Genel opts to bypass Baghdad and export to Turkey

Genel has started to export oil directly from Kurdish Iraq to Turkey by lorry, in defiance of Iraq s central government in Baghdad. The exports, from the Taq Taq field, in which Genel has a 45 per cent share, could reach between 10,000 and 20,000 barrels per day in the coming weeks and risks inflaming a row between Iraq s Kurdish capital Erbil and Baghdad over control of the country s natural resources. Tony Hayward, the former BP boss who is chief executive of Genel, said: The Kurdistan Regional Government has given us approval to begin trucking relatively small volumes of crude.


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Genel opts to bypass Baghdad and export to Turkey

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State positioned favorably in Norfolk Southern's future operations …

You can almost gauge the state of the economy by watching the train and truck traffic at Norfolk Southern Corporation s Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility (BRIMF). Shipping containers packed with everything from retail goods bound for stores to auto parts bound for factories move in and out of the $97.5 million, 316-acre facility in McCalla. There is also an increasing number of vehicles from various automakers moving in and out of the facility bound for Alabama dealerships.

In fact, the volume of vehicles being shipped through the facility is causing the BRIMF to expand its automotive holding area, an official giving a tour of the facility said. Located across the tracks from the Jefferson Metropolitan Park McCalla the Jefferson County-owned and operated industrial park the BRIMF brings in anywhere from five to 15 trains a day. While most are still the container trains many people are familiar seeing, a growing number are the enclosed train cars carrying cars and trucks from automakers and distributors across the country or right here in the state.

There are two intermodal tracks that run onto the BRIMF site and another four holding tracks where trains can be stacked waiting to come onto the facility for loading and unloading before continuing their treks down the tracks. Randy Bayles is the director of International Intermodal for Norfolk Southern Corp. He said Norfolk Southern has invested many millions of dollars in expanding its intermodal infrastructure throughout the eastern half of the U.S.

No facility is more modern than the BRIMF, he said. I know your Commerce Department has the slogan Made in Alabama but we like to add that it s Moved by Norfolk Southern, Bayles said during a recent presentation to supply chain and logistics officials in Birmingham. Bayles said even though there is steady activity at the BRIMF, the facility is not operating anywhere near its capacity.

That, too, is a sign of the slow economic recovery, he said. Still, Alabama is positioned to figure prominently in Norfolk Southern s operations and in intermodal shipping going forward. The railroad company had more than 1,372 miles of rail route track in Alabama at the end of 2013.

Last year, it moved 50,000 containers in and out of Alabama and that number should increase this year. Norfolk Southern accounts for 1,800 jobs in the state with an annual payroll of $102 million, Bayles said. The facility had hoped to have a greater economic impact on the central Alabama region by now.

Other intermodal facilities have given rise to distribution centers, trucking and even manufacturing operations in other parts of the country as companies found it advantageous to locate close to those facilities. As the volume shipped through the BRIMF increases, officials are hopeful more of the expected economic impact will come to fruition. Patrick Murphy, economic development manager with Alabama Power Company, helped recruit the BRIMF to McCalla and has continued to work with Norfolk Southern to help it grow its operations and lure new industry as a result.

Intermodal using rail and local or regional truck delivery has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to move any number of products and that efficiency already benefits many Alabama businesses, Murphy said. But there is potential for an even greater economic development impact as companies look to locate or expand their distribution operations as a result of this facility being in McCalla. The hope is we will see that potential realized as the Norfolk Southern Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility grows.

Bayles believes the trends are heading that way. Because trains are a much more efficient way of moving large amounts of freight over great distances, more and more companies are structuring their logistics operations using trains for long-haul shipping and trucks for more localized delivery. Nearly half of Norfolk Southern s volume was once moving international shipments, Bayles said.

Today, international accounts for 36 percent of its traffic as domestic shipping continues to climb.

Bayles said Norfolk Southern believes there is much more volume out there that could shift to rail and boost operations at facilities like the BRIMF. – Mike Tomberlin

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State positioned favorably in Norfolk Southern's future operations …

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Skills course puts Terence in the driving seat

Published September 03, 2014 An experienced former professional driver proved he still has the golden touch after brushing up on his skills behind the wheel. Terence Otter, of Belmont, Durham, has become the 100th person to complete Durham County Council s Safer Driving with Age (SAGE) driving assessment. The assessment helps older motorists maintain and improve their driving abilities so that they can keep using their vehicles for as long as it is safe for them to do so.

During his career Mr Otter held a variety of driving jobs and even delivered gold bullion to banks throughout London. He also helped deliver all the glass used to build the iconic General Post Office Tower (now BT Tower) in the capital. Now retired, Mr Otter wanted an impartial opinion of his driving ability after he turned 80 in November 2013.

He decided to take part in the SAGE driving assessment programme, which is run by the council s road safety team, and was delighted he did so. Mr Otter said: I have been driving constantly since I was 17 and I love it. My passion started at the age of 15 when I used to drive the trucks off-road for my father who was a haulage contractor.

I still love driving but I wanted to make sure I wasn t getting a bit rusty so I decided to get a second opinion. I made a couple of silly mistakes during the assessment but otherwise it went well and it really helped to have someone else point out what I was doing right and what I needed to work on. I would urge anyone over the age of 55 or 60 to sign up for the programme and let someone who really knows what they re talking about help you make sure you re driving safely and as well as you can.

Mr Otter s driving skills were put to the test by experienced assessor Linda Glendinning. She said: Mr Otter completed the assessment as he was keen to get a second opinion on his driving ability as he was aware that bad habits can creep in as we get older. During the assessment he demonstrated that he is a courteous driver and he drove at a good, safe standard, with only a couple of minor tweaks needed.

The SAGE programme is a great way of making sure that, as motorists get older, any problems or habits that might develop in their driving style are addressed. The assessments also give older drivers reassurance that their driving ability is up to our ever-changing roads. Statistically from the age of 55 and over our risk on the road increases and taking part in the simple assessment is a really effective way to help reduce that risk.

The SAGE driving assessment programme has been running successfully for several years, with the number of people who have taken part steadily rising, before reaching a record 102 last year. Assessments cost just 15 and are available to residents of County Durham and Darlington aged 55 and over. As motorists get older they tend to modify their driving habits their eyesight may have deteriorated, reactions slow and they may not be as good at judging speeds and distances as they once were.

Roads have also changed, becoming much faster with new traffic systems in place, and cars are quicker than they used to be. Older drivers also often avoid driving at night and steer clear of areas they are unfamiliar with or places that are more likely to be busy and congested. These factors affect driving ability, but older motorists are able to spot a hazard on the road sooner than a younger driver.

The assessment is aimed at helping boost older drivers confidence behind the wheel. Specially-trained assessors come out to the client s home at a convenient time, using their own car on roads they are familiar with. At the end of the 40-minute drive the assessor gives the client feedback on how it went and puts a report together.

Certificates are also issued. Paul Watson, Durham County Council s road safety manager, said: We are delighted that Terence has become the 100th person to take part in the SAGE assessment programme. This is an extremely worthwhile scheme which has proved very successful in boosting confidence among older motorists and helping to make sure they can continue to drive safely for as long as possible.

For more information about the SAGE driving assessment programme call the council s road safety team on 03000 268 173 or email [email protected]


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Skills course puts Terence in the driving seat

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London Fleets Target Expansion of EV Infrastructure

September 03, 2014 The Energy Saving Trust and Transport for London (TfL) have announced a new initiative to help businesses in Greater London increase their use of ultra-low emission vans and light trucks. Working with local businesses, the Rapid Chargepoint Mapping project will identify potential locations for rapid chargers in the capital by analyzing fleet telematics and scheduling data. There is a strong business case for the adoption of electric vehicles and this has been shown through our previous work with business fleets.

These benefits are particularly prevalent in London, with TfL recognizing the potential for electric vehicles supported by rapid charging infrastructure, said Phillip Sellwood, the Energy Saving Trust s chief executive. We are confident that our work through the Rapid Chargepoint Mapping project will provide the information needed to facilitate new electric vehicle infrastructure throughout London. London-based fleets operating vehicles of up to 12.5 tons are invited to take part in the program, according to the organizers.

Each participant will receive a tailored report, showing whether there is a business case for adding ultra-low emission vehicles into its fleet. The Rapid Chargepoint Mapping project will help deliver more efficient electric fleets and improved air quality for all, said Ian Wainwright, TfL s head of Freight and Fleet Programmes. Ensuring the most suitable locations are selected for charging points will vastly improve the efficiency of electric vehicles, helping to make them the economical alternative for fleets.

With vans and other lightweight goods vehicles accounting for over three-quarters of the freight miles in London, this project has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to reduced emissions in the capital.

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London Fleets Target Expansion of EV Infrastructure

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Wolverines Overcome Predators, Head to Playoffs

The Lancashire Wolverines confirmed their number three seed in the Premiership North and a playoff berth with a tough win against a resilient Sheffield Predators side. The team now heads to London in a fortnight s time to face the Blitz but the honour comes at a price as John Halliwell, one of the stars of the Wolverines offence this year, broke his leg during the victory. The team got the game underway, starting where they left off as quarterback David Mead juked in and out of the Predators defence for a big gain before then laying up the deep pass for receiver Dominic Hayhurst to reel in, in the endzone for the first score.

The Sheffield outfit did well to block the extra point attempt to leave the score at 0-6 to the Wolverines. Following a 45-minute delay as an ambulance crew treated Halliwell on the field, the Wolverines hit a long field goal through Paul Stewart to extend their lead to 0-9. The defence continuously stood strong, as they were desperate to hold on to the impressive 3-game streak of zero points conceded.

But the team had to battle more, as the heavy rain set in yet again to make conditions extremely difficult. But, whilst the Predators offence stalled, the Wolverines kept on trucking. Solid running through Mead and running back Chris Littler got the Wolverines into Sheffield s red zone, with the latter finishing off the drive with a bruising run for a touchdown.

With a half-time lead of 0-16, the Wolverines looked in good position, but once again the elements began to throw themselves against the team, as lightning struck within sight of the field. With BAFA rules stating that there must be a 20 minute delay until the last visible flash, the team was in for another wait on the soggy sideline. With the game finally underway yet again, the Wolverines pushed the Predators back deep with a superb punt by Paul Stewart.

The defence was sent hunting for the ball by Coach Rik Southworth, and they were rewarded as a botched Sheffield snap landed in their own end zone, with Chris Anderson forcing the 2-point safety by hitting the Predators quarterback who had scooped up the ball. Sheffield, who went to the playoffs themselves in 2013, showed some of the quality that everybody knew they possessed with some good running up the middle but they progressed as the Wolverines handed them some easy penalty yards. The Predators would not be denied points, despite a resilient Lancashire defensive display, and the home team managed to pound it in from short range.

They went for two points, but again the Wolverines stood them up, and finished the game with a deserved 6-18 victory.

The hard fought win results in the Wolverines heading to the Premiership playoffs for the first time, with a big challenge ahead, as they face the multi-National Championship winning London Blitz at Finsbury Park in a fortnight s time.

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Wolverines Overcome Predators, Head to Playoffs

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Choosing 3PLs you can trust

Having the latest technology and huge fleets is all very well but ultimately, a manufacturer will only choose a company they know they can rely on By Ella Mason | August 14, 2014 When it comes to choosing 3PLs, there are a number of things that businesses must take into account. Manufacturers and suppliers must place a huge amount of trust in their 3PL partners as they are putting their reputation in the hands of an external company. Therefore, it is very important that they choose not only a company that can provide the service they want, but a company they can trust.

Airblast AFC ( works with three main logistics suppliers who were each chosen for different reasons. For the majority of their US shipping, Airblast AFC use Keane Thummel Trucking ( Based in New Market IA, Keane Thummel Trucking operates a fleet of vans, step-decks and late model tractors serving Southwest Iowa, Northwest Missouri and the entire Continental United States and Southern Province of Canada.

They also provide satellite tracking which is a must have for most manufacturers and suppliers. Keane Thummel was founded in 1980 and has built a solid reputation for reliability and safety and this is the main reason that Airblast AFC choose to use them for the bulk of their deliveries. However, they were also chosen for the personal service they provide.

With any business partner, it s important to have good communication and that generally comes down to the people you re working with. Airblast AFC were very impressed by the way Keane Thummel communicate and go that extra mile to provide a dedicated personal service. For their Canadian shipping, Airblast AFC chose to use XPO Logistics ( for similar reasons.

XPO Logistics is one of the fastest growing transportation logistics service providers in North America and offer a range of services from freight brokerage, intermodal services, heavy goods last-mile logistics, expedited shipment management, managed transportation, global freight forwarding and less-than-truckload brokerage. XPO have also invested millions of dollars into their IT department in order to optimize their operations and have big plans for future developments. Airblast AFC were very impressed by the company s commitment to new technology but ultimately chose XPO for their solid reputation and the huge scope of the company which has 148 locations facilitating more than 31,000 deliveries a day.

Airblast AFC is a joint venture between UK based Airblast Ltd and California-based AFC Finishing Systems so many of their products need to be shipped from the UK to the US and Canada. For international shipping, Airblast use a logistics company based at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, UK called Precision Cargo ( The company was chosen partly because of their ability to provide real time information on the location of consignments, regardless of size and whether shipped by sea or by air but, like Keane Thummel Trucking, Precision Cargo were mainly chosen for their ability to provide a personal service and their great reputation, which they have certainly lived up to.

Airblast Buyer Jon Hare commented: We use Precision as I no longer need to get quotes from several different companies as I trust the price Precision charge.

So no matter the size of the company or the services it can provide, the main thing that manufacturers and suppliers look for when choosing a 3PL is someone they can trust.

Having the latest technology and huge fleets is all very well but ultimately, a manufacturer will only choose a company they know they can rely on.

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Choosing 3PLs you can trust

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Aged Australian Weighty Tow Truck Wrecker Even Now Trucking On …

November 14th, 2013 by Tanesha Playfair Leave a reply car towing services motels in britton sd Last but not least, that a person wonderful freebie we can get from junk automobile companiesfree junk cars towing. Dont convey to me you are not charmed by the concept of a absolutely free provider? Do you want to haul all that scrap metal by on your own then?

If not, you will nonetheless have to employ a tow truck for that. Right here is a absolutely free towing services, and you are likely to be compensated for offering up your outdated car. If that is not a good deal to you, then I want you additional luck (and tolerance) with everyday living.

The wide range of providers supplied by san jose Towing incorporate the support of truck tow, flatbed tow, prolonged distance tow, vehicle dolly service, and other types of car towing companies. While there are a lot of towing corporations in San Jose, but you need to make positive to avail companies of people companies who are competent and skilled for this occupation. Aside from these, you have to also make sure that they need to be available 24 hrs a day, and must offer you competitive selling prices.

They must get there rapidly to the put wherever you are stranded. The reliability of the skilled tow operators is also a must. car american towing houston tx Baking soda is a excellent odor eliminator.

Baking soda is notably helpful on seats or floorboards that just could materialize to get damp from open up windows. Sprinkle some baking soda all around, permit it sit for various hrs right away is a fantastic notion and then vacuum it up. You car or truck should really scent noticeably fresher, as a consequence.

Or place a box in your automobile under the seat as you would likewise do in your fridge. Emergency car lights is applied as visible warning units. Of system, hazard lights are normally developed into a car s system and for most emergencies they are more than enough to mail warning indicators to other motorists.

However there are other crisis lighting devices which may possibly be used in particular when the problem phone calls for it. For more urgent scenarios, these lights could be utilized as they are comparatively brighter and larger sized. These gadgets are normally termed light-weight bars or beacons and you will discover that there are specified positive aspects to obtaining them.

You will save a whole lot on fuel when you use a hybrid vehicle but you should know that when the hybrid batteries die, you would have to swap them. The hybrid battery replacement is pricey but it needs to be finished. If your vehicle has a secondary battery, it may still operate on gasoline but the effectiveness of the motor vehicle will greatly lower.

If you ignore the upkeep, this will consequence in you paying a good deal more income on maintenance down the line. Not only will you need in depth repairs but a terribly managed car will also not do effectively in the utilized vehicle market place. Steering can be one more trouble, with so a lot of of modern cars featuring electric power-aid steering methods, not to point out steering wheel locks.

Observe that when the engine is not operating, there is no power aid, so trying to steer a towed car needs sizeable more hard work. The staff members will have to be trained to do key tasks like rebuilding the engines, rebuilding the transmissions, front finishes, exhaust procedure and all other repairs connected to welding and so on. Automobile Company Melbourne wants to be absolutely geared up with hottest know-how for diagnosing the difficulties and restoring them.

All the services starting off from engines to the replacement of tires and their balancing really should be provided with perfection. ” ; document.getElementById(popdiv) = docheight+’px’ ; document.getElementById(popdiv) = docheight+’px’ ; document.getElementById(popdiv)’block’; document.getElementById(popdiv)’block’; document.getElementById(popdiv).childNodes2.innerHTML = “” ; data += ” X ” ; data += “” ; document.getElementById(popdiv).childNodes2.childNodes0.innerHTML = data ; document.getElementById(popdiv)’block’; var contentdiv = document.getElementById(popdiv).childNodes2.childNodes0 ; //var toppos = (document.body.clientHeight – parseInt( + scrolltop; var toppos = (document.documentElement.clientHeight – parseInt( + scrolltop; document.getElementById(popdiv) = toppos+’px’; document.getElementById(popdiv).style.display=’block’ ; } function hidePopUp(popdiv) document.getElementById(popdiv)’none’; document.getElementById(popdiv)’none’; document.getElementById(popdiv)’none’;

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Aged Australian Weighty Tow Truck Wrecker Even Now Trucking On …

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Former councillor honoured with degree (From The Northern Echo)

Barbara and Tony Laithwaite at Durham Cathedral to receive their honorary degrees Barbara and Tony Laithwaite at Durham Cathedral to receive their honorary degrees TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young, centre, who was honoured at Durham yesterday, pictured with his family from left Rebecca Vasey, wife Claire, Harriet Vasey and Paul Young. Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811994) TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young who was honoured at Durham yesterday. Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811984) TOP MARKS: Former councillor and businessman Bob Young who was honoured at Durham yesterday.

Picture: ANDY LAMB (7811982) First published in North Durham News A BUSINESSMAN and former councillor who donated 1m to Durham University has been awarded an honorary degree from the institution. Bob Young, a former miner turned haulage magnate and Durham County Council cabinet member, was made an honorary master of arts in a ceremony at Durham Cathedral today (July 2). In 2009, Mr Young set up the 1m Robert Young Scholarship Fund to help County Durham students study at Durham University.

Thousands of students are graduating from Durham this week, with Palace Green a sea of gowns and mortarboards. Also today (July 2), Tony and Barbara Laithwaite, founders and owners of Laithwaite s Wine, were made given honorary doctorates of civil law. The couple met as Durham University students in the 1960s and support the University s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience.

Yesterday (July 1), Professor Olaloye Oyawoye, the first African professor of geology, was made an honorary doctor of science.

Tomorrow (July 3), James Lancelot, Durham Cathedral s organist and master of the choristers, will receive an honorary doctorate of music and on Friday (July 4) Prof Jane Buikstra, a leading anthropologist and bio-archaeologist, will be made an honorary doctor of science.

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Former councillor honoured with degree (From The Northern Echo)

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OKG Eat: So trucking good!

There s something about food from a truck that makes it more delicious. Maybe the tiny kitchen space compresses the flavor. Maybe it s it s that it can come to you.

Whatever it is, here are a few metro trucks that you should check out. Speaking of, there will be dozens of them Saturday at Skyline Food Festival at OKC Downtown Airpark. Check out our feature here.

Lalos Taco Chop and Grill (Shannon Cornman) Lalo s I Love My Taco Chop & Grill @LalosTacoChop 535-7532 Notice the striking resemblance between the name of this truck and a certain well-known eatery on the Bricktown Canal? Well, that s on purpose. You see, owner Lalo Hernandez is a man of many talents, and as a musician, he struck up a friendship with fellow Okie musician Toby Keith.

He told Keith of his plans, and a running joke about the name led to this truck. The food, however, is no joke. Big Os Pork and Dreams (Shannon Cornman) Big O s Pork & Dreams 432-4155 If there are two things that Okies love, it s barbecue and helping out fellow Okies.

Big O s is those two great things put together. Business founder Owen Wilson, behavioral consultant at Edmond Public Schools and assistant football coach at Edmond Santa Fe High School, combines his family love and recipes with a chance to support a mentorship program. The truck business works to help teach hard work and attain goals.

It helps that his family has been perfecting its barbecue for three generations. Klemm s Smoke Haus. (Mark Hancock) Klemm s Smoke Haus @KlemmsSmokeHaus 562-8616 This truck hit the streets in early spring and has been generating quite a buzz with its smoked meats and hand-cut fries. As you might have guessed, the Klemm family Jen, John and JJ owns the truck.

Catch them on the fly at locations like A Date With Iris, 4201 N. Western Ave. Also, try The Jowler: pulled pork, red cabbage apple slaw and housemade mustard on a pretzel bun.

Make sure you bring your best appetite or a friend to share with. Katie Bugs (Shannon Cornman) Katiebug s Shaved Ice @katiebugsokc There are a wealth of snow cone stands in the metro, especially during this time of the year. Among those, Katiebug s stands out in more ways than one.

The cute turquoise-and-white trailer serves up all-natural shaved ice. Katie Morgan uses fresh fruit and juices to make flavors like the crazy-popular blackberry lavender and the alluring lime, sea salt and coconut cream. She ties them all together with organic sugar, and there are no artificial colors.

No glowing neon snow here! We promise you won t miss it. Kosmos Q BBQ (Mark Hancock) Kosmos Q BBQ Truck & Catering @KosmosBBQ 590-8490 In the barbecue game, Kosmos has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The company has made its name making injections and rubs for competition cooks. Spoiler: Those cooks often win. Now it s bringing the show to you, offering pulled pork sandwiches, chopped beef brisket and much more.

The Okie Cheesesteak with caramelized onions, tender brisket and Cheez Whiz on a soft Philly roll is amazing. The Pasta Monsta (Mark Hancock) The Pasta Monsta @Pasta_Monsta 378-6600 This truck has been loose for about three months now, and it has developed quite a following. The truck serves pasta the way that Italians do leftovers: saut ed noodles in olive oil with your choice of marinara, Alfredo or garlic butter.

You can get your dish piled high with your choice of Italian sausage, meatballs or grilled chicken. It also sells panini, sub sandwiches and pizza. Don t forget to save room for pie: cherry, blueberry or apple with cinnamon and sugar caramelized to perfection.

G s Chili Company (Mark Hancock) G s Chili Company @gschilicompany If you ve never had your chili the way they serve it in Cincinnati, you have no idea what you re missing. G s aims to open a few minds by specializing in chili and fixings, especially noodles. Try the O.G.: chili with beans, spaghetti, cheese and onions cleverly served in an oyster pail or, as we know them, Chinese take-out containers.

The menu also features hot dogs and hot link sandwiches.

Print headline: So trucking good

OKG Eat: So trucking good!

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'Texas Trocas' to document custom truck building process – Overdrive

The Mendez family and their Texas Chrome Shop are the subjects of the new Texas Trocas docu-reality show on Discovery En Espanol. The innovative and one-of-a-kind show trucks being produced by the Mendez family at the Texas Chrome Shop has caught more than the eyes of truck show attendees and Pride & Polish judges in recent years: The family and the custom truck builds at their shop are the subjects of a new documentary-style show on Discovery En Espanol. One of the custom Peterbilts built by the Texas Chrome Shop.

The show, called Texas Trocas , will be a spanish-language show and will premiere on Sept.

15. Texas Chrome Shop is promoting the show this week at the Great American Trucking Show. Raul Mendez, co-owner of Triple R Diesel and the Texas Chrome Shop, says each episode will show the transformation of a custom truck from start to finish.

The other element of the show is the family s interactions during the custom builds. Texas Trocas will feature Raul and his brother Roland, along with their parents and their wives. In each episode, a customer will come to the shop, present their ideas and needs for their truck, along with their budget and deadline for completion, and the shop will tear it down and build back the custom rig.

Sol Colom, director of communications at Discovery En Espanol, said film crews were at the shop every day for about 6 months filming for the show.

The first season will have eight episodes and will air on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.


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'Texas Trocas' to document custom truck building process – Overdrive

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