctics, rigid, vans and trailers plus a full time team of highly qualified drivers. They are members of the rha and are licensed for sixteen vehicles and twenty trailers.

    Contact for more information on this road haulage pallet services business for sale.

  • S

  • Say Yes Scholar Jakia Durham Joins Plaintiff's Personal Injury Firm ...Jakia is the recipient of a Say Yes to Education, Inc., Syracuse Chapter, scholarship and has worked extremely hard to accomplish her goal of graduating with a four year degree. Jakia has a new goal of attending law school and is using her time at Williams & Rudderow, PLLC to explore the field of trial work, especially that of representing plaintiffs in personal injury matters, working close with the Syracuse personal injury lawyers. She will be assisting the firm in the fields of product liability, medical malpractice, trucking litigation, slip and falls, construction site accidents, and many other areas of plaintiff s personal injury and trial matters.

    About Say Yes to Education, Inc Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes) is a national, non-profit education foundation committed to dramatically increasing high school and college graduation rates for our nation's urban youth. Say Yes provides comprehensive supports, including the promise of free college tuition, aligned with what research indicates is needed to enable every child in the program to achieve his or her potential. Learn more at sayyestoeducation.org.

    About Say Yes Syracuse Say Yes Syracuse is a landmark collaboration that brings the Syracuse City School District, Syracuse University, Say Yes to Education, Inc., the Syracuse Teachers Association, the Syracuse Association of Administrators and Supervisors, the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, the American Institutes for Research, and a diverse group of Syracuse area corporate, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations together to organize people, time, money and resources to support city students. Learn more at sayyessyracuse.org . About Williams & Rudderow, PLLC Williams & Rudderow, PLLC is a plaintiff s personal injury law firm with offices located in Syracuse, New York dedicated to representing plaintiffs who have been seriously injured by others.

    Williams & Rudderow, PLLC has decades of experience and has successfully tried cases to their conclusions in front of juries all over New York State, including the cities of Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Utica and much of Central New York.

    Learn more at williamsrudderow.com Contact: Michelle Rudderow 250 Harrison Street Suite 302 Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone no: (315) 472-7250 Email id: [email protected]

  • Scott Bloomquist Edges Moore and Gustin in Terrific Finish at ARK ... VIVIAN, LA (April 5, 2014) Scott Bloomquist raced to his 47th career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win on Saturday Night at ARK-LA-TEX Speedway in thrilling fashion. Bloomquist took the lead on the 48th lap and led Ray Moore and Ryan Gustin to the checkered flag in a close finish. Bloomquist took over the second spot on lap 20 and trailed Moore until the two entered lapped traffic in the final ten laps when he began closing on Moore s rear bumper.

    This is our first time here, said Bloomquist, who became the 10thdifferent winner in 11 LOLMDS races this season. I heard the racing would be two and three wide easily here. Well it is definitely true!

    I hope the crowd enjoyed that one. Our Sweet-Bloomquist car has been good all year. I have to thank Hawkeye Trucking, Durham Racing Engines, Lucas Oil Products, and Penske Shocks.

    The track in the heat races was great and we could run anywhere, then the top started getting dominant during the feature. We set up our car for the end with our tire choice. When we caught him (Moore), there were a few cars in front of us, and I just picked the right line to get by him.

    He drove a heck of a race, we had just enough laps to catch him and pass him, said Bloomquist afterwards. Moore and Gustin battled with Bloomquist to the very end. This would have been the biggest win of my career with the competition that was here tonight.

    We won the Pelican here and that was huge for us. Scott is just too good. Once he got by me; I knew I was in trouble.

    I was trying to hang on for second ahead of Gustin, said the driver of the Moore Wireline, MB Customs entry. I really wanted to win for the home-state fans as well as they have been behind me since I started my racing career. We came up a little short tonight, but we will be back and try again stated Moore.

    Gustin, in his first-full year of Late Model racing nearly stole the win at the end. We were coming up quickly in the final five laps. The top was going away, and our car just didn t work as well on the bottom to middle part of the track.

    To run third against these guys says a lot about our team as we continue to grow. We have a lot to learn about these cars, but I think once we get the hang of it, we are going to get some big wins, said the driver of Gressel Racing, Rocket Chassis, #19G. Jimmy Owens, the 3-time and reigning series champion charged from 18th to fourth and fast qualifier, Don O Neal rounded out the top five.

    Completing the top ten were Chris Wall, Brian Shirley, Tim McCreadie, Ray Cook, and Earl Pearson Jr. In preliminary action, Don O Neal set the overall Miller Welders Fast Time (Group B) amongst the 51 entrants, with a lap of 13.607 seconds. Ryan Gustin set the fastest time in Group A with a time of 14.095 seconds.

    Morgan Bagley, Eddie Carrier Jr., Tim McCreadie, Ray Moore, Scott Bloomquist, and Billy Moyer won their respective heat races. Kyle Bronson and Earl Pearson Jr. won their respective B-Mains.

    For the latest breaking news on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, log onto www.lucasdirt.com and follow the series on www.facebook.com/lucasdirt and www.twitter.com/lucasdirt. Tomorrow night s event at Outlaw Motorsports Park has been postponed due to impending weather being forecast for tomorrow evening. Officials of Outlaw Motorsports Park and the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series hope to find a suitable make-up date for this season, if not it will be tentatively rescheduled for 2015.

    Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Race Summary Saturday Night, April 5th, 2014 Ark-La-Tex Speedway Vivian, LA Miller Welders Fast Time Group A: Ryan Gustin / 14.095 seconds Miller Welders Fast Time Group B: Don O Neal / 13.607 seconds Fast Shafts Heat Race #1 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Morgan Bagley, Ryan Gustin, John Blankenship, Jon Mitchell, Jeff Chanler, Brett Frazier, Odie Green, Tommy Surrett, Rick Hearnsberger Eibach Springs Heat Race #2 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Eddie Carrier, Jr., Ray Cook, Shane Hebert, Kyle Bronson, Billy Moyer, Jr., Bub McCool, Robbie Stuart, Lee Davis Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Tim McCreadie, Jack Sullivan, Randy Weaver, Dennis Erb, Jr., Clay Fisher, Chandler Petty, Kody Mea, Shannon Scott FK Rod Ends Heat Race #4 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Ray Moore, Don O Neal, Jesse Stovall, Kyle Beard, Anthony Burroughs, Allen Murray, Steve Francis, Chris Brown, Kevin Ray Fast Shafts Heat Race #5 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Scott Bloomquist, Chris Wall, Brian Shirley, Earl Pearson, Jr., Robert Baker, BJ Robinson, Wendell Wallace, Brandon Smith, Lynn Beach Eibach Springs Heat Race #6 Finish (10 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): Billy Moyer, Jason Papich, Jimmy Owens, Jared Landers, Jason Hughes, Timothy Culp, Raymond Merrill, David Payne JRi Shocks B-Main #1 (12 Laps, Top 2 Transfer): Kyle Bronson, Dennis Erb, Jr., Jon Mitchell, Bub McCool, Jeff Chanler, Tommy Surrett, Clay Fisher, Billy Moyer, Jr., Robbie Stuart, Brett Frazier, Kody Mea, Shannon Scott, Rick Hearnsberger, Lee Davis, Odie Green, Chandler Petty-DNS CV Products B-Main #2 (12 Laps, Top 2 Transfer): Earl Pearson, Jr., Kyle Beard, Jared Landers, Robert Baker, Jason Hughes, Steve Francis, Anthony Burroughs, Timothy Culp, BJ Robinson, Wendell Wallace, Raymond Merrill, Brandon Smith, Lynn Beach, Kevin Ray, Chris Brown, Allen Murray, David Payne Feature Finish (50 Laps): FINISH START CAR # DRIVER NAME HOMETOWN 1 4 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN 2 2 93m Ray Moore Haughton, LA 3 7 19R Ryan Gustin Marshalltown, IA 4 18 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN 5 8 5 Don O Neal Martinsville, IN 6 10 71w Chris Wall Springfield, LA 7 16 81 Brian Shirley Chatham, IL 8 5 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY 9 9 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC 10 20 44 Earl Pearson, Jr. Jacksonville, FL 11 21 28e Dennis Erb, Jr. Carpentersville, IL 12 1 14m Morgan Bagley Tyler, TX 13 12 91p Jason Papich Nipomo, CA 14 27 12 Jason Hughes Watts, OK 15 22 86 Kyle Beard Trumann, AR 16 13 23 John Blankenship Williamson, WV 17 24 777 Jared Landers Batesville, AR 18 3 28 Eddie Carrier, Jr.

    Salt Rock, WV 19 19 40b Kyle Bronson Tampa, FL 20 17 116 Randy Weaver Crossville, TN 21 15 9 Shane Hebert Lafayette, LA 22 26 99 Clay Fisher Dewitt, AR 23 25 47 Chandler Petty Austin, AR 24 28 21jr Billy Moyer, Jr. Batesville, AR 25 6 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR 26 23 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY 27 14 00s Jesse Stovall Billing, MO 28 11 18 Jack Sullivan Greenbrier, AR Race Statistics Entrants: 51 Lap Leaders: Ray Moore (Laps 1 47); Scott Bloomquist (Laps 48 50) Caution Flags: Randy Weaver (Lap 9); Kyle Bronson, Chanler Petty, Jesse Stovall, Jack Sullivan (Lap 11); Kyle Bronson (Lap 21) Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Provisionals: Steve Francis, Jared Landers COMP Cams Series Provisionals: Chanler Petty, Clay Fisher Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Emergency Provisionals: Jason Hughes, Billy Moyer Jr. Wrisco Feature Winner: Scott Bloomquist Optima Batteries Hard Charger of the Race: Jimmy Owens (Started: 18th; Finished: 4th; Advanced: 14 positions) Keyser Mfg Spoiler Challenge Point Leader: Don O Neal Allstar Performer of the Race: Jimmy Owens Sunoco Race for Gas Highest Finisher: Jimmy Owens Dunn Benson Ford Rookie of the Race: Jason Papich Midwest Sheet Metal Highest Finishing Rookie: Jason Papich COMP Cams Engine Builder of the Race: Durham Race Engines Ohlins Shocks Chassis Builder of the Race: Bloomquist Race Cars Outerwears Crew Chief of the Race: Matt Salmons (Scott Bloomquist) HAWK Performance Fastest Lap of the Race: Jimmy Owens 48 Lap 14.785 seconds Time of Race: 23 minutes 21 seconds Lucas Oil Championship Point Standings: POS CAR # DRIVER NAME HOMETOWN POINTS 1 5 Don O Neal Martinsville, IN 1310 2 44 Earl Pearson, Jr.

    Jacksonville, FL 1250 3 28 Eddie Carrier, Jr. Salt Rock, WV 1195 4 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY 1190 5 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN 1105 6 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN 1085 6 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC 1085 8 23 John Blankenship Williamson, WV 1055 9 81 Brian Shirley Chatham, IL 970 10 777 Jared Landers Batesville, AR 945 11 28e Dennis Erb, Jr. Carpentersville, IL 935 12 116 Randy Weaver Crossville, TN 850 13 12 Jason Hughes Watts, OK 840 14 91p Jason Papich Nipomo, CA 755 14 21jr Billy Moyer, Jr.

    Batesville, AR 755 *Points are unofficial until Close of Business on the Tuesday following Race Day* Share

  • Senate Committee Votes to Relax Rules for Truckers Last month, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 21-9 to rescind portions of the rules that require truckers to take driving breaks between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. on consecutive nights before they can get behind the wheel again. The amendment would also do away with a rule that limits truckers to declaring only one restart per week.

    If passed, the provisions of the amendment will be in effect for one year, during which time the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will be required to study the effects of the restart rules. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Susan Collins of Maine, has been sharply criticized by the Obama administration and transportation safety advocates. Collins said she was targeting the overnight rules specifically because they force more truck drivers to be on the road during daytime hours, increasing traffic congestion during the day when it s actually safer for truckers to be on the road at night.

    But her opponents counter that medical research has shown that requiring drivers to rest during that window of time is most effective in reducing fatigued driving. According to government estimates, fatalities involving trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or more have risen 18 percent since 2009, and the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that trucker fatigue accounts for 13 percent of those crashes.

    Lawmakers have reportedly been under pressure from the trucking industry and business groups to eliminate the 1 to 5 a.m.

    requirement and the one-restart-per-week limit because the rules resulted in drivers having to take two full days off between shifts, losing wages, and throwing off their delivery schedule, according to thehill.com.

    The measure will head to the floor of the Senate for a final vote at a later date.

  • Shop For Your Dream Home With The New Mortgage Calculator ... AAPL Caller humanoid App Diligence Newsworthiness Apple Apple Inc App Newsbeat Apps app fund App Shop Apps AppUpdate Newsbeat app updates Don t Neglect featured Breast Varlet games Giveaway Google iCloud Industriousness Newsbeats iOS iOS 5 iOS Blog iOS Devices iPad ipad 3 ipad apps iPhone iphone 4 iphone 4s iPhone 5 iphone apps iPod Trace iTunes Jailbreak Mac NewApp Newsbeat Tidings NewsBeats OS X QuickAdvice Reviews samsung Siri Steve Jobs Top stories Video: Mortgage Computer Watercooler: How to compute a accomplishable mortgage Proofreader comments on sltrib.com are the opinions of the author, not The Saltiness Lake Tribune. We volition edit comments containing obscenities, personal attacks and incompatible or violative remarks. Rank or restate violators testament be prohibited.

    If you see an obnoxious commentary, chink the red Flagstone connection under it. See more astir comments hither. The Benefits and Advantages of Mortgage Calculators The coming of the digital engineering has made various things commodious for world.

    The Net has brought many gravid things into our lives. Masses deliver unlike fiscal goals to attain in their lives. About cerebrate of having their own homes.

    Owning a dwelling volition proceed to continue a upstage opening unless you get the necessity finances. Fountainhead, not alwaysymatter is that bad. You can e er ask loaner for loans.

    This bequeath command you to chaffer various lenders and haulage comparing on their quotes. That makes the outgrowth looking far more hard than it really is. Thither is nada to vex around if you birth a mortgage reckoner to aid you in such situations.

    Advanced mortgage estimator in Windows 7?

    2002 2012 by Dave Taylor. All Rights Reserved. Bill: This web website is for the determination of disseminating data for educational purposes, unblock of tutelage, for the welfare of all visitors.

    We proceeds heavy aid to ply tone info. Yet, we do not vouch, and swallow no sound indebtedness any arising from or attached to, the truth, dependableness, up-to-dateness or completeness of any real contained on this web place or on any coupled website. Foster, delight line that by submitting a motion or commentary you re agreeing to my damage of avail, which are: you forego any subsequent rights of possession to your textile by submitting it on this website.

    My attorney says Thanks . The Better Mortgage Figurer! canadian tangible demesne connection crops durham tangible demesne durham material demesne essence durham part durham realm dwelling sales durham neighborhood mls durham realm tangible land farmers farms plate sales homes for sale kawartha lakes kawartha lakes mls lindsay material land local make MLS mls durham realm oshaw oshawa homes for sale oshawa mls oshawa veridical land embrasure perry homes for sale queens green actual acres veridical land investing resale homes scugog homes scugog mls toronto mls whitby homes See a Turnaround Habitation Mortgage in Your Approach Futurity?

    Why Now Power Be the Rightfield Clip to Act Since tardy finale year, setback mortgage lenders deliver been wait for the Section of Caparison and Urban Evolution (HUD) to waiver their new underwriting guidelines. According to HUD, these guidelines volition variety how lenders mustiness judge likely borrowers anterior to approbatory them for a lend. Alternatively of accepting borrowers based on age, holding eccentric and fairness, lenders bequeath be constrained to face at recognition and income during the underwriting serve.

    Piece HUD s new guidelines are not expected until former this year or other 2013, around lenders are qualification approximately changes that seniors should recognise some.

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  • Shropshire haulage firm hires new recruits Miami New Times : But for those who can afford marble countertops, cathedral ceilings, gold-plated fixtures, and infinity pools, real estate mavens "the Jills" are the go-to team.

    Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg reign supreme atop Miami's real estate landscape, having ...

  • Simpson Bros invest more than 2m in fleet on May 26, 13 by admin with No Comments Simpson Bros, a founder member of Palletforce, has invested more than 2million in its fleet so far this year. The haulage firm, based in Chester-le-Street, Durham, has taken delivery of 22 new Scanias fitted with telematics and Active Predictive cruise control technology. It has also added two new DAF trucks, one in...

    Simpson Bros, a founder member of Palletforce, has invested more than 2million in its fleet so far this year. The haulage firm, based in Chester-le-Street, Durham, has taken delivery of 22 new Scanias fitted with telematics and Active Predictive cruise control technology. It has also added two new DAF trucks, one in Simpson Bros livery and one in Palletforce livery, to its fleet since January.

    Some of the new vehicles replace older, less fuel efficient ones and some are new additions to the 100-strong fleet. This significant investment comes just six months after the company moved to a new bigger 22 acre site with 330,000 sq ft warehouse after winning several big storage contracts. Investments such as these are how we continue to enhance the quality service we are renowned for and are key to the continued longevity and success of Simpson Bros, said Graham Simpson, Managing Director.

    The economic climate remains challenging but we continue to grow and with this latest investment we are starting as we mean to go on for the future with customer service and top facilities at the heart of what we do. Simpson Bros was set up by two brothers who bought a couple of military vehicles following World War I and started transporting coke and coal around the Tyne valley. Over the years it gradually expanded into general haulage, parcels and pallets becoming a founder member of Palletforce, the UK and Europe s leading palletised distribution network in 2001 and is now just a few years shy of its centenary.

    It s brilliant to see such a well-established company like Simpson Bros still dedicated to enhancing its facilities to ensure its customers consistently receive the best possible service at all times, said Michael Conroy, Chief Executive of Palletforce.

  • Skills course puts Terence in the driving seat Published September 03, 2014 An experienced former professional driver proved he still has the golden touch after brushing up on his skills behind the wheel. Terence Otter, of Belmont, Durham, has become the 100th person to complete Durham County Council s Safer Driving with Age (SAGE) driving assessment. The assessment helps older motorists maintain and improve their driving abilities so that they can keep using their vehicles for as long as it is safe for them to do so.

    During his career Mr Otter held a variety of driving jobs and even delivered gold bullion to banks throughout London. He also helped deliver all the glass used to build the iconic General Post Office Tower (now BT Tower) in the capital. Now retired, Mr Otter wanted an impartial opinion of his driving ability after he turned 80 in November 2013.

    He decided to take part in the SAGE driving assessment programme, which is run by the council s road safety team, and was delighted he did so. Mr Otter said: I have been driving constantly since I was 17 and I love it. My passion started at the age of 15 when I used to drive the trucks off-road for my father who was a haulage contractor.

    I still love driving but I wanted to make sure I wasn t getting a bit rusty so I decided to get a second opinion. I made a couple of silly mistakes during the assessment but otherwise it went well and it really helped to have someone else point out what I was doing right and what I needed to work on. I would urge anyone over the age of 55 or 60 to sign up for the programme and let someone who really knows what they re talking about help you make sure you re driving safely and as well as you can.

    Mr Otter s driving skills were put to the test by experienced assessor Linda Glendinning. She said: Mr Otter completed the assessment as he was keen to get a second opinion on his driving ability as he was aware that bad habits can creep in as we get older. During the assessment he demonstrated that he is a courteous driver and he drove at a good, safe standard, with only a couple of minor tweaks needed.

    The SAGE programme is a great way of making sure that, as motorists get older, any problems or habits that might develop in their driving style are addressed. The assessments also give older drivers reassurance that their driving ability is up to our ever-changing roads. Statistically from the age of 55 and over our risk on the road increases and taking part in the simple assessment is a really effective way to help reduce that risk.

    The SAGE driving assessment programme has been running successfully for several years, with the number of people who have taken part steadily rising, before reaching a record 102 last year. Assessments cost just 15 and are available to residents of County Durham and Darlington aged 55 and over. As motorists get older they tend to modify their driving habits their eyesight may have deteriorated, reactions slow and they may not be as good at judging speeds and distances as they once were.

    Roads have also changed, becoming much faster with new traffic systems in place, and cars are quicker than they used to be. Older drivers also often avoid driving at night and steer clear of areas they are unfamiliar with or places that are more likely to be busy and congested. These factors affect driving ability, but older motorists are able to spot a hazard on the road sooner than a younger driver.

    The assessment is aimed at helping boost older drivers confidence behind the wheel. Specially-trained assessors come out to the client s home at a convenient time, using their own car on roads they are familiar with. At the end of the 40-minute drive the assessor gives the client feedback on how it went and puts a report together.

    Certificates are also issued. Paul Watson, Durham County Council s road safety manager, said: We are delighted that Terence has become the 100th person to take part in the SAGE assessment programme. This is an extremely worthwhile scheme which has proved very successful in boosting confidence among older motorists and helping to make sure they can continue to drive safely for as long as possible.

    For more information about the SAGE driving assessment programme call the council s road safety team on 03000 268 173 or email [email protected]


  • Solid waste to be sent to Durham when landfill closes Within the next few weeks, Chapel Hill s solid waste will no longer be in Rogers Road s backyard. As the June closure of the Orange County Landfill approaches, the town is preparing to ship its waste to the Durham Waste Industries transfer station. But the transition will come at a cost almost $700,000 more annually.

    The landfill was built in the historically black and low-income Rogers Road neighborhood in 1972 with the promise that it would close after 10 years. Now, after decades of complaints from Rogers Road residents about the negative effects of the landfill, local officials are taking the next, temporary step toward a solid waste solution. A Chapel Hill transfer station?

    Chapel Hill already spends $3.5 million annually on collecting and disposing garbage. The extra $700,000 cost would go toward buying new, better trucks and the cost of gas, as the Durham Waste Industries transfer station is further away than the Rogers Road landfill for most of the town. Chapel Hill Town Council member Jim Ward said the extra cost would likely be shouldered by taxpayers.

    We don t know yet if the extra money is available in the existing budget or if it will require a tax increase, Ward said. We re currently in the process of doing research to sort out those issues. Both Ward and Chapel Hill Town Council member Lee Storrow emphasized the temporary nature of the plan.

    This will be what we do for the next three or four years as we decide what the best option is moving forward, Storrow said. He said the town is considering collaborating with Carrboro to build a transfer station in Chapel Hill. According to consultants estimates, a Chapel Hill-Carrboro transfer station would cost about $2.8 million to build.

    There s community interest in that plan, and a few months ago council members visited a transfer station in Asheboro because they produce about the same amount of waste that we do, Storrow said. Ward said it might be a year or more before the new transfer station is finalized, and the town hopes to work with Carrboro and Orange County in the process. County cutting costs Though Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County have separate waste management programs, all waste currently ends up in the Orange County Landfill.

    Orange County Commissioner Earl McKee said the county plans to ship its trash to the Durham Waste Disposal and Recycling Center starting in June. The Durham station is designed for a higher capacity than it is currently being used for, so they were willing to work with us on an agreement, McKee said. The tipping fee at the Durham station is $42.50 per ton $14.50 less than the fee at the Orange County Landfill.

    But gas and other expenses would put the total cost for waste disposal at about $130,000 more than what the county currently pays annually. Gayle Wilson, county solid waste management director, said the distance from all but one of the county s five solid waste convenience centers to the Durham station is greater than the distance to the landfill. But he said ongoing renovations to all five convenience centers are aimed at reducing overall costs.

    We re changing the methodology by which we handle garbage, Wilson said. One part of the process is installing trash compactors, which allow you to more efficiently haul large amounts of waste. Orange County Manager Frank Clifton said that for Orange County residents, not much will change in terms of solid waste disposal come June.

    People who get curbside pick-up will see that keep happening, people who go to convenience centers will keep doing that, he said.

    But of course, waste disposal is an ongoing problem for the county.

    Contact the desk editor at [email protected]

  • southern research institute durham nc Southern Research - North Carolina. Southern Research's Environment & Energy operations in North. Research Institute is an Equal Opportunity.

    Southern Research Institute Wins $925,000 Dept. of Energy Award to Liquefy Biomass for Production of Transportation Fuels Join LinkedIn and see how you are connected to Southern Institute. It's free..

    Ala., Anniston, Ala., Frederick, Md., and Durham, NC.. and action center working for a better South.. and Exposure.

    PO Box 531 Durham, 27702 Telephone:. Southern Research Institute company profile in NC. Our free company profile report for Southern includes business information such as.

    Durham, NC 27703. Phone: 919.560.3968.. High School will become a professional learning community with a..

    College Foundation of North Carolina Free Business profile for RESEARCH INSTITUTE at 5201 INTERNATIONAL DR, DURHAM, NC, 277128950, US. SOUTHERN INSTITUTE specializes in: Noncommercial. Learn more about a career with Research Institute including all recent jobs, hiring trends.

    Durham, September 12, 2012. Excellent place to. School Address.

    800 Clayton Road Durham, 27703 Phone: 919-560-9184 Fax: 919-560-3848. Hours of Operation.

    7:30 a.m.

    2:30 p.m.. School of Engineering Durham, 27703.

    Phone: 919.560.3968.. College Foundation of North Carolina. School of Engineering Youth Work Permit USA.gov.

    SHS College Advisor.

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  • State Park Speedway 125 Official Entry List The State Park Speedway 125L at State Park Speedway in Wausau, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 ARCAMT Frequencies (PDF) Provided by Great Lakes Frequencies Entries as of 05.13.14 at 3:00PM (24) 1 Nick Barstad (TS,R) Prior Lake, MN Interstate Truck Driving School; VMS Motorsports; B&B Racing Engines Chevy 2 Jesse Pokszyk Friendship, WI Blue Stone Safety Products, RCH Services, Ken Kotlowski Racecars Chevy 5cj Casey Johnson (TS) Edgerton, WI Lein Acres; Hogan Farms; UAW Region 4 Chevy 7 Paul Shafer Jr (R) Portage, IN Pavis Auto Yard; Maxim Powersports; South Lake Body Chevy 8 Boris Jurkovic (TS) Joliet, IL Reliable Recovery Service Ford 12 Mark Mackesy Wausau, WI Chevy 22g M.G.

    Gajewski Wausau, WI Kings Campers Chevy 23 Ryan Hinner Steven s Point, WI Merrill Iron and Steel; B&B Equipment; D&L Sign Chevy 34 Brandon Hill Genoa City, WI Viridian Enterprises; Qwik Mag II; Piggly Wiggly Ford 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS) De Forest, IL Spring Green Health Mart & Pharmacy; DMJ Trucking; B&B Racing Engines Chevy 40 Jeremy Lepak Wausau, WI G&G Specialized Carriers; R&J Auto Inc, Mosinee; Winter-Plewa Construction Dodge 43 Matt Kocourek (TS) Franklin, WI All-Star; B&B Racing Engines; Perfection Auto Body Ford 52 Chris Wimmer Wausau, WI Auto Select of Weston & Plover; Preval Chevy 58 Cardell Potter (TS) Camp Douglas, WI Tommy Lipar Racing; Hableman Bros.

    Cranberry; Advance Compressor Technology Chevy 75M Tucker Miller Wausau, WI Tesar Racing Engines; A&A Lock Service; Melron Corporation Chevy 75t Joel Theisen (TS) Maple Grove, MN Lifesprk; Ruevers Racing; Educare Chevy 525 Chris Weinkauf (TS) Merrill, WI Jay VanDerGeest Cattle; Professional Drywall; Breber Music Chevy 76 Jason Weinkauf TS) Merrill, WI Jay VandDerGeest Cattle; Professional Drywall; Schaeffer s Racing Oil Chevy 77e Jon Eilen (TS) Hampton, MN Eilen & Sons Trucking/Landscape; Winona Peterbuilt; Tralo Trucking Ford 78 Skylar Holzhausen Bangor, WI Wegner Automotive Researchers; Fechner Motors; Kempf Logging Ford 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS) Marshall, WI RaceTeamGear.com ; Colony Brands; The Swiss Colony Ford 91 Ty Majeski (TS,R) La Crosse, WI Le Juene Bolt; Ted Mannstedt & Son Inc Structural Steel Fab Ford 97 James Swan (TS) Lake Geneva, WI Elements by Hankscraft; Durham Hill Auto Sales; DRM Industries Chevy 99 Tim Sauter Necedah, WI Truck Country; Blanker Components System; Southside Tire Chevy

  • Staying in Touch, December 9 15 - John O'Toole, MPP for Durham A New Deal for Ontario s Public Sector Ontario is in a deep fiscal hole. Without urgent action, our province is facing a $30 billion deficit and a $411 billion debt in just a couple of years. The McGuinty government has no plan to deal with this.

    Instead, we ve lived through nine years in which the McGuinty government has spent far more than we ve been taking in, while throwing money we don t have at every problem that moves. It should come as no surprise that the money s run out. This is why Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus released our latest white paper last week.

    Our discussion paper is entitled A New Deal for the Public Sector. Our white paper presents bold new ideas. This is one of a series of discussion papers on which I would encourage your review and comments.

    Our New Deal discussion paper is designed to guide and motivate Ontario s civil service in refocusing government on the core services that matter most, while delivering more value for taxpayers more efficiently. Our Paths to Prosperity papers clearly set out our goals as a party: patient-centred health care, a flexible labour force, affordable energy, sustainable pensions and a strong economy. The New Deal is our roadmap for achieving those goals as a government.

    It will give our public service the specific objectives, measurements and incentives they ll need to help us deliver. A New Deal does not measure the government s success by the money it spends or the number of programs it delivers. That s the old way of thinking and it s one of the reasons why Ontario is in the mess we re in today.

    The problem doesn t rest with our civil servants. It lies with the political leadership which currently has no vision for government other than to make it bigger. A New Deal points toward smaller government doing only the things it can do best, and getting out of areas better left to private sector innovation than inefficient bureaucracies.

    We need a return to government that sticks to its knitting and that knows its business. Ontario needs a government that is refocused on its core responsibilities, including the economy, health care, education, the environment and infrastructure. I look forward to continued discussion and dialogue on our white paper policies as details are further refined in the months ahead.

    Your comments are always welcome. I can be reached at [email protected] and by calling (905) 697-1501 or 1-800-661-2433. Please keep in touch.

    Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit Available The Province of Ontario has introduced a new permanent refundable personal income tax credit that helps seniors modify their homes for improved safety and accessibility. Seniors age 65 and older and their live-in family members can claim a tax credit of up to $1,500 for home modifications. The exact amount you get back is calculated as 15 per cent of the eligible expenses you claim.

    For example, if you spend and then claim $10,000 worth of eligible expenses, you could get $1,500 back. A few examples of eligible improvements include: support bars, ramps and walk-in bathtubs. More information is available online at www.ontario.ca/healthyhomes or by calling 1-866-668-8297.

    Let s Put the Brakes on 70% Increase For Commercial Vehicle Licence Plate Fees The McGuinty government is handing Ontario s heavy commercial vehicles a 70% increase in the cost of their vehicle plates. The validation fees have already gone up by 30% as of December 1. This will be followed by an additional 40% increase as of December 1, 2013.

    Although it s too late to halt the first fee increase, it s not too late for the second increase to be rolled back. I agree with local businesses and the Ontario Trucking Association, which is calling for future increases to be phased in over an extended period of time. I appreciate the fact that many concerned citizens and people from the trucking industry have sent me e-mails in support of the Put the Brakes on 70% campaign.

    I have forwarded these concerns to the attention of the Transportation Minister because I agree this fee is unreasonable and poorly timed. Given the condition of the Ontario economy, truckers simply cannot absorb a 70 per cent increase in the cost of renewing their plates. College of Trades Start-Up in 2013 The McGuinty government s new College of Trades will begin collecting fees from tradespersons, apprentices, journeypersons and businesses in 2013, According to the latest information on the College of Trades web site, the costs that will be in effect as of the spring of 2013 are $60 for apprentices, tradespersons and journeyperson candidates.

    For journeypersons and employer/sponsors, the cost is $120. I am disappointed that the McGuinty government is proceeding with the College of Trades. In my experience, most businesses and tradespersons don t support the added level of bureaucracy that will result from the College of Trades.

    Nor can Ontario afford the added costs of this tax on jobs. Compulsory WSIB Coverage Extended in 2013 New requirements governing compulsory WSIB coverage are scheduled to take effect as of January 1, 2013. Compulsory coverage under WSIB will extend to independent operators, sole proprietors, partners and executive officers in the construction industry, with certain exceptions.

    The WSIB has announced that every independent operator and sole proprietor carrying on business in construction, who is otherwise not exempt under this policy, is a deemed worker under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

    More information, including details about eligible exemptions, is available at the WSIB web site, www.wsib.on.ca.

    These changes will force those with private insurance to change to the WSIB and pay premiums that are likely highly than those offered by their former insurance provider.

  • Steve Allen's Blog: Food truck rodeosMy wife and I went with another couple to our first food truck rodeo in Durham yesterday. Turns out it was the biggest rodeo yet in the RTP area, with 44 trucks offering goodies ranging from American Meltdown's grilled cheese goodies to Valentino's meatballs. We had Only Burgers (veggie for Linda) and Hawaiian ices; the burgers were superb, the ices not so much (where are you when we need you Matsumoto?).

    Paid a visit to Fullsteam Brewery afterwards to enjoy their dog-friendly (even indoors!) atmosphere. Food trucks are changing the business model for food away from home. Owners benefit from much lower capital costs up front and the ability to move the restaurant to where the demand is.

    Each truck specializes in a single food item or cuisine, simplifying preparation and building a reputation with customers. Lower overhead results in lower prices. Customers gain in a rodeo setting by being able to enjoy a variety of foods (our friends had Korean barbeque and a raw kale burrito).

    Only two downsides that I could see from a customer standpoint. First, the lines at many of the vendors were quite long; we were originally hoping to do a variety of small plates but two lines were enough for one afternoon. Second, for those who want to create their own wine-food pairings -- too bad, the rodeo took place in Durham Central Park where adult beverages are not allowed.

    Next time we will bring a tarp or beach towel as well.

  • Storage Durham Search for details of storage facilities and units in Durham, North East England.

    Anderson Caravan Storage Laurendale Farm Fleming Field Durham DH6 2JQ Tel: 0191 526 5736 Caravan Medic Unit N7b Tursdale Business Park Durham DH6 5PG Tel: 08080 373737 Clark Handling Ltd Unit 13d Durham DH7 8XD Tel: 0191 3783399 DR Storage 29, Woodham Court Durham DH7 0EH Tel: 01207 520157 Durham Self Store Ltd Littleburn Business Centre Mill Rd Durham DH7 8ET Tel: 0191 3783511 GB Anderson Ltd Seven Acres Farm Haswell Plough Durham DH6 2EY Tel: 0191 5173133 Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd Finchale Rd Durham DH1 5HE Tel: 0191 3845060 Elliots Of Durham The Bungalow Durham DH1 5RF Tel: 0191 384 6186 Sproates Haulage Unit 4 Langley Moor Industrial Estate Durham DH7 8JE Tel: 0191 3784685 U Hold The Key South Durham Thinford DL17 8RU Tel: 01740 629988 U Hold The Key Tursdale Business Park Durham DH6 5PG Tel: 0800 3894319 Woodlands Caravan Storage Woodlands Farm Durham DH6 2RX Tel: 0191 5269699 Wright Euromove Unit 2 Acorn Close Lane Durham DH7 6AN Tel: 0191 3865747 This page of the website is to help you find a company providing facilities and units for your storage needs in Durham, North East England.

  • Students Haul Scholarships to College The Don Anderson Haulage Business and Technology scholarships were awarded to two college-bound students during Stouffville District Secondary School s Commencement ceremony. Madison Langlois was presented with the Don Anderson Haulage Business scholarship, which will help with tuition fees for her post-secondary studies in marketing-business at Durham College. Thas Ganeshathasan was also presented with the Don Anderson Haulage Technology scholarship to assist with his goal to become an electrical engineering technician at Mohawk College.

    Michael Anderson, president of heavy hauler and OTA member, Don Anderson Haulage in Gormley, Ont., says he values this annual opportunity to provide post-secondary financial assistance to students graduating from the local high school. Being from a very hands-on type of business, we think that it s important to encourage students to pursue practical learning through education and training at the college level, says Anderson. The Don Anderson Haulage Business and Technology Scholarships are awarded annually to two graduating Stouffville District Secondary School students with high overall averages who are attending college to study business or technology.

    The scholarships are funded by an endowment established by Don Anderson Haulage Limited., and are administered by the OTA Education Foundation.

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  • Team Markley Adinolfi Urge Cheshire Motorists to Sign Statewide ... June 27, 2013 Sen. Markley at the Cheshire Gulf Station on Rte.

    10 during the Axe the Gas Tax petition drive aimed at fighting the hike scheduled for July 1. Hartford, CT Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) and Representative Al Adinolfi (R-Cheshire) along with Republican legislators from across the state gathered signatures for a petition to fight increases in the state gas tax and diesel fuel tax scheduled for July 1st.

    Motorists can sign an online petition by visiting www.AxeTheGasTaxCT.com. The size and cost of an already-bloated government is growing yet again through this tax hike, and that s something that s unlikely to sit well with Connecticut motorists, Rep. Adinolfi said.

    The gas tax in Connecticut is already about 22 cents higher than in neighboring states like Massachusetts and the July 1st gas tax hike would raise prices at the pump another 4 cents per gallon. This tax is another burden on our citizens and we should be doing everything in our power to stop it, said Sen. Markley.

    The tax set to increase (called the petroleum gross receipts tax) is a hidden state tax on gasoline that motorists pay above and beyond the state (25 ) and federal (18.4 ) excise taxes. This tax is a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline and is scheduled to increase from 7% to 8.1% on July 1st (a 16% increase). According to the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (CEMA), the average wholesale price of gasoline in Connecticut is currently $2.82/gallon and Connecticut state taxes on a gallon of gasoline total 45 cents.

    At the same time, Connecticut s Diesel Fuel Tax, which is based on the petroleum gross receipts tax rate, is scheduled to increase by 3.5 cents per gallon, which will increase trucking and transportation costs, causing a ripple effect that will increase consumer costs on everything from groceries and clothing, to construction, as well as other goods and services. Legislative Republicans offered plans this legislative session in committee and in both the State Senate and State House of Representatives to eliminate the tax hike and they proposed several options to replace the lost revenue. None of which were accepted by the majority party.

    The petition drive at the Cheshire Gulf Station on Rte.

    10 garnered a number of signatures in two hours. As of Tuesday, more than 14,000 people statewide had signed the online petition. The next step is to present the petition to the Governor in the hopes public pressure will force him to call lawmakers back to Hartford for a special vote to repeal the tax hike.

    Write a Letter to the Editor Unless otherwise noted, it is recommended that letters be under 200 words *indicates required field Cheshire Herald Cheshire Patch Meriden Record Journal Southington Citizen Southington Observer Waterbury Republican-American Hartford Courant SEND US A LETTER The Courant welcomes letters on matters of public interest. Please fill out the form below. Your full name, hometown, phone number and e-mail address are required for verification, but only your name and hometown will be used.

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    Suggested Title: * Your Letter to the Editor (200 words or less) :

  • Teesside haulage firm hits back after near miss on A66 + VIDEO ... A HAULAGE firm is putting the brakes on a growing "cash for claims" culture by fitting surveillance cameras to its wagons. Bosses at the Haverton Hill company say they are falling victim to deliberate attempts by other drivers to collide with their vehicles. They say more action is needed to stop the cash-for- claims crooks in their tracks - before premiums sky-rocket for all motorists.

    Surveillance cameras installed by the company recorded a very near miss on the A66 near Teesside Park that involved a vehicle crossing three lanes, cutting in front of one of the company s wagons, and forcing the driver to slam on his handbrake. Henderson, the company s insurance broker, has footed the bill for the cameras in a pilot scheme that could see other companies with large fleets take part. Our insurance premiums doubled in the last year, said Scott Brothers transport manager Peter Scott.

    We ve had a number of accidents that weren t our fault, but because our wagons have gone into the back of the other vehicle, with absolutely no chance of them being able to stop, it automatically becomes our fault. Having the evidence on camera means we can litigate if necessary. One of our vehicles was involved in an incident in the fast lane of the A66 near Teesside Park, a car came across three lanes and forced our driver to slam on his handbrake.

    It was a near miss but the cameras caught it all. If there had been a collision, that would have proved our driver wasn t at fault. Since we ve installed the cameras, it s given them peace of mind that if there s any incidents they will be covered.

    The camera records sudden, sharp jolts or braking as a 20-second event that can easily be traced back. The hike in the company s insurance premiums was due to several incidents, some of them not involving other vehicles. One involved a low loader that lost control on a patch of ice and crashed into an electrical substation, causing a power cut to some businesses at Portrack Lane Retail Park, as reported, inset.

    But Mr Scott said there had been an increasing number of incidents that appeared to be deliberate attempts by motorists to cause a collision with the company s vehicles. We ve also had several taxis pulling in front of our tippers, they haven t a chance to stop, he said. Jonathan Willett, director of Henderson Insurance Brokers, said: It s difficult to prove, but we seem to be getting a lot of instances where people are deliberately harsh-braking.

    If tens of thousands in legal costs are incurred, it adds costs to everyone s premiums.

    If the technology is proven to reduce fraudulent claims, he added, Henderson would be very keen to work with other companies.

  • The Anderson Observer ANDERSON - Billy Joe "B.J." Durham, 75, of 3215 Hwy 29 North, husband of Peggy Roberts Durham, passed away Tuesday May 14, 2013 at his residence. Born in the White Plains Community, he was the son of the late George H. and Eva Bagwell Durham.

    B.J. was a 1955 graduate of White Plains High School and member of the SC National Guard. He formerly owned and operated Electrical Supplies Company and was currently the owner of Durham's Industrial Maintenance Services.

    He handled the mechanical, warehousing and trucking for Electrolux for many years. He was a recipient of the Order of the Palmetto by the Governor of SC and member of Friendship Baptist Church. Surviving are his wife, Peggy Roberts Durham and son, Joe Michael Durham both of the home; brother, Hugh Durham and his wife, Elaine of Williamston; sister, Deloris D.

    Patton and her husband, Dan of Piedmont; sister-in-law, Ann Durham of Piedmont; nephew, Jerry Trotter and nieces, Beth Dalrymple, Kathy Webb and Gayle Trotter. B.J. was preceded in death by his parents and his brothers, Ray and Marshall Durham and sister, Rachel D.

    Trotter. Services will be held at 2pm Thursday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Mausoleum with Rev. Bill Ellison officiating.

    The family will receive friends following the service. The family is at the residence. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to a charity of one's choice.

    SULLIVAN-KING MORTUARY www.sullivanking.com

  • The Newbottle Waggon Rail Way Map - Tyne & Wear Museums Map Title In August 2000 the museum was given a map of the Newbottle Waggon Rail Way . This wagonway was built to transport coal in horse drawn wagons from John Newsham s Newbottle Colliery to coal staiths on the River Wear at Galley s Gill. The map itself dates to 1817, being drawn just 5 years after the wagonway was built.

    The wagonway is shown twice, as a true representation of the route and in a linear form showing distances between given points along the route. Also shown are the landowners of the properties over which the wagonway was built. It is also decorated with two drawings of horse drawn wagons and wagonway drivers and a view of the Wearmouth Bridge, one of the technological wonders of the age.

    View of the Wearmouth Bridge For most, if not all, of its existence the map has been stored rolled up. At about 7 feet long the map has been difficult to handle and until recently needed a long flat surface on which to show it. In 2011 the opportunity arose to have the map conserved.

    It was flattened, cleaned and framed by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums and has been hung on a wall of the archive store for easy viewing. Plans are being drawn up to display the map in 2014. The map today Why all the fuss?

    The map is an important documentary source for the early history of railways and coal mining in the Durham Coalfield. In order to find out the story of the Newbottle Wagonway I went to Neil Sinclair who was the Curator of Sunderland Museum when the map came into the collection and who is a railway historian. Below is what he kindly shared with me.

    Neil adds that much of the information came from Colin E Mountford whose The Private Railways of County Durham is the standard reference work on the major colliery wagonways and railways of the area. The Nesham family acquired the lease for mining at Philadelphia in 1734, initially in partnership with John Hylton. The title Newbottle Colliery (Newbottle was the nearest existing village) was used for a number of pits.

    One of these was the Success pit which first drew coal in 1750 and which was served by a wagonway running to staiths on the Wear at Penshaw. In 1811 John Douthwaite Nesham began a policy of major investment in his colliery interests which included sinking the Dorothea Pit at Philadelphia, close to the existing Margaret Pit. A further development was the opening in 1812 of the 5.75 mile Newbottle Wagonway to transport the increasing amount of coal from his collieries to staiths in Sunderland.

    At Penshaw and the many other staiths in the area coal was shovelled into keels (coal-carrying barges) and taken to Sunderland where it was transferred into sea-going collier ships for transport to ports on the East Coast of Britain. By building the line directly to Sunderland not only was the additional cost of transport by keel avoided, but unnecessary breakage of coal was also prevented. The Staiths at Sunderland The importance of this line was clear to the keelmen who saw their livelihood disappearing.

    On 20 March 1815 a group of keelmen and casters pulled down the bridge carrying the railway across Galley s Gill in Sunderland and set fire to the staiths and the stationary engine house. The cavalry were called from Newcastle to quell the riot and the damage, which cost over 6000, was repaired. The line to Sunderland put Nesham ahead of the other colliery owners on the Wear.

    In 1822 when his trustees were selling his property reference was made to an easy Lead on a Iron Rail-Way to extensive Staiths at the Port of Sunderland, where the Coal is shipped by Spouts an Advantage enjoyed by no other Colliery on the River Wear . The Wagonway was built on the wayleave system, paying landowners for crossing their property. The sale document of 1822 details the wayleave rental including the Rector of Bishopwearmouth, Dr Gray, whose land was crossed twice including the area where the Royal Hospital now stands.

    The Wagonway near today's Chester Road Kayll Road Junction The Newbottle Wagonway was initially worked by horses with additional horses to help the trains of chaldron wagons up the steeper banks. The line terminated with a self-acting incline down Galley s Gill to the staiths; loaded wagons pulled the empty wagons uphill. There were only a handful of railway locomotives in the country when the Newbottle line was opened.

    Nevertheless in 1814-1815 John Nesham tried out a locomotive built by William Brunton in Derbyshire which was essentially a steam boiler with a pair of jointed legs that walked along the track (Details of William Brunton s locomotive for the Newbottle Wagonway. (Andy Guy North Eastern Locomotive Pioneers 1805-1827 in Early Railways). It replaced horses between Margaret Pit and West Herrington. In 1815 the locomotive exploded near Philadelphia, killing about a dozen people, with many more injured.

    Wagon, horse and driver as shown on the map After the 1815 explosion Nesham turned his thoughts to introducing more tried and tested technology further self-acting and stationary steam engines which pulled wagons along the track through large drums of rope. In 1818 George Hill of Gateshead prepared a report (Northumberland Records Office 3410/East/1/141) proposing the installation of rope haulage on further sections. By 1822 there were three stationary engines (West Herrington, Middle Herrington and Arch) and four self-acting inclines (Grindon, Ettrick, Barras and Staiths).

    A document dated 22 April 1822 (Northumberland Records Office 3410/Wat/59) gives the following details of the line: Pit to bottom of bank, needing 5 men and boys and 5 horses West Herrington Engine, 30hp, 12 wagons at a time Flat, needing 3 men and boys and 3 horses Middle Herrington Engine, 16hp, 8 wagons at a time Flat, needing 2 men and boys and 2 horses Grindon Incline Arch Engine near Mr Ettrick s (High Barnes House), 16hp, 8 wagons at a time Ettrick s Incline Barras Incline Staiths Incline In all the line needed 4 brakesmen, 5 staithmen, 22 men and boys with 15 horses constantly at work and 2 spare. In 1822, John Nesham was in financial difficulties and his pits and wagonway were sold by auction to John George Lambton, soon to be the 1st Earl of Durham. Lambton linked the Newbottle line to his existing lines which ran from his collieries in the Fencehouses area and thus brought additional traffic over the Newbottle route and created the Lambton Railway.

    Contemporary sources suggest that the gauge of the Newbottle line was 4ft 0in and the original wagonways of Lambton, 4ft 2in/4ft 3in, so the Newbottle line would have had to be regauged to the Lambton track dimensions. Then in 1840 it was proposed to alter the Lambton Railway to the standard gauge of 4ft 8.5 inches and the conversion was carried out some time during the next few years. A new colliery was opened at Houghton in 1823 and was linked to the Newbottle route.

    The need to increase the capacity of the line to carry traffic from Houghton and from the original Lambton collieries was probably the main factor in the Earl of Durham deciding to abandon more than two-thirds of the original Lambton route and to radically rebuild the remainder. The new route diverged significantly from the original line south of where it crossed Chester Road near the Arch Engine. Another factor may have been the wish to avoid the expensive wayleave charges he was paying for the original route.

    One surprising fact is that the new route meant abandoning a stationary engine which had recently been installed to replace the Grindon self-acting incline. It is probable that the new route was built in the early 1830s as five stationary engines were ordered for it from R & W Hawthorn of Newcastle in 1830-1831, three at 56hp, one at 64hp and one at 80hp. It had certainly been completed by 1835 when John Buddle, the leading North East mining engineer, produced a very comprehensive report on the Earl of Durham s collieries and railways and their working expenses (Northumberland Records Office 3410/Bud/28).

    Buddle s report of 1835 shows that the line was now largely worked by stationary engines (five on the Philadelphia Sunderland section) and self-acting inclines at Grindon and to the Staiths. Buddle recorded that 49,141 chaldrons had been shipped in the half year ending 30 June 1835, probably totalling 132,230 tons. Lambton Staiths in the 1830s as drawn by T.H.

    Hair In 1852 the York, Newcastle & Berwick Railway (from 1854 amalgamated into the North Eastern Railway) opened its line from Pensher to Hendon, where it joined existing lines serving the new South Dock. The Earl of Durham s Agent negotiated an arrangement for the Earl s locomotives to haul his chaldron wagons over the new line to Millfield where a new link was built to the head of the existing incline to the Lambton Staiths in Hylton Road. This link was in use by 1855.

    A detail from a print of Hartleys Glass Works, Sunderland by M and W Lambert showing the Glebe Engine House near the new Union Workhouse between Chester Road and Hylton Road (now the site of the Sunderland Royal Hospital), about 1855 A further new link was opened in December 1865 from the Pensher branch at Pallion via Deptford and a tunnel to the Lambton Staiths. This meant that Lambton Railway locomotives could take the chaldron wagons direct for shipment and obviated the need for the wagons to be uncoupled and then let down to the Staiths by the self acting incline. After the completion of the Deptford link the traffic over the original Newbottle route probably ceased in 1866 when the last of several new tender locomotive to work over the Pensher line was delivered.

    The previously quoted date of 1870 must be wrong as the area, which included the Glebe Engine, was purchased by the Sunderland Union Workhouse in 1867 and almost immediately built over. A new colliery at New Herrington was built over the course of the line about 1874. The stub of the route between Herrington and Philadelphia remained to serve the new colliery.

    Ironically Nesham s original wagonway to the Low Lambton Staiths at Pensher remained in use until the 1890s. The route of the Newbottle Wagonway in Sunderland between Hylton Road and where it crossed Chester Road disappeared fairly rapidly as housing in the Millfield area was built and the Sunderland Union Workhouse and Bishopwearmouth Cemetery expanded. South of Chester Road the route remained largely intact until it too disappeared under the vast house building programme of the 1950s and the landscaping of Barnes Extension Park.

    After the demolition of the bridge in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in 1965, the only significant remains were an embankment in the grounds of Grindon Library and Museum and the embankment in Fox Cover Wood. In 2003 the well of the Glebe Engine House was uncovered in the grounds of Sunderland Royal Hospital during building work and a circular brick structure was built at ground level around the shaft. This can be seen near the Chester Road entrance.

    The Newbottle Wagonway was of major significance in the development of railways on Wearside, although it has overshadowed by the later, but better known, Hetton Colliery Railway which survived until 1959. The major changes made from a horse-operated to a rope-operated operated line during its first twenty years and its replacement by locomotive hauled trains over a public railway within sixty years were a reminder that technology developed rapidly during the 19th century. The Hetton Colliery Railway opened in 1822 was the second railway to go from colliery direct to staiths at Sunderland.

    It was engineered by George Stephenson and was in some ways the precursor of his Stockton and Darlington Railway of 1825, although the S&DR was a public railway.

    The Hetton line used stationary steam engines and self-acting inclines, as the Newbottle line did but also steam locomotives on certain sections of the route.

    The Hetton Colliery Railway

  • Tractor Trailer Accidents - Too Few Good Drivers? | The Legal ... Posted by Lindsay Rakers September 25, 2012 4:11 PM Tractor trailers are a major factor in highway safety. There are about 11 million of them that travel on our highways, logging an impressive 288 million miles a year. And with such a large number of large trucks on the road, it is no surprise that they contribute to a significant number of vehicle crashes.

    According to the most recent accident data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2009, large trucks were involved in 286,000 crashes, leading to over 3,000 fatalities and another 74,000 injuries. With accident numbers that big that involve vehicles as big as tractor trailers are weighing greater than 10,000 pounds the safety practices of the drivers behind the wheel should be a concern for all of us. But recent news reports indicate that there is actually a shortage of safe, qualified drivers to meet the demands of trucking companies.

    CNN Money reports that there are nearly 200,000 job openings nationwide for long haul truckers. There are currently about 1.5 million drivers on the road, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that number is growing and expected to surpass 1.8 million by 2020. There are lots reasons that explain this shortage.

    Trucking is, of course, a grueling job that means time away from home and family, long days trying to log miles and meet deadlines, and the stress of living on the road. These factors may trucking unappealing to many and lead to high turnover rates. But some of the reasons for the trucker shortage are actually safety-related and that is good news.

    Regulations to ensure trucking safety actually make it difficult for some individuals to enter the job market. For example, truck drivers must be at least age 21, which means that recent high school graduates are ineligible for the positions. In addition, drivers must take a six-week driver-training course at the cost of $4,000 to $6,000, which is often unaffordable for those looking for work in this tough economic climate.

    In addition to the obstacles for new entrants, some trucking companies are also starting to be more selective in their hiring. Again, this is safety related. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently started publicizing the safety ratings of trucking companies.

    That has meant that some companies are changing their hiring practices, looking for only the best drivers without blemishes on their record. Then you have to add on to all of that the fact that new Hours-of-Service regulations just went into effect this summer that place stiffer limits on the number of hours a driver can log before resting. That means more drivers are needed to cover the same distance in the same amount of time.

    Of course steps definitely need to be taken to alleviate this driver shortage. Overworked drivers even if they are complying with the Hours-of-Service regulations are not good for highway safety. And a shortfall in the number of safe drivers carries other costs, such as increased shipping expenses or delays.

    But fixing the problem definitely should not come at the cost of decreasing safety on our roadways.

    Lindsay Rakers, St.

    Louis Missouri truck accident attorney

  • Transportation Sales Agent (3413171)Brock, LLC is currently interviewing Transportation Sales Agent (3413171) on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 20:38:25 GMT. Company Profile: Brock Transportation is a leading customer-focused, non-asset based third party logistics company providing comprehensive truckload, LTL, and logistics services. Brock has over 10,000 carriers under contract and can provide a wide range of truck -transportation products including vans, flats (permit loads when needed), rail and volume loads, and reefers as well as door to door LTL...

    Location: Durham , North Carolina Description: Brock, LLC is currently interviewing Transportation Sales Agent (3413171) right now, this occupation will be assigned in North Carolina. Detailed specification about this occupation opportunity please read the description below. Company Profile: Brock Transportation is a leading customer-focused, non-asset based third party logistics company providing comprehensive truc!

    kload, LTL, and logistics services. Brock has over 10,000 carriers under contract and can provide a wide range of truck -transportation products including vans, flats (permit loads when needed), rail and volume loads, and reefers as well as door to door LTL service. Founded in 1996 by three brothers, Brock has grown to serve thousands of clients, including many on the Fortune 500 list.

    We are currently seeking a: Transportation Sales Agent Anywhere in Baton Rouge, LA Job Description: As an Agent for Brock Transportation you are an individual contractor who owns your own business. You are an independent Agent and your own boss. How much money you make and how many hours you work is up to YOU.

    Agents work out of their home. All they need is a computer, phone and fax. They are responsible for getting customers and moving their freight.

    The job consists of sales and operations and requires a person that is comfortable in both. The sales work is done on the pho! ne and in person.

    Typically, about 75% of the sales work is do! ne on the phone. It consists of calling customers and soliciting business.

    The operational aspect of the job requires matching vendors (carriers) with customer needs. Individuals with transportation experience are very successful. We have experienced agents earning between $100,000 and $250,000 annually.

    Brock provides many tools to help the agents be successful. We have a unique dispatch system that helps agents find trucks for their customers. Brock has thousands of carriers under contract.

    It has been in business since 1996, and has been profitable since inception. Brock has excellent credit, and pays vendors upon receipt of the invoice. This means that carriers want to do business with Brock.

    Brock handles virtually all types of shipments including full loads for vans, flat beds (including permit loads), containers, rail and volume loads, reefers as well as ltl, import and export. Finders Fee If you have transportation experience, or if you kn! ow someone who maybe interested please contact us at: (925)371-2184 or click "Apply Online" below.

    We pay a $1000.00 finders fee to the person who recommends us a successful candidate (inquire for details). Experience in the trucking or truck brokerage industry is a prerequisite Benefits: As an Agent/Broker for Brock, LLC here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy: Software system that provides you with thousands of carriers with contracts on file. All your loads in one place.

    All paperwork associated with loads are kept in our home office. Reports to broker weekly providing detail of what you have been paid commission on and what is outstanding. Carriers are paid promptly within 20 days.

    Their invoices come in; we verify the accuracy and pay them. Carriers love doing business with Brock, LLC. Agents are paid twice a month for all loads completed.

    We are a very close knit organization. We work very closely with our agents so they receive th! e best in customer support.

    We process and maintain all paperwork for y! our load. Brock, LLC is financially secure, and has been profitable every year since it opened in 1996.

    Rated 3A1 by Dun & Bradstreet. We offer a unique one of a kind team system which allows and encourages agents to expand their business. - . If you were eligible to this occupation, please deliver us your resume, with salary requirements and a resume to Brock, LLC.

    Interested on this occupation, just click on the Apply button, you will be redirected to the official website This occupation will be opened on: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 20:38:25 GMT Apply Transportation Sales Agent (3413171) Here

  • Truck Drivers at Increased Risk for Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain ... Spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury are among the many catastrophic injuries for which American truck drivers are at risk. According to a post by Dr. Michael Choo of Paradigm Outcomes, factors such as fatigue, long hours, highway conditions and difficult-to-maneuver vehicles contribute to truck drivers being at great risk of catastrophic injury on the job.

    Paradigm reports that such life-altering injuries put truck drivers at greater risk of major disruptions to income and well-being than other occupations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), more than 2 million Americans are employed as truck drivers with more than half of that population driving heavy vehicles like tractor-trailers.

    There are approximately 500,000 truck accidents in the U.S. each year, yielding 10,280 fatalities and more than 752,800 injuries in 2010 alone, BTS reports. Trucking companies play a large role in the safety of their drivers, as violations of Hours-of-Service rules and expectations that drivers exceed legal weekly maximum distances lead to decreased attentiveness and heightened rates of fatigue, two major factors in accidents, catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

    The American Trucking Association urges truck drivers to know their rights as employees.

    If you or a loved one is dealing with a catastrophic injury sustained while working, please contact Copeley Johnson & Groninger for a consultation.

  • Truck hits Durham NC police car Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 15,876 07-25-2012 # ADS Join Date Always Posts Many Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 15,876 Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 2,012 Prayer's for the officer. Join Date Mar 2008 Posts 9,064 The truck driver, Charles Edward Caldwell, 44, of Roberta, Ga., wasn't injured in the crash, but he remained at Duke Hospital on Thursday after complaining of a health condition during police questioning . Chest pains?

    He'll have other "health conditions" as direct results of the condition of the Officer. Hope he likes NC. D.

    W. I. & very possibly A. D.

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  • Truck News - Blog: Riding shotgun with a paraplegic truck driver As I ve written in the past, one of the things that makes the trucking industry so compelling to write about is its people. The Canadian trucking industry is comprised of hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. And practically every one of them has an interesting story to tell.

    Let me introduce you to Mike Dingler, an owner/operator with International Truckload Services (ITS) in Belleville, Ont. Mike works the nightshift, running drop-and-hook domestic loads between ITS in Belleville and customers in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Brantford to the west and Cornwall and Brockville in the east. What s extraordinary about Mike, is that he does all this despite being confined to a wheelchair.

    I recently spent an evening with Mike, as we ran a load of paper from ITS s Belleville yard up to the space it leases from Maritime-Ontario in Brantford and then back to Belleville with an assortment of general freight. I ll be telling his story in the June issues of Truck News and Truck West . But when I have a good story to tell, I have a really hard time keeping it to myself even just temporarily - so I ll share a few details with those of you who frequent this blog.

    Mike is 44 years old and has always been mechanically inclined, spending his younger days tearing down engines, transmissions and other components and then carefully reassembling them. He lived on a farm in Durham Region and was comfortable operating heavy trucks and farm equipment from a young age. At the age of 20, he fell asleep while driving a pick-up truck with a load of wood and careened 151 feet off a dead-end road before a large tree abruptly stopped the truck in its tracks.

    I never broke one bone in my body but it tore the main aorta from my heart. I don t remember anything, he told me. Mike was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital and once stabilized, sent to the renowned Lyndhurst Centre for rehab.

    They were to teach him how to use his wheelchair, but after several weeks of being put off by doctors, Mike called a buddy to come pick him up. He left the rehab centre and learned how to get around in the wheelchair on his own. Since then, Mike s been getting by on a $1,000 monthly disability cheque and doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

    He decided he wanted to earn a better living, get off disability and improve his lifestyle. So, he did what most of us would consider unthinkable and decided to pursue a career in trucking. Of course it wasn t easy.

    There are few, if any, paraplegic truck drivers out there, so off-the-shelf driving aids weren t readily available. Mike found a 2004 Freightliner with a Meritor automatic transmission on Kijiji and traded his pick-up truck for it in a straight-up swap. He then built his own hydraulic lift system to get him in and out of the truck and installed controls allowing him to work the throttle and brake by hand.

    Mike then had to get the entire system approved by the MTO. Next up, he needed a job. Mike went to work with Musket Transportation but when the contract he was serving went away, he moved on to ITS.

    Chris McMillan, field operations manager with ITS, told me Mike quickly proved his abilities during the road test. Belleville has some really interesting corners and after the first hard right-hander at the bridge downtown, I knew that Mike would be a great addition to the ITS family, Chris told me. Still, the company wasn t planning to treat Mike any differently than any other company driver or owner/operator.

    Nor did Mike want special treatment. Mike s been working at ITS for a couple months now and by all accounts is doing a great job. He does his own pre-trip inspections and even more remarkably, most of his own maintenance, including oil changes.

    He has a forklift in his shop to which he s attached a platform to the forks so he can raise himself up to whatever height is necessary to perform maintenance and repairs. He has also welded together two creepers, so he can get underneath the truck without his feet dragging along the ground. It s a good thing too, as repairs have been plentiful.

    In his first weeks with the truck, the starter, clutch and air compressor all needed replacing. Welcome to life as an owner/operator, Mike. Mike can couple and uncouple the trailers, but many yards park the trailers so closely together that he can t get to the landing gear in his wheelchair.

    He has hired his cousin to come along with him to handle coupling and uncoupling. His assistant also earns his keep by running into any offices that aren t wheelchair-accessible to pick up the required paperwork. What s unique about Mike is not only the fact he s a paraplegic truck driver, but also the fact he goes about his business with a consistently positive attitude.

    He s thrilled to be on the road and realizes he s lucky to be alive. He hopes to one day get daytime work with ITS, but he ll bide his time and earn it just like everyone else has to. He really doesn t feel like anyone owes him a thing.

    His outlook is refreshing and invigorating. This blog was intended to be a short glimpse into Mike s life a teaser, really for the feature coming out in the June issues of Truck News and Truck West . I failed to keep it short, but believe me, I could go on much longer and I will do so in the print edition.

    This is a story you don t want to miss. Meanwhile, I want to hear your stories. Do you know any professional drivers with disabilities?

    How have they overcome the challenges that are inherent to the job?

  • Truck World 2014 is Coming! 7 days remaining and the official countdown has begun but really, it began months ago for anyone in the industry. Truck World 2014 returns April 10 th ; and with over 400 exhibitors and 300,000+ square feet of new trucks and equipment, it s sure to be one heck of a show. Durham Truck will be at the MACK booth Hall 1 right in front, so come and stop by and check us out!

    Oh! And don t forget to register before you get there! Follow this link so you register for free!


  • Truck World 2014 | Durham Truck & Equipment Check out some of the pictures below from the Mack and Volvo booths of the National Truck World Show this year.

    We had a blast hanging out with everyone those past few days and we can t wait for the next one!

    Mack Trucks Volvo Trucks


    OR BULLHEAD AZ.OR AIRCRAFT (OLD PILOTS NEVER DIE)------------------REASON FOR SELLING GREAT PEOPLE AND CLIENTS TO WORK WITH BUT TIME TO RETIRE Year Business was Established: 1985 Number of Employees: 3FT Potential Growth/Expansion: unlimited Competition: very limited Owner willing to finance: yes Owner willing to train: yes Reason for selling: retire This business is Home Based.

    Seller Reference Number: bm1346833538 BusinessMart.com Listing Number: 105481 To request more information on this business please fill out the form shown right

  • Trucking In Canada: Parking Your Car At The Airport When You Visit ...For those people who are planning to visit Canada either to visit friends & family or if you are doing a "Recce Trip" to see what it is like before you make your emigration plans, one of the things that you will have to consider is - ............... How do we get to the airport and if we use our own vehicle then where do we park it, will it be safe for 2 weeks and how much will it cost? Well the good news is that there is a great company called BCP who have secured parking on and off the airport and a shuttle service to get you from the carpark to the airport terminal.

    These are the Top Guys in the business and many of the car-parks are well away from the airport so you don't have to worry about navigating around the airport complex, you just drive to BCP following the online directions and let BCP look after your vehicle while you enjoy your vacation. BCP have been providing airport parking since 1978. In fact, the first car park that we operated was a Park and Ride service at Gatwick.

    BCP Gatwick was located on the airport boundary, right next to the runway. We now offer a range of Park and Ride services across all of the major airports. There are often small differences between the Park and Ride services that are offered.

    Take a look below to help you choose the most convenient option. On-airport or off-airport? Park and Ride services are available either at the airport or within a short transfer from the airport.

    If the car park is situated within the airport boundary then it is classified as on-airport. If the car park is located outside the airport boundary then it is classified as off-airport. What to do when you arrive Some car parks will take your keys and park your car for you, whilst you board the transfer bus.

    Other car parks will allow you to keep your keys but you will have to park your own car and walk to the nearest transfer point. Either way, the airport terminal is just a short transfer ride away. What to do when you return On return, simply board the transfer bus back to the car park.

    If you have left your keys with the car park then you can collect them at reception before returning to your car.

    Alternatively, if you still have your keys then you are free to proceed directly to your car and exit the car park.

    Airport Park and Ride services are available at:

  • Trucking industry looks to Charlotte for pool of new drivers ... Though the Mecklenburg County job market has traditionally been very strong, the region's economy can always stand to benefit by the introduction of new businesses. Now, with the long-haul trucking industry eyeing the area, a significant number of new jobs may be created in the coming months. Accordingly, with the prospect of additional opportunities for work, an increasing number of individuals may be considering their options to buy a house in Charlotte.

    Within the last month, Swift Transportation has posted 44 new openings for trucking jobs in the immediate area, according to the Charlotte Observer. Additionally, the trucking firm Schneider National Inc. is looking to hire 72 new drivers this season more than four times as many than during the recession.

    Veteran truckers are typically given routes nearby taking them to Durham and allowing for their to return home nightly while new drivers may be given the opportunity to stay on the road for weeks at a time, hauling fully-loaded 40-ton rigs across the country's interstates. "Trucking is an easy way to get America back to work," Larry Hiott, an instructor at TransTech-Charlotte Diesel Driving School, told the news source. "Companies are hiring more with the economy bubbling back up." Meanwhile, truck driving schools are reporting that they are regularly being contacted by recruiters at a pace not seen since before the recession. As interest continues to mount in the surrounding communities, the area's housing market may show gains similar to those observed in recent months. The Observer reported that single-family building permits in Mecklenburg County are up 50 percent compared to the same time last year, pointing toward an increased need for drivers shipping home construction materials and manufactured goods.

    Those looking to move to the area and begin a career in trucking can benefit by researching the local housing opportunities with qualified Charlotte real estate agents, such as those employed by Lodestone Real Estate.

  • V

  • Volvo Proven Tour schedule | Overdrive - Owner Operators Trucking ... Volvo Trucks announced its Proven Tour, an interactive customer and dealer road tour showcasing fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety and vehicle uptime, on Sept.

    14. The Proven Tour will stop at 27 Volvo Trucks dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada during the next four months.

    A Volvo VNL 780 tractor will pull the 53-foot expandable Proven trailer. The trailer features interactive stations to allow visitors to learn more about Volvo s technology, including XE powertrain packages, I-Shift automated manual transmission, steel cab, Volvo Remote Diagnostics and ASIST service communication tool. During the tour, visitors will also experience the premier of Volvo s iPad-based Fuel Drop game.

    This year s portion of the Proven Tour will conclude in late December after stops throughout the West, Midwest and Canada. Following the holidays, the Proven Tour will continue. Oct.

    2, Durham Truck & Equipment Sales & Service in Ajax, Ontario Oct.

    4, Performance Equipment Ltd. in Mississauga, Ontario Oct.

    9, Sheehan s Truck Centre Inc. in Burlington, Ontario Oct.

    11, Mid-Ontario Diesel Limited in Maple, Ontario Oct.

    17 Calmont Truck Centre Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta Oct.

    19, Nortrux Inc. in Calgary, Alberta Oct.

    23, Mountain West Truck Center in Salt Lake City Oct.

    26, Western Truck Center in Sacramento, Calif. Oct.

    30, Central Valley Truck Center in Fresno, Calif. Nov.

    2, Tec Of California Inc. in La Mirada, Calif. Nov.

    6, Vanguard Truck Center of Phoenix in Phoenix Nov.

    9, Sweeten Truck Center L.C. in Houston Nov.

    13, Bruckner Truck Sales Inc. in Dallas Nov.

    16, Bruckner Truck Sales Inc. in Oklahoma City Nov.

    20, Westfall O dell Truck Sales in Kansas City, Mo. Nov.

    27, Volvo Trucks Of Omaha Inc. in Omaha, Neb. Nov.

    30, Mckenna Truck Center in Des Moines, Iowa Dec.

    4, Nuss Truck & Equipment in Minneapolis Dec.

    7, Milwaukee Truck Sales in Milwaukee Dec.

    11, Chicago Truck Sales & Service Inc.

    in Chicago Dec.

    14, Andy Mohr Truck Center in Indianapolis Dec.

    18, Worldwide Equipment of Ohio Inc.

    in Cincinnati

  • Volvo Trucks Adds 10 New Leasing Locations Volvo Trucks announced it has expanded its network of leasing locations in the United States and Canada to include 10 new sites providing full-service leasing, short- or long-term rentals and service contracts to its customers. Volvo Truck Leasing System is an association of independent Volvo Trucks dealerships throughout North America. Volvo Trucks North America s VN, VHD and VAH trucks are assembled in the United States at the New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Va., while its engines are assembled in Hagerstown, Md.

    The new leasing locations include: Advantage Truck Center/Advantage Truck Leasing, Charlotte, N.C. Advantage Truck Center/Advantage Truck Leasing, Greensboro, N.C. Advantage Truck Center/Advantage Truck Leasing, Conover, N.C.

    Advantage Truck Center/Advantage Truck Leasing, 2550 N Church St., Rocky Mount, N.C. RDO Truck Center Co., Fargo, N.D. TEC Equipment Inc./TEC Leasing, Seattle, Wash.

    Performance Equipment Ltd./Great Lakes Truck Leasing & Rental, Mississauga, Ontario Columbus Truck & Equipment Ctr., LLC/Southeastern Leasing & Rental LLC, Columbus, Ohio Columbus Truck & Equipment Ctr., LLC/Southeastern Leasing & Rental LLC, Marietta, Ohio Durham Truck & Equipment Sales & Service/Durham Leasing Systems, Ajax, Ontario The Volvo Group manufactures commercial trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines.

    The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service.

    For more information, visit www.volvogroup.com.

  • W

  • Was Off-Side Britain's first newspaper football columnist?

    And who ... Who was the first newspaper football columnist and where did he write? Paul Brown believes he has the answer. In an article for The Blizzard, he argues the case for the man (surely it was a chap) who worked under the pseudonym Off-Side and was published in the Darlington-based daily, the Northern Echo.

    Paul discovered that Off-Side began writing "football notes" in February 1885. He may have been the first of his kind, but there were other contenders with similar pen-names, such as Goal-Post, Full-Back and Spectator. According to Brown - author of the book Goal-Post: Victorian Football - these early writers played a key part in the development of football.

    And Off-Side certainly saw himself in the role of ambassador for a sport only then taking shape, as his introductory Northern Echo column implies: "The object of the writer will be raising the status of the game A main feature of the notes will be their thorough independence. There will be no trucking with this club or that; everyone will be treated alike. This is the most important point and the general public can depend on it being observed.

    The writer is not officially connected with any club, and will not sing the praises of one club at the expense of the rest." And in an early example of a consistent journalistic theme down the years, he was no fan of the game's administrators: "Football legislators are a queer set, and a capital type of the standstill, querulous old Tory. The Durham Association have sunk so low lately; it is questionable whether they could sink lower The decisions are unworthy of any body of representative gentlemen." So who was Off-Side? Sadly, Paul couldn't discover that.

    The Northern Echo's historian had no idea. Off-Side's final column was published at the end of 1887-88, the season before the foundation of the Football League. His successor, called Observer, wished him well "in his new sphere across the herring pond" where "may he haul in the dainty shekels to his heart's (and his pocket's) content".

    We might therefore have assumed that Off-Side emigrated to America. Paul drew a blank in the States but he did discover that, in July 1888, a new columnist appeared in the Wanganui Herald in New Zealand: "Football Notes by Off-Side". And he believes the mystery man continued to write about the game for various Kiwi newspapers for the next 20 years.

    If anyone can throw any light on Off-Side's identity then please comment below or contact Paul here. Incidentally, Paul, a Newcastle man, tells me the main reason he carried out his researches at the Darlington paper was due to the failure of the two Newcastle papers - the Journal and the Evening Chronicle - to cover football in the 1880s. Nowadays, of course, they live off Newcastle United, which was founded in 1892 when the city's East End side adopted the name after the West End team had folded.

    Sources: Anton Rippon, SJA/Victorian Football/Phone conversation with Paul Brown

  • Wind Turbine Open Day In Co Durham Just Don't Wear Red Working with gfw-Renewables, James Weightman has installed a 500kW urban fringe wind turbine to power the entire farm and he sells the remaining electricity back to the National Grid. James with Blondes and wind turbine The project has been such a success that the Weightman family, along with gfw-Renewables; turbine suppliers EWT; and funders Barclays Bank are holding an Open Day at Hallfield Farm, Easington, Peterlee, Co Durham, on Thursday 16 May 2013 from 10am 4pm. This informative, informal day has been organised so that other landowners and farmers can see for themselves exactly what is involved in wind turbine projects: how turbines operate; what the benefits are; and what pitfalls to look out for.

    The Weightmans will be sharing their experiences with visitors, while gfw-Renewables, EWT and Barclays Bank will be on hand to offer advice to interested parties. Refreshments will be available throughout the day. Since its installation, the turbine at Hallfield Farm has greatly exceeded expectations and continues to feed sustainable green energy back into the local grid connection.

    James says: After nearly 18 months of preparation work, it was great to see our turbine finally commissioned. It has now been operational since October 2012 and is already a fantastic asset to the farm, offsetting our carbon footprint and reducing the impact of rising energy costs on our business. We were guided through the whole project by gfw-Renewables, from initial site selection, through the planning process and more recently with project management of the construction phase.

    Turbine projects can sometimes be complicated and you definitely need an expert on board to overcome some of the obstacles along the way.

    We ve really enjoyed working with the team at gfw-Renewables and it s been a great success for us all.

  • Y

  • YouTube Videos Show Exactly What Happens at Low ... Following up my Trailer Talk of last week, wherein I displayed a couple of photos of a low overpass in Zanesville, Ohio, and discussed what might happen to an errant trucker who might encounter it, I somehow came upon a series of YouTube videos that show exactly what happens. You know how we feel embarrassed for a talentless entertainer who s trying to make an act work on stage? That s exactly how I feel watching trucks and tractor-trailers too tall to pass beneath various bridges but whose drivers try to do so anyway.

    Check em out by going to YouTube.com and writing in truck gets stuck under bridge or something similar. A steady YouTube feature is 11foot8.com, which records images from two cameras pointed at a 100-year-old viaduct on Gregson Street in Durham, N.C. From these videos one can infer that over the years, many hundreds of trucks and semis must have been skinned or bashed as their tops collided with this immovable object.

    The videos are posted by Jurgen Henn, a local guy who writes clever titles for them. One is Can-not-truck hits 11-foot 8-inch bridge. See below.

    Warning: You ll be tempted to watch many more that pop up.

    And they'll make you want to duck for every overhead object from now on.

  • yuyu8tao9: A Durham firm that provides short-haul trucking and ... qhktwqcn259 July in order to July last year, O'Connell has invested a lot more than two hundred children of employees a contented summer camp. A number of them to a close by school in the organization, while some http://www.dcshoesformen.com/cheap-dc-158-blue...tml/ jennygardner125 July to August this past year, O'Connell has invested more than 200 kids of workers a contented summer camp. Some of them to a close by college in the organization, while others originated from all ar http://www.dcshoesformen.com/cheap-dc-skateboa...tml/ gnawcvz Reports because of giant communities would prefer the The legislature according to number - by using additional team via regions together with now more individuals.

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