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  • 122 cyclists died in 2012 Cycling deaths in 2012 hit a five-year high, as 122 cyclists were killed on Britain s roads last year. Reflecting the boom in cycling among people of all ages and backgrounds, the victims last year defied most stereotyping of cyclists. The two youngest people killed on their bike were just 8 years old.

    The oldest was 94. Sixteen teenagers died while five of the victims were aged 12 or under. Most of the fatalities were men, but eight were women.

    The vast majority were simply daily commuters or young children out for a ride on their bikes when they were killed. Fourteen cyclists died in London and three around Edinburgh, while two were killed on the same rural stretch of the A1 in Nottinghamshire. Two young cyclists from the same school in Hucknall were killed within three months of each other, while there were four separate fatalities on one day on September 5.

    Of the 122 deaths, 106 are known to have taken place due to a collision with a motor vehicle, while a number of the remaining deaths are still being investigated. In 61 of the fatalities, a car was involved. Lorries and HGVs were involved in 25 deaths, vans in ten deaths, coaches or buses in five deaths, taxis in three deaths, and two fatalities occured after a collision with a motorbike.

    In almost all cases, the driver of the motor vehicle involved in the collision was unhurt. The death outside the Olympic Park on August 2 of 28-year-old Dan Harris was believed to be the 65th death on Britain s streets in 2012 and the 10th in London, while the death of a male cyclist in Southampton was believed to be the 122nd death so far this year, a five-year high. Five of the deaths - including one being treated as murder - may be omitted from official road traffic statistics, but a death toll of 117 would still constitute the highest death toll since 2007, when 136 cyclists were killed.* (see footnote) Read the story, from November 21: Cyclist deaths top last year s toll Dec 17 - David Timothy Irving, was killed after a collision with multiple vehicles on the A33 Mountbatten Way flyover in Southampton.

    Two motorists have been arrested. Dec 9 - Grame Walton, 64, from North Lincolnshire was killed in a crash with a lorry on the A18 between Laceby and Barnoldby le Beck. The 48-year-old lorry driver was unhurt.

    Dec 6 - Javed Sumbal, 34, was knocked off his bike by a lorry driven by a Dutch driver, who was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Mr Sumbal was an arts graduate studying for an MBA. Dec 4 - Ivor Howard, 87, was killed on Shurdington Road in Cheltenham in a crash with a red Mini.

    Police are calling for witnesses. Dec 4 - Dave Parris, 48, died in a crash with a Ford Escort on the A4421 near Langford Village, near Bicester. Nov 30 - Trevor Lever,